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Search results for "Cornell & Diehl" (225 matches)
  Brand Blend Type Description Who has it?
Cornell & Diehl Adagio Bur, Lat, Or, Per, Va A slow burning smoke of cubed Burley, Latakia, VA flake, Perique and Turkish.
Cornell & Diehl After Eight (311) (none)
Cornell & Diehl After Hours Flake Va, Aro A Toney/Tarler blend. A night out wasnt complete without a trip to the private club for a Cuba Libre or two. Round out your evening or any other time of day with this Virginia flake sweetened with the elixir of the Islands, Dark rum.
Cornell & Diehl Aleppo (550) (none)
Cornell & Diehl Almonette (888) (none)
Cornell & Diehl Americana (127)
Cornell & Diehl Apples & Cream (302)
Cornell & Diehl Apricot Brandy (402)
Cornell & Diehl Apricots & Cream (300) Aro, Cav An all black mixture of unsweetened black Cavendish and #734, Green River Vanilla, flavored with apricot brandy for a most mild smoke. The ladies like the aroma. Its been called a marriage saver!
Cornell & Diehl Austrian (025) (none)
Cornell & Diehl Autumn Evening Aro, Cav, Va A Red Virginia Cavendish cased with a delicate maple flavor. An exceptionally smooth aromatic.
Cornell & Diehl Baalbek (558)
Cornell & Diehl Back Porch Va, Per A symphony of Virginias, stoved and unstoved, with a hint of Perique to bring it alive.
Cornell & Diehl Bag Piper (043) (none)
Cornell & Diehl Bailey Front Porch (115) Bur, Lat, Per, Va Youll want to sit on your own front porch while you savor this blend of Burleys, Cyprian Latakia, Perique and golden Virginia.
Cornell & Diehl Balkan (081) Lat, Va A full bodied, all natural smoke similar to Nightcap. Atlas Balkan is a traditional English mixture heavy in Latakia. (This old Atlas blend has been popular for over 100 years!)
Cornell & Diehl Balkan (504) Lat, Va A traditional English mixture heavy in Latakia. A full bodied, all natural smoke similar to Nightcap. This old Atlas blend has been popular 100 years.
Cornell & Diehl Bayou Morning (067) Va, Per A strictly Virginia & Perique blend with stoved Red Virginias. Light-bodied.
Cornell & Diehl Bayou Morning Flake Va, Per Bayou Morning Flake is a much different tobacco from original bayou Morning. This is a very dark brown crumbly flake. It is very mellow and smooth with just the right amount of Perique.
Cornell & Diehl Bayou Night (063) Lat, Bur, Or, Per, Va A full strength Perique blend with a generous portion of stoved Red Viginia, Latakia, Turkish and rough cut Burley. A surprisingly cool smoke.
Cornell & Diehl Berries & Cream (301)
Cornell & Diehl Berry Good! (210) Aro, Bur A combination of Burleys and #734, Green River Vanilla, with a raspberry sauce. This has become one of Cornell & Diehls most popular aromatic blends.
Cornell & Diehl Big N Burley (103) Bur, Lat, Or, Per Primarily sweet, rough cut Burley with small amounts of Latakia, Perique and Turkish added for flavor.
Cornell & Diehl Billiard Room (554) (none)
Cornell & Diehl Billy Budd (412A) Lat, Va A heavy Latakia blend with rough-cut burly and bright Virginia flake and a good amount of rough-cut Connecticut and Wisconsin Maduro cigar leaf.
Cornell & Diehl Black & Tan Cavendish (515)
Cornell & Diehl Black Bourbon (666) (none)
Cornell & Diehl Black Cavendish (524)
Cornell & Diehl Black Cherry (512A) Aro, Cav The same wonderful wild cherry flavor on a Black Cavendish base. Extremely mild.
Cornell & Diehl Black Dawg
Cornell & Diehl Black Duck Cav, Bur, Lat, Or Richly earthy and woodsy, this blend of unsweetened brown and black Cavendish (specially cured Kentucky Burley), Latakia and Turkish Oriental leaf is a hearty full-bodied blend. Not an elegant smoke, it is nonetheless charming and rather complex.
Cornell & Diehl Black Frigate Cav, Lat, Or Latakia and Turkish are added to Navy cavendish, pressed and sliced. A royal Navy blend, not for the faint of heart.
Cornell & Diehl Black Gold Maple (772)
Cornell & Diehl Black Knight Lat, Bur, Per, Va A Latakia lovers delight! Cyprian and Syrian Latakia in abundance blended with red and bright Virginia, Perique and a small amount of Burley. Specially blended for Yahoo! Pipe Smokers Club.
Cornell & Diehl Black Satin (770) Aro, Cav All black blend, medium cut with a heavy vanilla flavoring. (none)
Cornell & Diehl Blackberry Brandy (902) (none)
Cornell & Diehl Blend #7 (503) (none)
Cornell & Diehl Blenheim (509) (none)
Cornell & Diehl Blockade Runner Cav, Va A true Navy Cavendish crumble cake. Hand stoved red and golden Virginias soaked in premium rum for seven days, pressed and sliced.
Cornell & Diehl Bow-Legged Bear Va, Bur, Lat, Or, Per Full English blend with Virginias, Turkish, Latakia, Burley & Perique. Stoved, pressed, and sliced as crumble cake.
Cornell & Diehl Brandy Station (452) (none)
Cornell & Diehl Briar Fox Va An exceptionally smooth crumble cake of Virginias. The personal blend of Peter Heeschen, the well-known Danish pipe maker.
Cornell & Diehl Bridge Mixture Va, Bur, Cav, Lat, Or, Per A sophisticated blend of bright & red Virginias and unsweetened red Virginia Cavendish, Turkish, Cyprian Latakia and Perique with a touch of 20 year old dark fired Kentucky Burley for a kicker.
Cornell & Diehl Brigadier Bur, Cav, Lat, Per This is a cross-over blend, combining a flavoring with Latakia. The main component is cubed burley, with Latakia, toasted brown Cavendish, and Perique.
Cornell & Diehl Bright Flake (170) (none)
Cornell & Diehl Buffalo Soldier Lat, Per, Va Cornell & Diehl pays tribute to Americas African American soldiers with Buffalo Soldier, the first in a new series. Weve applied just the right proportion of Latakia and Perique to a base of naturally sweet Virginias to create a well rounded, all day blend.
Cornell & Diehl Bum Steer Va According to the blenders website, this does not exist!? (none)
Cornell & Diehl Burley Flake #1 Bur, Per, Va A blend of dark Burley and red Virginia with just a splash of Perique.
Cornell & Diehl Burley Flake #2 Bur, Va A blend of Dark and White Burleys with red Virginia for a touch of sweetness.
Cornell & Diehl Burley Flake #3 Bur, Per, Va A blend of quality Burleys with a bit of Virginia for natural sweetness and a dash of Perique for interest.
Cornell & Diehl Burley Flake #4 Bur, Lat, Va A blend of dark and light Burleys and Latakia, with red Virginia for a touch of sweetness.
Cornell & Diehl Burley Light (211) (none)
Cornell & Diehl Burley Ribbon Cut (518)
Cornell & Diehl Burley Straight (808) Bur A predominately pluggy, square cut Burley. A mild, slow burning, straight smoke. (none)
Cornell & Diehl Byzantium (062) Lat, Or, Per, Va A full strength blend with Latakia, Perique and Turkish.
Cornell & Diehl Canal Boat Bur, Cav, Lat A smooth blend of nutty cubed Burley enhanced with Cyprian Latakia and sweetened black Cavendish.
Cornell & Diehl Caps Blend (778) Cav Black Cavendish plus light Cavendish specially flavored for the full taste enjoyed by the majority of todays smokers.
Cornell & Diehl Cavendish (519) (none)
Cornell & Diehl Cherry Cavendish (903) (none)
Cornell & Diehl Cherry Jubilee (512) (none)
Cornell & Diehl Chocolate Cavendish (904) Aro, Cav A delicate balance of several Scandinavian tobaccos in Cavendish cuts, made even more flavorful with the addition of our own exclusive formulation of natural chocolate and cocoa bean.
Cornell & Diehl Chopped Cigar Leaf (526)
Cornell & Diehl Coconut (712) (none)
Cornell & Diehl Coffee (909) (none)
Cornell & Diehl Coffeenut (307) (none)
Cornell & Diehl Competition Blend (460)
Cornell & Diehl Conan Doyle (811) (none)
Cornell & Diehl Constellation (411) Lat, Bur, Cav, Va A natural blend of Latakia, black Cavendish, rough cut Burley and Virginia ribbon.
Cornell & Diehl Cordial (973) Va, Cav, Lat, Or A smooth blend of Virginia, Turkish, Latakia and black Cavendish. An answer to Dunhill Aperitif???
Cornell & Diehl Corinthian (516) Lat, Bur, Cav, Per, Va A rich English type mixture ribbon cut Burley, brown Virginia, Latakia, Perique and bright flake with added unsweetened black Cavendish and Latakia.
Cornell & Diehl Craig Stark Blend (none)
Cornell & Diehl Crooner (104) Bur, Aro Specially cut cube Burley and deer tongue. An authentic copy from one of Bings friends who blended it with him.
Cornell & Diehl Cross Eyed Cricket Cav, Aro, Lat, Or, Per Unsweetened Black Cavendish base with Turkish, Latakia & Perique. Lightly flavored with rum punch.
Cornell & Diehl Crowley Best (532) Bur, Lat, Per Burley, Latakia and Perique in an uncommonly harmonious natural blend. (A mixture for you old Fordham fans!)
Cornell & Diehl Cube Cut Burley (160) Bur Cube cut bulk burley from C&D.
Cornell & Diehl Da Vinci Lat, Bur, Va The base of light Virginias and Burley is overwhelmed by the smoky pungent aroma of Cyprian Latakia. This is the perfect blend for the true lover of Latakia; but be forewarned, this blend is not for everyone.
Cornell & Diehl Dark Burley (059)
Cornell & Diehl Dark Caramel (668)
Cornell & Diehl Dark Chocolate (700A)
Cornell & Diehl Dubeck (521) (none)
Cornell & Diehl Easy Times Va, Bur, Lat A traditional blend of red Virginia, Latakia and 20-year old fire cured Kentucky Burley.
Cornell & Diehl Elegant Emu Bur, Cav, Lat, Per, Va A Runowski/Tarler blend of cubed and white Burley, Latakia, red Virginia, Perique and unsweetened Black Cavendish.
Cornell & Diehl Engine 99 (099) Va, Lat, Or This is a full English blend similar to Balkan Sobrainie 759.
Cornell & Diehl Epiphany (068) Va, Bur, Lat, Per A Runowski/Tarler blend of Virginia, Latakia, Burley and Perique reminiscent of the original Revelation that was said to be the favorite of a certain renowned thinker named Einstein.
Cornell & Diehl Espresso (305)
Cornell & Diehl Evening Rise Bur, Lat, Or, Va A Burley based blend of Latakia, Turkish & a little Virginia. Pleases the palate while repelling the mosquitoes.
Cornell & Diehl Exclusive (967) Per, Cav, Va A heavy Perique based blendwith red Virginia and mild Cavendish that comes close to the famous Escudo.
Cornell & Diehl Exhausted Rooster Bur, Per, Va A Toney/Tarler blend, Exhausted Rooster is a tasty flake of Virginias, Dark Fired Burley and a dash of Perique. Rich aroma of stewed figginess.
Cornell & Diehl First Responders Va, Cav, Per On Sept. 11, 2001 America and the entire world changed forever. While horrified at the devastation that occurred, the world watched with awe and wonder the heroism of the men and women who were the First Responders to the World Trade Center site. C&D recognizes and salutes their bravery and selfless dedication to others with the re-release of Tribute, the original G. L. Pease mixture created September 2001 as a fund-raiser for the families of 9/11 victims. A blend of red, bright and stoved Virginias with a dash of Perique and toasted Cavendish.
Cornell & Diehl Founding Fathers (951) Aro, Bur, Va A delightful aromatic infused with the flavor of an exotic fruit originally from the middle East that was a particular favorite in the 18th Century and found growing on the grounds of Mt. Vernon, Monticello and around the homes of other Founding Fathers.
Cornell & Diehl Golden Ash (106)
Cornell & Diehl Gran Marnier & Chocolate (914) (none)
Cornell & Diehl Gray Ghost (451)
Cornell & Diehl Green River Vanilla (734) Aro, Bur Burley from the Green River Valley of Kentucky, fire cured and expertly blended to be mild and smooth. Flavored with an outstanding vanilla.
Cornell & Diehl Guilford Courthouse Or, Va A blend of the finest Red and Bright Virginias with an added pinch of extraordinary Izmir Oriental leaf for spice, and to enhance the sweetness of the Virginias.
Cornell & Diehl Habana Daydream (420) Va, Cav, Lat, Per A flavorful blend of Virginias with Perique and unsweetened Black Cavendish. The mixture also features a dash of Latakia and a spoonful of cigar leaf.
Cornell & Diehl Hard Cider Cavendish (513) (none)
Cornell & Diehl Haunted Bookshop (107) Bur, Per, Va Predominantly a mixture of Burleys, with a touch of Red Virginia and Perique.
Cornell & Diehl Hebraica Series: Boker Or (Morning Light) Or, Cav, Per, Va An unusual base of light yet rich orientals serves as a backdrop to a real Perique presence, enveloping stoved red Virginias sweetened with a bit of black Cavendish. Perfect with a cup of strong coffee or on a morning stroll.
Cornell & Diehl Hebraica Series: Halav U’Dvash (Milk and Honey) Aro, Bur, Cav, Or, Va A true blend of both black and red VA Cavendish as a base, given strength and presence with rough cut and dark fired Kentucky leaf, combined with exotic Middle Eastern orientals and specially processed with a traditional aromatic agent.
Cornell & Diehl Hebraica Series: Or L’yom (Daylight) Va, Bur, Cav, Or, Per Lighter in the contribution of orientals and Perique, this blend gets it character from the elegant red Virginias and smooth, round burley that are melded with toasted Cavendish. A bowl starting the day sets a fine course for what follows.
Cornell & Diehl Hebraica Series: Or Olam (Light of the Universe) Va, Cav, Or, Per A classic Virginia and Perique blend with an unusual added note of exotic orientals. Red and golden Virginia are married to Perique and just a note of red Virginia Cavendish is added for a smooth, sweet finish.
Cornell & Diehl Hebraica Series: Sha’are Orah (Gates of Light) Bur, Or, Per, Va Named for a book of Jewish mysticism, this is a substantial blend with a special cubed Burley base. It derives its subtle essence from the delicate interplay of Turkish leaf and Perique, further mellowed by stoved red Virginias.
Cornell & Diehl Home From the Hills (109) (none)
Cornell & Diehl Honey Cavendish (911) (none)
Cornell & Diehl Intercourse (208) (none)
Cornell & Diehl Interlude Va, Aro Deep Red Virginia kissed with a touch of honey to develop the natural sweetness of the leaf, then sliced into flakes.
Cornell & Diehl Irish Blessing (309) Va, Cav An all black blend that tastes like Irish Mist right to the bottom of the bowl.
Cornell & Diehl Jamaican Rum (426)
Cornell & Diehl Junkyard Dawg Bur, Lat, Va A revival of a classic American blend that smokers of 30 years ago will instantly recognize. Contains Burleys, Latakia and bright Virginia.
Cornell & Diehl Kajun Kake Va, Cav, Per This marvelous blend starts out as beautiful deep red Virginia which is then processed into Red Virginia Cavendish. Perique is them added before pressing the blend into an old fashioned crumble cake.
Cornell & Diehl Kelleys Coin (005) Bur A mild, rough cut Burley which provides a mild smoke.
Cornell & Diehl Latakia (523L) Lat Blending component pure latakia.
Cornell & Diehl Levant (557) (none)
Cornell & Diehl London Squire (012)
Cornell & Diehl Luxurious (415) (none)
Cornell & Diehl Manhattan Afternoon Va, Aro Naturally sweet Golden Virginia leaf with a drop of honey sliced into flakes.
Cornell & Diehl Maple Cavendish (910)
Cornell & Diehl Mello Nut (906) (none)
Cornell & Diehl Merlin Choice (966) Or, Cav, Per, Va Cavendish, Perique and Turkish make this a fine alternative for you English fans. (none)
Cornell & Diehl Mild & Mellow (032)
Cornell & Diehl Mild English (015)
Cornell & Diehl Mild English (100) (none)
Cornell & Diehl Mild Turkish (165) (none)
Cornell & Diehl Mississippi Mud Per, Cav, Lat An unusual blend of Perique, Latakia & unsweetened black Cavendish. A truly cool smoke with a flavor unlike any other.
Cornell & Diehl Mocha (306) Aro This should appeal to the coffee lover, and those around you. It is half #305, Espresso and half #700A, Dark Chocolate.
Cornell & Diehl Montford Point Marine Lat, Bur, Per The fourth in C&D’s series honoring the service of African-Americans, Montford Point Marine remembers the men trained at Camp Montford Point, the first US Marine training base established for blacks in 1942. Like the men of Montford Point, this blend of Dark-fired Burley, Perique and Latakia is full and stout-hearted, ship-shape and stands tall. Semper Fi!
Cornell & Diehl Morleys Best (101) Bur, Lat, Va This is a combination of three Burleys (rough cut, white & cubed), Virginia flake and Cyprian Latakia.
Cornell & Diehl Mountain Camp (064) Lat, Bur, Or, Per, Va The same tobaccos as Bayou Night with the proportions of Perique and Latakia exchanged, making this a heavy Latakia blend for the English smoker.
Cornell & Diehl Nassau (none)
Cornell & Diehl Natural Cavendish (907) (none)
Cornell & Diehl New Market (410)
Cornell & Diehl Night Train (417P) Va, Bur, Cav, Per Bright VA ribbon, bright VA flake, Cavendish cut brown VA burley and Perique. PRESSED ONLY.
Cornell & Diehl Nutty Virginia (418) Aro, Bur, Cav, Va Also known as Nutty Irishman, a delightful mixture of Virginia, Burley and Cavendish. This aromatic is a pleasant blending of Frangelico (hazel-nut) and Irish Mist (whiskey with honey and herbs).
Cornell & Diehl O Harim (none)
Cornell & Diehl Odessa (968) Bur, Cav, Lat, Or Cavendish cut burley, Turkish, Latakia and Perique. Similar to the old Balkan Sobranie White.
Cornell & Diehl Odessa Red (968R) Lat, Or, Per, Va Red Virginia, Turkish, Latakia and Perique. Similar to the old Balkan Sobranie White.
Cornell & Diehl Ol' Outhouse (none)
Cornell & Diehl Old College (530) Lat, Bur, Cav, Va An outstanding blend of Latakia, black Cavendish, Virginia and Burley. A surprisingly smooth taste.
Cornell & Diehl Old Hollywood Va, Bur, Cav, Lat, Or A blend of red Virginia, Latakia, red Virginia Cavendish, Turkish and cubed Burley designed to bring out the best in these rich tobaccos.
Cornell & Diehl Old Joe Krantz (126) Bur, Per, Va Dark and cube cut Burley with Red Virginia ribbon and Perique creates a smooth, all day smoke.
Cornell & Diehl Opening Night Va A delicious blend of the finest Red and Bright Virginias pressed to perfection and sliced into flakes.
Cornell & Diehl Orange Sherbet (515O) (none)
Cornell & Diehl Organic Pipe Dreams Va, Aro This blend is made with certfied organic Virginia tobaccos. Organic Agave, Prune, and Vanilla added as a natural organic mold inhibitor. (none)
Cornell & Diehl Orient Express (968A)
Cornell & Diehl Oriental Silk (414) Va, Or, Per Perique, bright flake, Turkish flake and bright Virginia ribbon combine to make a memorable smoke.
Cornell & Diehl Orion Arrow (041) Or, Per, Va An early equal mixture of Turkish flake, Perique, Red Virginia and bright Virginia ribbon.
Cornell & Diehl Orthodoxy (125) (none)
Cornell & Diehl Pashas Dream (272) Lat, Aro, Bur, Or, Va A blend of Turkish, Latakia, Red Virginia, Kentucky Burley and Bright Strips. A complete long cut blend with the unique combination of caramel and vanilla flavors. Mildly aromatic.
Cornell & Diehl Peach Brandy (403) (none)
Cornell & Diehl Pegasus (108) Bur, Cav, Va Three Burley tobaccos, two Virginias and a touch of unsweetened Black Cavendish make this a classic American blend. Medium-bodied.
Cornell & Diehl Pennington Gap Bur, Aro, Cav, Per Nutty Kentucky Cube Cut Burley & rich Black Cavendish balance the unique aroma & flavor of Louisiana Perique, finished with Bourbon.
Cornell & Diehl Perique (522G) Per Blending perique from C&D. Use as a condiment to enhance blends, not recommended to be smoked by itself!
Cornell & Diehl Pirate Kake (970P) Lat, Bur, Cav, Or A smooth, robust blend with LOTS of exceptional Latakia accompanied by Turkish and cavendish cut Burley. This is the blend for the Latakia lover.
Cornell & Diehl Plantation Evening (416) Va, Lat, Or, Per A smooth, reasonably light blend of aged Virginias, Latakia, Perique and a little Turkish. An outstanding, middle of the road English blend with a delightful flavor.
Cornell & Diehl Plum & Rum (501A) (none)
Cornell & Diehl Plum Duff (051) (none)
Cornell & Diehl Plum Pudding (641) (none)
Cornell & Diehl Poplar Camp (458)
Cornell & Diehl Professor (813)
Cornell & Diehl Purple Cow Bur, Lat, Va A classic American pipe tobacco of Burleys, Bright Va ribbon, Latakia, and a touch of Maduro cigar leaf. Reviews say this blend is a sure fire hit and destined to be a favorite for years to come!
Cornell & Diehl Rajahs Court Va, Lat, Or Red and bright aged Virginias provide an excellent, gently sweet, base for this medium to full English blend. Turkish Oriental leaf and Latakia add layers of earthy smokiness and a mild pepperiness to the overall composition.
Cornell & Diehl Raspberry Cordial (304) (none)
Cornell & Diehl Red Carpet Va, Or, Per The perfect blend of Red Virginia and Perique with a touch of Izmir for interest, pressed and sliced into flake form.
Cornell & Diehl Red Odessa (968R) Or, Lat, Per, Va Red Virginia, Turkish, Latakia and Perique.
Cornell & Diehl Red Stag Va, Lat, Or Red and Golden Virginias provide a pleasant base for this medium-strength English. Latakia and Turkish Orientals offer their own addition to the blend giving it a pungent smoky and earthy flavors and hints of pepper. An excellent all round medium English, Red Stag is a nicely balanced and very well rounded blend.
Cornell & Diehl Red Virginia (525)
Cornell & Diehl Red Virginia Cavendish (525V)
Cornell & Diehl Ridin the Raid (450) Va Stoved red and lemon Virginia mixed skillfully with straight red and lemon Virginia. A full, round smoke.
Cornell & Diehl Riverboat Gambler Bur, Or, Per, Va A Runowski/Tarler blend. In the tradition of the mysterious Mississippi Riverboat gamblin men, a flavorful blend of the Souths tobaccos, Burleys, Virginias, and Perique, with the exotic taste of Turkish leaf. The odds are with you when you smoke this.
Cornell & Diehl Rocking Chair
Cornell & Diehl Safe Harbor Flake Bur For centuries sailors have known that few things calm rough waters like a pipe. This classic Burley-based flake will soothe many a mind and spirit.
Cornell & Diehl Sams Blend Lat, Cav, Per An exceptionally smooth blend of Cyprian Latakia, Perique and unsweetened black Cavendish. An all-day smoke.
Cornell & Diehl Santa's Mistake (2004)
Cornell & Diehl Scanlish (908) (none)
Cornell & Diehl Scot's Heather (040) (none)
Cornell & Diehl Scot's Pub (901) (none)
Cornell & Diehl Serenity Series: Comfort Cav, Bur, Per, Va For the bruised and buffeted Perique lover, this blend offers succor. An unstinting Perique component is supported by delicate sweetness from bright Virginia flake with a darker sweetness contributed by stoved cavendish. A fundament of cubed burley sustains the blend and your hopes .
Cornell & Diehl Serenity Series: Consolation Va, Bur, Cav, Lat An Americanized English, it has the traditional Latakia and Turkish (though in lighter amounts) in a Virginia flake base, but layered in are cubed burley and a discreet amount of toasted black cavendish for a round and slightly sweet finish.
Cornell & Diehl Serenity Series: Longevity
Cornell & Diehl Serenity Series: Longevity II Lat, Or, Va A smooth, middle weight Balkan crumble cake with Latakia, Turkish and red Viginia ribbon. The Syrian Latakia present in the original blend has been replaced with Cyprian latakia.
Cornell & Diehl Serenity Series: Repose Aro, Bur, Or, Va A different sort of aromatic, not sweet but nutty with a full bottom. Repose adds Turkish with a flash of golden Virginia to a base of cubed burley. This is delicately topped by a master blenders hand with fine rum for a cool, fragrant and winning smoke that wont fatigue or become cloying through the day.
Cornell & Diehl Serenity Series: Reverie
Cornell & Diehl Serenity Series: Solace Lat, Bur, Cav, Per, Va A complex blend wafting condimental leaf through the cubed burley and a special chocolate black cavendish, this is perfect for contemplating the rough road of life. Warm and comforting, with many flavors and a supporting fullness.
Cornell & Diehl Serenity Series: Tranquility (none)
Cornell & Diehl Shandygaff (507) Bur, Or, Per An unusual combination of burley, Perique and Turkish tobaccos.
Cornell & Diehl Snug Harbor Bur, Aro, Lat, Or, Per Snug Harbor is a delicious blend of Burleys, Turkish, Latakia and Perique with just a hint of flavoring to enhance the natural sweetness and room note. We invite you to settle in to a warm and comfortable spot with a bowl of Snug Harbor.
Cornell & Diehl Spencer House (696) (none)
Cornell & Diehl Spice Nut (484) (none)
Cornell & Diehl Stanhope (502) (none)
Cornell & Diehl Star of the East (066) Lat, Or, Va For years Star of the East has been one of C&Ds best selling English blends. One half Latakia with a generous portion of Turkish and sweetened with stoved Red Virginia.
Cornell & Diehl Star of the East Flake Lat, Or, Va For years Star of the East has been one of C&Ds best-selling English bulk blends. This full-bodied English of 50% Latakia blended with Turkish and stoved Red Virginia is now available in flake form!
Cornell & Diehl Stratforshire (061)
Cornell & Diehl Strathspey Lat, Aro, Cav, Or Classic Scottish blend. Heavy with Latakia & deep Orientals, subtly sweet with light & dark pressed Cavendish and a touch of Scotch.
Cornell & Diehl Strawberries & Cream (303) (none)
Cornell & Diehl Sunday Picnic Va, Or, Per Golden Virginia combined with Perique and Izmir Turkish for a delicious and memorable flake tobacco.
Cornell & Diehl Sunset Harbor Flake Va, Lat, Or C&D invites you to enhance the experience with a bowl of Sunset Harbor Flake, a classic Balkan style blend made with the finest Izmir Oriental to add a touch of spice to the end of a perfect day.
Cornell & Diehl Super Balkan (505)
Cornell & Diehl Suwar (551) (none)
Cornell & Diehl Syrian Latakia (527) (none)
Cornell & Diehl Syrian Trawler (559) (none)
Cornell & Diehl Tartus (552) (none)
Cornell & Diehl Tawny Port (514) (none)
Cornell & Diehl Three Friars (972) Bur, Per, Va A combination of Virginia ribbon, Brown Virginia Burley and Perique.
Cornell & Diehl Trade Winds (444) (none)
Cornell & Diehl Trinidad (045) (none)
Cornell & Diehl Tuggle Hall (965) Lat, Cav, Per As close to Dunhill 965 as you can get. A blend of Perique, Latakia and Cavendish.
Cornell & Diehl Turkish #1 Flake (520F) (none)
Cornell & Diehl Turkish #1 Ribbon (520R) (none)
Cornell & Diehl Turkish (166) Or Blending oriental pipe tobacco. A mixture of Turkish varietals.
Cornell & Diehl Tuskegee Airman Va, Lat, Or, Per Cornell & Diehl pays tribure to Amerias African American airmen with Tuskegee Airman, the second in their new series. A blend of Virginias, Perique, Turkish and Latakia is pressed to marry the flavors then sliced for easy packing.
Cornell & Diehl U.S.S. Mason Bur, Aro, Lat, Per, Va C&D pays tribute to our African-American sailors with a flavorful blend dedicated to the crew of the Mason, the first US Navy ship in WWII manned by an all black enlisted crew. A combination of VAs and Burley with a touch of Latakia and Perique topped off with a sprinkle of Brandy for room note.
Cornell & Diehl Unique (816) (none)
Cornell & Diehl Vancouver Pipe Club (none)
Cornell & Diehl Vanilla Cavendish (905) (none)
Cornell & Diehl Virginia Flake (517F)
Cornell & Diehl Virginia Gentleman (969) Va, Bur, Or A unique combination of Virginias and Burleys with a slight touch of Turkish to add interest. Light-bodied.
Cornell & Diehl Virginia Ribbon (517R)
Cornell & Diehl White Burley (169)
Cornell & Diehl Winchester (456)
Cornell & Diehl Winthrop (506)
Cornell & Diehl Woodstock Races (453)
Cornell & Diehl Yale Mixture (531) Va, Lat If this were a wine it would be full bodied, rich but not sweet (like Cabernet Sauvignon). An all natural Virginia based blend with Latakia. (Close to the original Cravens Mixture.)
Cornell & Diehl Yaller Dawg Lat, Or, Va Containing Syrian Latakia some Turkish and both red and bright Virginia tobaccos, this is definitely a full English blend.
Cornell & Diehl Yorktown (457) Va Stoved red Virginia is combined with lemon Virginia and restoved. Straight red Virginia is added for sweetness.
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