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10 blends that are primarily Burley and contain Perique , Virginia
(sorted by popularity here).
  Brand Blend Description Who has it?
Cornell & Diehl Old Joe Krantz (126) Dark and cube cut Burley with Red Virginia ribbon and Perique creates a smooth, all day smoke.
Reiner Long Golden Flake A very special blend of golden Virginias, a little white Burley, and a touch of Perique to make things interesting. Pressed into really long flakes, sliced, then rolled in the tin in very long strips. Packaged like a Christmas present, it is a treat indeed! Currently labeled as GOLDEN BLEND or BLEND 71.
Cornell & Diehl Haunted Bookshop (107) Predominantly a mixture of Burleys, with a touch of Red Virginia and Perique.
Cornell & Diehl Exhausted Rooster A Toney/Tarler blend, Exhausted Rooster is a tasty flake of Virginias, Dark Fired Burley and a dash of Perique. Rich aroma of stewed figginess.
Cornell & Diehl Three Friars (972) A combination of Virginia ribbon, Brown Virginia Burley and Perique.
GL Pease Barbary Coast The finest cube-cut Burley, chosen for its deep, nutty flavors, forms a robust foundation for this sophisticated blend. Rich, red Virginia tobaccos are added for their subtle sweetness and complexity, with the unique spice of Perique.
McClelland Grey Havens A lightly fragrant Burley and Matured Virginia blend. The rich taste of fine natural tobaccos subtly enhanced with a mellow and pleasing fragrance. Experience smooth Burley flavor with a hint of Louisiana Perique.
Cornell & Diehl Burley Flake #3 A blend of quality Burleys with a bit of Virginia for natural sweetness and a dash of Perique for interest.
Cornell & Diehl Burley Flake #1 A blend of dark Burley and red Virginia with just a splash of Perique.
4 Noggins Weybridge By mixing and then stoving the Burley and Virginias, we obtained a nut-like and slightly sweet aroma. A touch of St. James Parish Perique is then added to set it apart from all other blends.
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