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Dan Tobacco Bill Baileys Balkan Blend Va, Bur, Lat, Or, Per This full strength blend consists of the best Virginia grades with various Oriental tobaccos, 10% dark fired Kentucky leaf and over 40% Latakia with a pinch of Perique. --(Submitted by commonsenseman)
Dan Tobacco Bill Baileys Best Blend Lat, Cav, Or, Per, Va This cool burning, medium bodied smoke has various Virginia grades, Oriental leaf both Cyprian and Syrian Latakia, unflavored black cavendish and Perique tobaccos that provide the penultimate in smoking tobaccos.
Dan Tobacco Blue Note Aro, Cav, Va Mild, golden Virginias, that have a naturally high sweetness, are mixed with a mild Black Cavendish. A fresh flavor of exotic fruits and a touch of Bourbon Vanilla is added to make this an extraordinarily mild blend.
Dan Tobacco Da Vinci Aro, Cav, Va A choice tobacco mixture made from golden light Virginia grades and soothing sweet mild Black Cavendish, matured under addition of fullbodied red chianti wines. This blend has a pleasant aroma.
Dan Tobacco Devils Holiday Aro, Cav, Va Gentle black cavendish with tips of Golden Virginia, flavoured with sweet wild forest berries. Hellishly good and heavenly delicious.
Dan Tobacco Gordon Pym Va, Lat, Or This blend contains Golden Virginia, Maryland and a little Dark Fired Virginia that gives this blend a profound flavor. Precious Oriental tobacco gives a soft tangy flavor that is complimented by Syrian Latakia.
Dan Tobacco Hamborger Veermaster Va Classic sailors flake tobacco made from rich Golden Virginias, naturally sweet and mild.
Dan Tobacco Holly's Discovery
Dan Tobacco Holly's Non Plus Ultra (none)
Dan Tobacco London Blend No.1000 Lat, Or, Va A full bodied dark colored after dinner mixture. African, Virginia and Turkish tobaccos with high amounts of Latakia.
Dan Tobacco London Blend No.250 Va, Aro, Lat, Per A really special Flake tobacco, made from the best Virginia Grades with 10% Latakia and a pinch of Perique, sweetly seasoned with natural Plum extract. Made in Germany.
Dan Tobacco Malthouse Founders Reserve Aro, Va The Malthouse is a superb mixture of provincial Virginia tobaccos that are infused with Scottish Single Malt Whiskey. The tobacco is then pressure fermented for approximately 12 weeks until it is fully aged.
Dan Tobacco Milonga Aro, Cav, Va A blend of sweet viriginia grades and extra smooth Black Cavendish seasoned with caramel and vanilla for a lingering aromatic smoke.
Dan Tobacco Ocean Liner Series: China/Japan Ready Rubbed (none)
Dan Tobacco Ocean Liner Series: New York Black and Gentle (none)
Dan Tobacco Old Ironsides Lat, Bur, Or, Va This hardy blend celebrates the oldest battleship in the U.S. Navy, the U.S.S. Constitution. This blend is a Latakia lovers dream. A high percentage of Cyprian Latakia is complimented by Kentucky, Oriental, and Virginia tobaccos. Cake aged for twelve weeks, this flake cut blend is full and cool smoking.
Dan Tobacco Sweet Vanilla Honeydew Aro, Va A mild ready rubbed blend of selected bright and sweet Virginia leaf delicately scented with smooth vanilla.
Dan Tobacco The Malthouse Va, Aro An outstanding blend of sweet Virginia that is infused with Scottish Single Malt Whisky.
Dan Tobacco Tordenskjold: Virginia Slices Va A medium bodied tobacco blend comprised of Virginia varieties and a whisper of Perique (not really noticeable). Hard pressed and cut into delicate slices.
Dan Tobacco Treasures of Ireland: Galway Cav, Va Black and Bright. A tribute to Irish tobacco blending tradition. Black Cavendish and Bright Virginia varieties with a unique sweet taste.
Dan Tobacco Treasures of Ireland: Limerick Va, Per A rich Virginia tobacco with 5% Perique added to keep the mixture cool on the palate. A dark, smooth, wonderful flake tobacco.
Dan Tobacco Treasures of Ireland: Shannon Aro, Bur, Cav, Va This tobacco is a mild aromatic blend composed of Virginias, Burley, and unflavored Black Cavendish. Shannon is an extra light, fruity mixture with a very pleasant room note.
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