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  Brand Blend Type Description Who has it?
Samuel Gawith 1792 Flake Va Dark-fired leaf hot pressed and cut into a 6 flake before adding a dressing of Tonquin flavor. A full strength, full flavored tobacco.
Samuel Gawith Balkan Flake Lat, Va A beautifully formed dark flake of pressed Virginias and a generous helping of Latakia. Relax and enjoy this medium strength tobacco with its smokey flavor and cool, smooth characteristics.
Samuel Gawith Best Brown Flake Va Hand stripped Flue-cured Zimbabwe leaf steamed and pressed to medium brown. Cool, sweet and mild.
Samuel Gawith Black Cherry Aro, Cav Rich Black Cavendishes together with a generous amount of Sweet Cherry generate a room-aroma second to none. With satisfaction for both the smoker and the surrounding company, Black Cherry Cavendish is a must for lovers of aromatic tobaccos.
Samuel Gawith Black XX Rope Va Same twisted shapes but MUCH Darker tobaccos than the Brown No.4. One of Gawiths all-time best selling ropes.
Samuel Gawith Black XXX Rope Va This tobacco is not for the faint of heart. Strong and robust smoke. Stronger than the Black XX Rope version, this dark ropelike tobacco will knock just about anyone off their feet.
Samuel Gawith Bracken Flake Bur, Aro, Va A careful blend of air-cured Kentucky & fire-cured Virginias make for a medium to strong flake, of a lesser density than 1792. Bracken Flake boasts a unique and intimidating aroma, brought about by the application of a long-used essence.
Samuel Gawith Brown Pigtail Va The pouch aroma does tell you that this is going to be some potent smoke, and it is. It smells of fully matured, strong Virginias, with two shades of brown. (none)
Samuel Gawith Brown Rope No.4 Va Twisted forms of aged dark brown leaf. Enormous flavor aroma and strength tamed with slow puffing.
Samuel Gawith Brown Rope No.4 Aromatic Aro, Va Twisted forms of aged dark brown leaf with an aromatic character. Enormous flavor aroma and strength tamed with slow puffing. Same as the Rope No.4 but with the added aromatic topping.
Samuel Gawith Brown Rope No.4 Whiskey Aro, Va Twisted forms of aged dark brown leaf soaked in Whiskey. Enormous flavor aroma and strength tamed with slow puffing. Same as the Rope No. 4 but with the added whiskey aromatic topping.
Samuel Gawith Cannon Plug Va, Aro Part of our traditional English range of plugs, Cannon is derived from the Best Brown cake with a sweet Honey Dew flavour. Very strong aroma, can ghost briar pipes.
Samuel Gawith Celtic Talisman Aro, Bur, Cav, Va Celtic Talisman is blended from Bright Virginias, Burley and Black Cavendish. Topped with a dash of sweet cherry, this blend re-defines the Aromatic.
Samuel Gawith Chocolate Flake Aro, Bur, Lat, Va Chocolate Flake is a luxury blend of Virginias, Burley and long-leaf Latakia. To complete the luxury, a rich, dark chocolate has been added after cutting.
Samuel Gawith Christmas Mixture 2006 Aro, Va Blended Virginias to which have been added traditional festive flavors - Cinnamon, Rum, Sherry & Cherry. Medium Strength - Aromatic
Samuel Gawith Christmas Mixture 2007 Aro, Va Blended Virginias to which have been added traditional festive flavors - Cinnamon, Rum, Sherry & Cherry. Medium Strength - Aromatic.
Samuel Gawith Cob Plug Va This is the plug version of Cob Flake (1792), Samuel Gawiths biggest selling flake, produced from Dark-Fired leaf, stripped, pressed and subtly flavored with tonquin to produce a slow burning, spicy and full flavored smoke.
Samuel Gawith Commonwealth Mixture Lat, Va For the dedicated smoker who demands a fuller flavor to their tobacco. Commonwealth, another Samuel Gawith Bi-Centenarian, is a full-strength blend of 50% heavily steamed Virginia and 50% Cyprus Latakia.
Samuel Gawith Curly Cut Aro, Va A mixture of flue cured and dark fired stripped leaf which has undergone a steaming process prior to being hand spun into a rope of tobacco. The rope is then sliced on a four inch mouth cutting machine to give the tobacco its curly-cut characteristics. Prior to packing, the finished blend is dressed with vanilla, giving the tobacco a cool but flavorful smoke.
Samuel Gawith Firedance Flake Aro, Va FireDance is Best Brown Flake subtly flavored with a combination of Blackberry, Brandy and Vanilla. The smoke is a mild, cool experience with the Blackberry the predominant flavor, the Brandy in the background and rounded off with the Vanilla.
Samuel Gawith Full Virginia Flake Va Samuel Gawith Full Virginia Flake is for lovers of pure pressed Virginias. Created in the heart of Lakeland, the hot-pressed blended Virginias take on a delicious and distinctive dark color that creates a pipe smokers dream.
Samuel Gawith Golden Glow Va Blended, flue-cured Golden Virginias, pressed and matured. Cut to form a broken flake which offers a natural sweetness. Technically identical to the Bulk Medium Virgina Flake.
Samuel Gawith Grousemoor Va, Aro A 200 year old secret makes Grousemoor a mysterious mixture that conjures up visions of the Cumbrian Fells. A fresh and complex flavor from an old recipe, using combinations of Virginias, leaves the smoker with an almost white ash testifying to the purity.
Samuel Gawith Grousemoor Plug Aro, Va The smell of the tobacco is almost that of a flavored tobacco. When its burning it produces a very sweet aroma at the beginning and then dissipates into a less evident, and yet pleasant, aroma. The taste is also very sweet, without being irritatingly so. Highly recommended if youre after a traditional British Virginia that is serious and yet sweet.
Samuel Gawith Kendal Cream Flake Bur, Aro, Va This selection of blended Burley and Virginias offers a mild and creamy smoke from a medium density flake. With an added essence, the pipe smoker who derives pleasure from an easy to rub out flake will certainly enjoy Kendal Cream Flake.
Samuel Gawith Kendal Plug Va Whoever knows Samuel Gawith knows their famous Kendal Plug. The tobacco has a naturally sweet smell, and when burning it produces a very pleasant aroma. The taste tends to be sweetish, particularly at the beginning, and then slowly the sweetness gives some way to a whole range of taste variations, all very pleasant. It burns so slowly and evenly. A very satisfying smoke.
Samuel Gawith Medium Virginia Flake Va Blended, flue-cured Golden Virginias, pressed and matured. Cut to form a broken flake which offers a natural sweetness. Tinned version is called Golden Glow.
Samuel Gawith Navy Flake Va, Lat A traditional offering of Virginias, pressed with a small amount of Latakia for complexity and flavored with a dash of Rum. Medium to full in strength.
Samuel Gawith Perfection Va, Aro, Lat, Or A variety of Brown & Bright Virginias with a touch of Latakia & fine Turkish, steamed, then a hint of Vanilla has been added.
Samuel Gawith RB Plug Aro, Va A dark fired Tanzania leaf which is topped with a very floral/woody essence.
Samuel Gawith Sams Flake Va, Or Sams Flake is a combination of Flue-cured Virginias and Turkish leaf which after blending is pressed in the hot oven, cut and then treated to a light flavoring which adds another flavor dimension to the tobacco.
Samuel Gawith Skiff Mixture Mild Or, Va Another Samuel Gawith original, Skiff is for the pipe smoker who appreciates the fuller flavor of an oriental blend. Blending a variety of different styles of flue-cured tobaccos gives Skiff its characteristic yellow and brown features.
Samuel Gawith Squadron Leader Lat, Or, Va A classic English categorized tobacco. Blended dark and bright Virginias, together with Latakia and Turkish leaf results in a perfect, medium bodied product which gives a rich and slow burning smoke.
Samuel Gawith St. James Flake Va, Per Genuine Perique is added to an already delicious and flavorsome blend of fine bright Virginias to give St. James the light peppery characteristic enjoyed by so many pipe smokers.
Samuel Gawith Westmorland Mixture Va, Cav, Lat Westmorland Mixture is a well-balanced combination of Bright Virginias, Cyprian Latakia, and Cavendishes. It is lightly sweetened and wonderfully round and supple.
Samuel Gawith X Blend (Limited Edition) Cav, Or This very special blend of cavendish tobaccos and orientals is limited to a run of just 500 tins. X blend has been in the making for some years, conceived, blended and tinned long before its release.
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