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Cellar Summary - 1 open container, 381 cellared containers holding 50 lbs 13.1 oz
Open Containers - 1 container is open.
Brand Blend Name   Type Storage Oz. Buy Date Tin Date Age Opened Est. Left Days Left
Russ Ouellette Acadian Gold Click for details
Perique Barrel fermented VA
Va Tin 1.8 09/11/20 10/31/18 2 yr 2 mo 12/03/20
Cellared Containers Summary - 381 containers are cellared holding 50 lbs 13.1 oz (see details)
Qty Brand Blend Name   Type Tot.Weight Containers Avg.Age Oldest
8 Sutliffe Tobacco Company 1849 Click for details This unique blend is a mixture of bright Virginia, sweet red Virginia, and two cuts of perique. Va, Per 12 oz 8 4 yr 10 mo 4 yr 10 mo
1 4th Generation 1897 Click for details Erik Paul, his Grandfather, was an entrepreneur and collector who loved to travel and experience many things. The 1897 blend is a colorful combination of light, golden Virginias, bronze Burley and a touch of black cavendish. The base of rich vanilla combines with notes of mild, sweet honey for a gentle aromatic sweetness. The 1897 has more black cavendish in it and has more sweetness in terms of the vanilla flavors, and it is a little bit milder. Aro, Bur, Cav, Va 3.5 oz 1 8 yr 1 mo 8 yr 1 mo
1 4th Generation 1957 Click for details Bright Virginias, light brown burleys and a touch of black cavendish combined to create perfect harmony in this blend. A naturally sweet tasting blend, the soft, creamy vanilla adds to the elegant room notes. Perfect for a relaxing moment any time of the day. Aro, Bur, Cav, Va 1.8 oz 1 10 yr 3 mo 10 yr 3 mo
1 4th Generation 1982 Click for details The 1982 Centennial blend celebrates our family’s 100-year anniversary in the tobacco business and I believe you will truly enjoy this mixture. The 1982 is a slow burning mixture, comprised of golden Virginias, sweet and soft mild black cavendish, light burleys and blended with small plugs of navy flake to ease the burning. French vanilla and black berry top dressing is added as a final step, creating an outstanding room note and a distinctive taste experience. Aro, Bur, Cav, Va 1.8 oz 1 8 yr 6 mo 8 yr 6 mo
1 Nat Sherman 307 Mild Cavendish Click for details Rich Burley with a touch of toasted Black Cavendish, slightly aromatic. Bur, Aro, Cav 2 oz 1 6 yr 2 mo 6 yr 2 mo
1 McClelland 40th Anniversary Click for details North Carolina red Virginia flake Va 3.5 oz 1 7 yr 6 mo 7 yr 6 mo
2 Robert McConnell 5 Year Matured Virginia Click for details A blend of matured Virginia tobacco. Va, Or 3.6 oz 2 5 yr 1 mo 5 yr 1 mo
8 Russ Ouellette Acadian Gold Click for details Perique Barrel fermented VA Va 14.4 oz 8 5 yr 9 mo 5 yr 9 mo
2 Troost Aromatic Cavendish Click for details The basis for this special blend is formed by the Troost Special Cavendish recipe, which is a rich blend of the best tobaccos from Virginia, Brazil and Africa. A unique process which enriches the aroma gives an extra élan to this tobacco. It is because of this unique process that the extremely fragrant Troost Aromatic tobacco is appraised by pipe smokers over the entire world. Va, Bur, Cav 3.6 oz 2 8 yr 11 mo 8 yr 11 mo
1 HU Tobacco Aus dem Krater Nr. 5 Click for details The Crater Mixture No.5 is a true classic. Sweet Virginia tobaccos are pressed with spicy Kentucky and nutty burley. The result is a classical flake. Va, Bur 1.8 oz 1 5 yr 4 mo 5 yr 4 mo
1 HU Tobacco Aus dem Krater Plug (Kratermischung) Click for details The Krater Plug is a medium strength, pleasantly sweet and spicy plug tobacco. For experienced pipe smokers its a wonderful tobacco. Yet due to its pleasant strength and good burning characteristics, this tobacco is also for pipe smokers that arent too experienced. A delight for any tobacco lover that just wants to gain some experiences with plug tobaccos without getting overwhelmed by their strength. Not too strong, but also not too mild, not too sweet, but also not too spicy. All in all a well balanced and simply tasty blend. The Kraterplug is a perfect companion for the classic Kraterflakes.

Virginia/Kentucky/Perique at its best! Va, Bur, Per 3.5 oz 1 4 yr 9 mo 4 yr 9 mo
5 Sutliffe Tobacco Company Barrel Aged No 1 Crumble Cake Click for details Choice Virginias from three continents are heat pressed then matured for 30 days in an aged apple brandy barrel before being pressed again and sliced into old-fashioned plugs. Each plug is tinned to preserve the blends rich, oaky, and naturally sweet flavors.

Notes: Limited edition of 4400 serial numbered tins. Va, Aro 7.5 oz 5 3 yr 9 mo 3 yr 9 mo
1 Vauen Bavarian Blend No. 3 Click for details A well-balanced mixture of wholehearted black cavendish and naturally sweet Virginia. Fortified with the aromatic variety of hops, malt and vanilla, it exudes an extremely pleasant fragrance. Cav, Aro, Va 1.8 oz 1 6 yr 7 mo 6 yr 7 mo
1 CAO Bella Vanilla Click for details Much as there was a cross over from aromatic pipe tobacco to flavored cigars, this is the exact reverse; for CAO has taken the essences contained within their best selling Bella Vanilla Cigarillos and now made it available in tin for the pipe smoker! CAO takes rubbed out Virginia flake and then cases the same with an extract of Madagascar vanilla bean, a vanilla source that is widely regarded as the finest on the planet. Aro, Va 1.8 oz 1 7 yr 4 mo 7 yr 4 mo
8 Gawith Hoggarth & Co. Best Brown #2 Click for details Medium strength flake tobacco. Blended from the finest Virginias and Burleys. Va, Bur 14.4 oz 8 5 yr 4 mo 5 yr 4 mo
1 CAO Black Click for details CAO Black is a unique aromatic blend. The tobacco has a rich and tangy raspberry note, with a subtle undercurrent of creamy vanilla and cocoa, giving it a sweet and smooth flavor. Cav, Aro, Bur, Va 1.8 oz 1 6 yr 6 mo 6 yr 6 mo
7 Robert McConnell Black Flake Click for details Dark Virginia Flake pipe tobacco. Va 12.6 oz 7 4 yr 4 mo 4 yr 4 mo
1 Rattray Black Virginia Click for details As the name suggests, this tobacco is almost jet black in color but no description can do justice to its distinctive, tangy aroma. Not a straight VA. Mild aromatic topping, almost a Cavendish in structure and appearance. Va, Aro 1.8 oz 1 5 yr 1 mo 5 yr 1 mo
5 Fribourg & Treyer Blackjack Click for details A ready-rubbed pure red Virginia plug. Va 9 oz 5 4 yr 6 mo 4 yr 6 mo
3 Esoterica Tobacciana Blackpool Click for details Perfectly blended hot pressed dark and Golden Virginias, jet-black and shiny with natural oils. Topped with a dash of licorice extract. This thoroughly satisfying tobacco has an English pedigree with marvelous smoking characteristics. Aro, Va 1 lbs 8 oz 3 4 yr 6 mo 4 yr 6 mo
1 Reiner Blend 12 Click for details A delicious blend bursting with flavour. Cased in rum and topped with vanilla this is a blend dominated by sweet brown cavendish. A well balanced flavour of high quality tobaccos dancing with the aromatics. An ideal choice for any pipe smoker. Aro, Cav, Va 1.8 oz 1 7 yr 7 yr
2 Reiner Blend 25 Click for details Virginia, toasted burley and black cavendish with subtle choco-nut flavor. Aro, Bur, Cav, Va 0.2 oz 2 7 yr 7 yr
1 Davidoff Blue Mixture Click for details This blend of broad cut black cavendish, toasted burley and Virginia cut plug offers a refreshing cool, enjoyable exhilarating smoke. It develops a slightly sweet aroma that lingers pleasantly in the air. Va, Aro, Bur, Cav 1.8 oz 1 14 yr 14 yr
6 Wessex Brigade Campaign Dark Flake Click for details Dark brown Virginia, full bodied and smooth. Va 10.8 oz 6 5 yr 8 yr
1 Wessex Brigade Classic Virginia Click for details One hundred percent dark red Virginia flake, ready rubbed. Va 1.8 oz 1 7 yr 2 mo 7 yr 2 mo
9 Wessex Brigade Sovereign Curly Cut Click for details Small, loose disks, similar to Three Nuns (tin version). Virginias and Perique. No casing. Va, Per 1 lbs 0.2 oz 9 4 yr 3 mo 5 yr 1 mo
10 Rattray Brown Clunee Click for details Dark in color, with Flue cured Virginias, but mild to medium in flavor is the best way to describe this blend. Va 2 lbs 15.3 oz 10 4 yr 6 mo 5 yr 1 mo
11 Wessex Brown Virginia Flake Click for details A century-old recipe for natural flake with true tobacco taste. Navy Cut. Va 1 lbs 3.8 oz 11 4 yr 10 mo 5 yr 1 mo
1 Sutliffe Tobacco Company Bulk-515-RC1 Click for details Red Virginia Ribbon Va 1 lbs 1 4 yr 4 yr
3 Samuel Gawith Cabbies Mixture Click for details A Virginia and perique twist hand rolled, then hand sliced. A sweet natural Virginia taste takes centre stage when lit with the perique, giving a spicy undertone to the flavour. Va, Per 5.4 oz 3 5 yr 12 mo 6 yr 5 mo
1 Samuel Gawith Celtic Talisman Click for details Celtic Talisman is blended from Bright Virginias, Burley and Black Cavendish. Topped with a dash of sweet cherry, this blend re-defines the Aromatic. Aro, Bur, Cav, Va 1.8 oz 1 5 yr 5 yr
1 McClelland Christmas Cheer 2006 Click for details Hand blended, premium pressed Virginia flake tobaccos. Natural sweetness and zest. Limited production each year. Va 3.5 oz 1 18 yr 18 yr
1 McClelland Christmas Cheer 2011 Click for details Handblended, premium pressed Virginia flake tobaccos. A fine vintage, naturally sweet, in limited quantity. Limited edition 2011 release. Va 3.5 oz 1 13 yr 13 yr
2 Samuel Gawith Christmas Mixture Click for details High quality bright Virginias are blended with a hint of black cavendish and burley tobaccos with flavourings added reminiscent of Christmas. Cinnamon, rum, sherry and cherry. Aro, Bur, Cav, Va 3.6 oz 2 5 yr 4 mo 5 yr 4 mo
1 Stanwell Classic Click for details An exquisite mixture blended from mature Virginia, and mellow Black Cavendish, we have added a gently pressed and fermented cut plug made from Virginia and Burley. The mixture is perfected with a touch of sweet plum aroma, ehich creates a unique smoking experience for the most demanding pipe smoker. Aro, Bur, Cav, Va 1.8 oz 1 9 yr 10 mo 9 yr 10 mo
2 Sillems Copenhagen Click for details Virginia, burley, and black cavendish topped with the flavor of Amaretto and toasted nuts. Aro, Bur, Cav, Va 3.6 oz 2 6 yr 6 mo 7 yr 2 mo
18 Sutliffe Tobacco Company Cringle Flake 2020 Click for details Decade old red Virginias are stoved to perfection, bringing the natural flavors to the forefront. Then, they are combined with 2003 vintage perique, pressed, and sliced into broken flakes. Va, Per 1 lbs 11 oz 18 3 yr 10 mo 3 yr 10 mo
2 Former Cross Grain Flake Click for details A full bodied sweet traditional Flake tobacco prepared with only the finest grade of Virginia leaf with a pinch of Perique. Aged to perfection in order to bring out the best in this cool smoking, magnificent flake. Va, Per 3.6 oz 2 5 yr 6 mo 5 yr 6 mo
7 Sutliffe Tobacco Company Crumble Kake: Red Virginia Click for details Aged red Virginias pressed into a vintage crumble cake providing an exceptionally sweet and smooth smoke. Va 10.5 oz 7 4 yr 6 mo 4 yr 6 mo
9 Sutliffe Tobacco Company Crumble Kake: VA Perique Click for details Generous amounts of perique are combined with black cavendish and a variety of mature red Virginias. The combination is then processed into an old fashioned crumble cake to create a VaPer lovers dream. Va, Per 13.5 oz 9 4 yr 10 mo 4 yr 10 mo
1 Vauen Crunchy Blend No. 7 Click for details A very gentle and pleasant blend with a high proportion of black cavendish, golden Virginia, burley and broken Virginia flake. Deliciously flavoured with aromas from walnuts, vanilla and Mirabelle plums. Cav, Aro, Bur, Va 1.8 oz 1 6 yr 7 mo 6 yr 7 mo
4 Davidoff Danish Mixture Click for details Zino Davidoffs Special Blend of the finest tobaccos, very mild in taste. Made in Denmark. Aro, Bur, Cav, Va 7.2 oz 4 11 yr 2 mo 14 yr 3 mo
9 Dunhill Dark Flake Click for details First produced back in 1970, Dunhills Dark Flake is a heralded vintage blend of choice Virginias and a little perique for spice. Bolder in strength and flavor than Dunhill Flake, though still as easy to prepare. Va, Per 1 lbs 0.2 oz 9 7 yr 8 mo 7 yr 8 mo
1 Rattray Dark Fragrant Click for details Dark Fragrant encompasses the need to relax. Rich in flavor, smooth in body, choice Orientals added to enhance this sublime mixture. Va, Or 3.5 oz 1 4 yr 5 mo 4 yr 5 mo
1 HU Tobacco Dark Moor Click for details When the first wafts of mist rise in the late summer and early autumn, the time has come for dark, strong tobaccos. The Dark Moor unites the best brown Virginias in its base, which have been refined with Kentucky and perique. Peaty-smoky Kentucky leaves, nuanced with a hint of perique, in harmony with these brown Virginias result in a sweet, strong blend, which carries an unmistakable smoky-spicy character. This character is reflected not only in a deep, harmonious blend, but also in our created labels that express his soul. A soul that rises in the mist in the morning and loves to join a whisky in the evening. Va, Bur, Per 1.8 oz 1 4 yr 8 mo 4 yr 8 mo
1 Peter Heinrichs Dark Strong Flake Click for details Aged cakes of red Virginia and fire-cured dark Kentucky tobaccos give this full-bodied, flavorful flake an unusually rich and naturally spicy taste. Not for neophytes, this one satisfies with old-fashioned deep taste. Good outdoors. Va, Bur 7 oz 1 5 yr 1 mo 5 yr 1 mo
7 Orlik Dark Strong Kentucky Click for details The Orlik Dark Kentucky is a contrasting blend of Mature Virginia tobaccos, supplemented with dark- fired Kentucky tobacco, which is then pressed and cut into flakes. Full-bodied non-aromatic. Bur, Va 12.6 oz 7 5 yr 7 mo 6 yr
1 Dunhill Deluxe Navy Rolls Click for details Some consider this almost identical to the old-time favorite Escudo Navy Rolls. Va, Per 1.8 oz 1 11 yr 6 mo 11 yr 6 mo
1 Dan Tobacco Devils Holiday Click for details Gentle black cavendish with tips of Golden Virginia, flavoured with sweet wild forest berries. Hellishly good and heavenly delicious. Aro, Cav, Va 1.8 oz 1 8 yr 3 mo 8 yr 3 mo
1 HU Tobacco Directors Cut Click for details Directors Cut… If you are talking about traditional tobacco blending, twisted tobacco has to be mentioned. In former times, tobacco was spun into an endless roll and then cut in order to increase durability. Nowadays this special production process only plays a significant role with regard to taste. The traditional Virginia/Perique Curly Cut forms its basis, being in prime condition as a rope, before cut into curlies. The very expressive and sweet Virginia grades in connection with a strong Perique core of the Curly Cuts make an interesting blend, together with the Burley grades and the sugary Virginia Loose Cut. Underlining the robust and elemental character of this Directors Cut, a whiff of fire-cured Virginia renders the final touch to this blend. The result is a slightly sweet and spicy blend, surprising with tremendous varieties in taste. The Directors Cut is attractive for those who are looking for the very special taste adventure. …strong, spicy, multi-layered

Notes: Although it includes a touch of burley and matured Kentucky (instead of the more common bullseye core of cavendish in similar brands), this is primarily a VaPer blend in character. Va, Bur, Per 3.5 oz 1 5 yr 7 mo 5 yr 7 mo
2 Savinelli Doblone DOro Click for details The choicest Virginias, burleys and dark fired Kenyan leaf are enhanced with an impeccable addition of spicy perique, then aged to perfection before being spun into enticingly beautiful, zesty coins. A delightfully vivacious and flavorful smoke. Va, Bur, Per 7 oz 2 4 yr 11 mo 4 yr 11 mo
6 Esoterica Tobacciana Dorchester Click for details A special formulation of six light Virginias plus Golden and Dark Virginias with air-cured leaf and a pinch of Louisiana Perique. Easy burning is ensured by the carefully selected cut. The Perique balances the Virginias with a hint of spice for the discerning palate. Va, Per 12 oz 6 4 yr 6 mo 4 yr 6 mo
5 Esoterica Tobacciana Dunbar Click for details A mature recipe of seven types of Virginia tobaccos blended with Louisiana Perique, lightly pressed for several days to mellow the mixture, then cut into flakes and rubbed up. A high quality blend with a savory taste and a fine bouquet. An outstanding tobacco with a rich depth of flavor. Va, Per 5 oz 5 28 yr 4 mo 28 yr 4 mo
3 Dunhill Elizabethan Mixture Click for details A distinctive flavorful blend pressed, darkened tobaccos with Perique added for character. Va, Per 5.4 oz 3 7 yr 1 mo 7 yr 1 mo
1 Peterson Elizabethan Mixture Click for details Va, Per 1.8 oz 1 6 yr 3 mo 6 yr 3 mo
6 Gawith Hoggarth & Co. Ennerdale Flake Click for details Predominately Virginia leaf with the addition of sun cured Malawi to add sweetness & strength. A background flavor of almond with the addition of fruit flavors, vanilla, and the special English type flavors. Aro, Va 10.8 oz 6 5 yr 8 mo 6 yr
3 Erinmore Erinmore Flake Click for details A superb blend of premium Virginia leaf topped with a secret recipe and aged under pressure to marry the flavors. The aged cake is then sliced thin and packaged. Can be rubbed to suit any taste. Medium in strength with a refreshing aroma. A cool clean burning all-day smoke. Va, Aro 5.4 oz 3 6 yr 9 mo 7 yr 2 mo
2 Scandinavian Tobacco Group Escudo Navy Deluxe (new label) Click for details This old classic is a Virginia Perique curley cut tobacco in large coin size. The combination of high grade Virginia and Perique tobaccos provides fine, cool smoking enjoyment. The undisputed King of VaPers, bar none! New label on tin, same product. Va, Per 3.6 oz 2 5 yr 11 mo 6 yr 4 mo
4 Davidoff Flake Medallions Click for details Curly cut of finest Virginias and Perique tobaccos with a core of black Cavendish. Va, Cav, Per 7.2 oz 4 7 yr 6 mo 7 yr 6 mo
5 Robert McConnell Folded Flake Click for details A delightful spicy Virginia flake comprising two Virginias, fired Kentucky and Perique. Va, Bur, Per 9 oz 5 4 yr 6 mo 4 yr 6 mo
5 Samuel Gawith Full Virginia Flake Click for details Samuel Gawith Full Virginia Flake is for lovers of pure pressed Virginias. Created in the heart of Lakeland, the hot-pressed blended Virginias take on a delicious and distinctive dark color that creates a pipe smokers dream. Va 9 oz 5 5 yr 10 mo 5 yr 10 mo
1 Drew Estate Gatsby Luxury Flake Click for details Sophisticated, but what does that mean?! This smoke is pleasantly sweet and mild with just the right mix of Cavendish and Sweet Virginia Tobaccos. Ah, People will think you are some sort of afficionado that is what Sophisticated means... Topped with a rich fruit note. Va, Aro, Cav 1.8 oz 1 6 yr 3 mo 6 yr 3 mo
1 Ogden's of Liverpool Gold Block Click for details Virginia, burley tobaccos sweetened by a secret process. Smoke this tobacco peacefully. Va, Bur 1.8 oz 1 8 yr 6 mo 8 yr 6 mo
1 Ashton Gold Rush Click for details A pure Virginia blend made of only the most outstanding Virginia tobaccos. Medium-bodied and smooth, this mixture burns beautifully and renders a natural aroma accented by traces of lemon and honey. Aro, Va 1.8 oz 1 6 yr 1 mo 6 yr 1 mo
2 Wessex Gold Slice Click for details Gold Slice pipe tobacco is a long cut Virginia Flake manufactured in the traditional British style. Pressed into cakes, lightly stoved, then cut after aging. Gold Slice has the naturally fresh and tangy taste characteristic of the best Virginia Flake. Long burning and cool smoking, with a pure tobacco aroma, this flake can be rubbed fine for indoor use, or smoked rough outdoors. No flavorings, nothing artificial. Just rich tasting, highest quality pipe tobacco. Va 3 oz 2 4 yr 3 mo 4 yr 3 mo
2 Peter Heinrichs Golden Sliced Click for details Classic golden brown Piedmont and Old Belt Virginias. Natural tobacco only, this slow burning, mild yet flavorful cut plug is a favorite with traditional flake lovers. Va 7 oz 2 5 yr 1 mo 5 yr 1 mo
6 Orlik Golden Sliced (red) Click for details An all time favorite and a classic VA flake. The highest grade Golden Virginias are aged to perfection then pressed and sliced to deliver a naturally sweet flavor. Mellow and cool burning. The blender site claims there is a touch of Perique in this blend, but you really cant taste it. Va 15.9 oz 6 6 yr 1 mo 7 yr 2 mo
1 HU Tobacco Green Gold Click for details Calabria is one of the poorest areas of Italy and yet it possesses great riches. Calabria owes its fame to Green Gold, the fruit of the bergamot. From here, the tartly aromatic citrus fruit took off on its triumphal march around the world. The tart, acidic taste of bergamot perfectly matches the sweeter Virginia grades of “Green Gold“ broken flakes. The subtle and finely arranged bouquet gives “Green Gold“ its seductive, creamy taste. It makes “Green Gold“ Broken Flake an uncomplicated companion for any time of day. Aro, Va 3.5 oz 1 5 yr 10 mo 5 yr 10 mo
1 HU Tobacco Haddes Best Irish Click for details For 30 years now, Hadde has been my friend. He is the communicator in our circle, and that alone demands that his signature tobacco be something special. Hadde loves aromatic blends, so for him I created a medium-strong Broken Flake. Light and medium brown Virginias from Africa, blended with a good measure of Louisiana perique and dark fired Kentucky. An elaborate casing of Irish character gives this blend its special character, always present but never drowning out the tobacco‘s superb quality. Hadde‘s Best Irish is a temptation for aroma lovers, and for fans of natural tobaccos looking to give themselves a treat.

Notes: Aromatics: Honey / Almond / Geranium. Aro, Bur, Per, Va 3.5 oz 1 5 yr 11 mo 5 yr 11 mo
2 GL Pease Haddos Delight Click for details Haddos Delight is a stout blend of several Virginia tobaccos with a generous measure of long-cut Perique. Unflavored Green River black Cavendish and a little air-cured white Burley ribbon provide fullness, body, and a bit of extra strength. Bur, Cav, Per, Va 4 oz 2 11 yr 12 mo 18 yr 5 mo
1 Rattray Hal O the Wynd Click for details This is a stronger, sharp aged red Virginia blend that will perk you up quickly. Always ranked near the top for fantastic Virginias to smoke now and save some for the cellar. Rumor has it this blend contains a touch of Perique, which might explain the sharp edge. Va 3.5 oz 1 4 yr 5 mo 4 yr 5 mo
2 Samuel Gawith Hansom Flake Click for details amuel Gawith Hansom Flake starts with select grades of Virginia that are naturally sweet. Then, a good measure of perique is added more for sweetness and depth than spice. A special Lakeland essence is added before pressing to enhance the natural tobacco flavors, and the pressure embeds the top note deep into the leaf. The result is a blend with a mellow sweetness, smooth flavor, and a singular aroma. For something different than other Samuel Gawith blends, Samuel Gawith Hansom Flake will deliver. Va, Per 3.6 oz 2 4 yr 11 mo 4 yr 11 mo
3 Robert McConnell Highgate Click for details Coin-cut, flue cured African and perique tobacco. Va, Cav, Per 5.4 oz 3 4 yr 7 mo 5 yr 1 mo
1 Dan Tobacco Holmer Knudsens Click for details A classic Danish pipe mixture with smooth vanilla and cream candy aroma. Aro, Bur, Cav, Va 1.8 oz 1 6 yr 6 yr
1 Nording Hunter Blend: Labrador Click for details Fragrant Black Cavendish, mellow Burley, and sweet Virginia enhanced with a light caramel-hazelnut note Cav, Bur, Va 1.8 oz 1 7 yr 6 mo 7 yr 6 mo
1 Nording Hunter Blend: Pointer Click for details A blend of the best Virginia and Burley tobaccos subtly flavored and aged under pressure in the Danish tradition. To make a point, its mellow and satisfying. No longer produced. Va, Bur 1.8 oz 1 7 yr 6 mo 7 yr 6 mo
1 HU Tobacco Indaba Click for details Indaba is a blend which stands for its own. Medium-strong ready rubbed, as well as dark fired Virginias, enhanced by some Kentucky for an earthy foundation, contribute to a distinctive taste experience. Sweet and spicy, along with a creamy texture makes this blend a unique treat apart from the everyday!

Notes: Hans Wiedemann has stated that the Indaba has a very mild caramel flavouring to it. (They changed the name of the series from Foundation by Musicó to African Line) Va, Bur 3.5 oz 1 6 yr 6 yr
1 Savinelli Janus Click for details Savinellis Janus is an ambrosial mixture of bright Virginias, Orientals, and Perique, fascinatingly nuanced and exotic. Va, Or, Per 2 oz 1 4 yr 3 mo 4 yr 3 mo
1 Savinelli Juno Click for details Savinellis Juno is a delicate amalgam of stoved and unstoved Virginias, the pinnacle of leaves both red and bright. Va 2 oz 1 4 yr 3 mo 4 yr 3 mo
1 Savinelli Jupiter Click for details Savinellis Jupiter is a commanding blend of Burley, dark-fired Kentucky, and Virginias, archetypally cased and pressed into flakes. Bur, Va 2 oz 1 4 yr 3 mo 4 yr 3 mo
1 Sillems Linea Epoque Antique Click for details This rather mellow, but yet full-bodied mixture has been created with a high proportion of smooth black cavendish, bright Virginias with hints of lemon and nutty burley. This blend then has been refined with the delicious, fruity aromas of fragrant vanilla, ripe mirabelles and cappuccino. Aro, Bur, Cav, Va 3.5 oz 1 7 yr 1 mo 7 yr 1 mo
1 Dunhill London Mixture Click for details Skillfully blended Latakia with Virgina and Turkish. Pleasant aroma and a flavor never tiring. Va, Or 1.8 oz 1 7 yr 1 mo 7 yr 1 mo
9 John Aylesbury Luxury Flake Click for details The basis of this really fine Danish-type blend is made exclusively from Virginia top qualities. A Navy Cut with a refined and smooth taste with the original Virginia tobacco-sweetness. A tobacco that will please more than the Flake aficionados. Va 1 lbs 0.2 oz 9 4 yr 2 mo 5 yr 9 mo
2 Rattray Marlin Flake Click for details A companion to Old Gowrie containing Flue Cured Virginias. A shade darker, greater strength, different aroma, but otherwise a tobacco in the same tradition. Va 7 oz 2 4 yr 5 mo 4 yr 5 mo
2 Stanwell Melange Click for details A modern approach to a traditional mixture. Black Cavendish, toasted Burley, Orientals and bright Virginia are gently mixed with apricot and natural sweetness. Soft and mellow with a pleasing aroma and a delicate taste. Aro, Bur, Cav, Va 3.6 oz 2 7 yr 2 mo 7 yr 2 mo
6 Orlik Mellow Mixture Click for details Ribbon cut Virginia, mixed with two types of black cavendish and a touch of roasted burley. Fresh sweet taste. Aro, Bur, Cav, Va 10.8 oz 6 9 yr 2 mo 9 yr 10 mo
1 Sillems Musketeer Click for details Black cavendish and cube cut burley with a wonderful vanilla flavor. Medium strength. Cav, Aro, Bur 1.8 oz 1 4 yr 11 mo 4 yr 11 mo
3 MacBaren Navy Flake Click for details A mild flake blended from the finest Burley tobaccos with added ripe Virginias and Cavendish. Navy Flake is light burning, making the lighting of the pipe very easy. Bur, Cav, Va 10.5 oz 3 10 yr 10 mo 10 yr 10 mo
6 Vauen No. 14 Virginia Flake Click for details Finest, sun cured Virginia tobaccos from various districts are married in a special flake-process into a interesting mixture. This specialty will appeal to all lovers of natural pipe tobacco. Va, Aro 10.8 oz 6 4 yr 3 mo 4 yr 3 mo
1 Astleys No.2 Virginia Mixture Click for details An unusual, well modulated blend of red and gold Virginias, balanced with Perique. Va, Per 1.8 oz 1 5 yr 8 mo 5 yr 8 mo
2 Meistermischung Nr. 88 Click for details Ripe harvest Virginia tobaccos are mixed in good manufacturer tradition and mature in the press for over three month to a bright, very mellow flake. Fresh, velvety, harmonic smoking pleasure. Va 7 oz 2 4 yr 6 mo 4 yr 6 mo
1 HU Tobacco Out of Africa Click for details Africa, the dark continent – like no other part of the world, it unites mysticism and modern spirit, a plethora of cultures and different ways of living, but also poverty and misery. Wars, hunger, and corruption define this continent just as much as scenic beauty, lush vegetation and pride. “Out of Africa“ ready rubbed flake interprets this great diversity through tremendous varieties in taste, ranging from fruity dry to lively and sweet. Strong flavored burley grades along with dark, pressed Virginia and a hint of perique form the basis of the subtle though seductive flavor which makes this broken flake something special. “Out of Africa“ is an interesting and complex homage to this part on earth and to friends of the finest quality tobacco blends.

…the small stars are always shining when the big sun sets. (Senegalese proverb)

Notes: Aromatic: Hibiscus. Aro, Bur, Per, Va 3.5 oz 1 5 yr 3 mo 5 yr 3 mo
1 Peterson Perfect Plug Click for details This excellent plug tobacco comprises selected Virginia leaf from Africa and Brazil blended with Burley leaf from Malawi. The tobaccos are lightly cased before drying and pressing and are then heated and stored for two weeks before cutting. The result is a full bodied yet fruity blend, sure to appeal to the experienced pipe smoker. Va, Aro, Bur 1.8 oz 1 4 yr 11 mo 4 yr 11 mo
13 Hearth & Home Red Eye Click for details The first spun-cut tobacco ever from Hearth & Home. Each coin has a heart of fire-cured surrounded by matured Virginias and a dash of Perique. Va, Bur, Per 1 lbs 7.4 oz 13 8 yr 6 mo 8 yr 6 mo
1 Davidoff Red Mixture Click for details This mixture owes its distinctive aroma to a luxurious blend of black cavendish tobaccos and the interesting contrast of Virginian ribbon cut. This is an exceptionally smooth blend, which burns evenly. Aro, Cav, Va 1.8 oz 1 14 yr 3 mo 14 yr 3 mo
6 Wessex Red Virginia Flake Click for details Classic medium Navy Cut with a Red Sun topnote. Va 10.8 oz 6 4 yr 2 mo 4 yr 2 mo
1 Robert McConnell Red Virginia Superb Click for details Ribbon cut Red Virginia with a dash of Perique and a light spicy top dressing. Va, Aro, Per 1.8 oz 1 4 yr 6 mo 4 yr 6 mo
2 J. F. Germain & Son Rich Dark Flake Click for details According to an email response from J. F. Germain and Son asking if they produced any other blend like Stonehaven, they replied that their Rich Dark Flake is similar to Stonehaven, which is produced for Esoterica in the U.S. market only. (Virginia forward) Va, Bur 5.5 oz 2 8 yr 8 yr
5 Robert McConnell Rich Dark Virginia Click for details A fragrant dark Virginia tobacco that is exceptionally cool smoking. Va 9 oz 5 4 yr 6 mo 4 yr 6 mo
2 Robert McConnell Ripe Honeydew Click for details A lightly sweet flue cured Virginia tobacco with a touch of honey. Honeydew is more of a straight Virginia with interesting notes and mild flavors. Va, Aro 3.6 oz 2 5 yr 4 mo 6 yr 2 mo
4 Samuel Gawith Sams Flake Click for details Sams Flake is a combination of Flue-cured Virginias and Turkish leaf which after blending is pressed in the hot oven, cut and then treated to a light flavoring which adds another flavor dimension to the tobacco. Va, Or 7.2 oz 4 5 yr 5 yr
1 Samuel Gawith Scottish Autumn Flake Click for details Scottish Autumn Pipe Tobacco by Samuel Gawith has the natural ripeness of the long-pressed Virginias. Along with the slow-burn this makes Scottish Autumn a most suitable flake for smoking on its own, or blending with other tobaccos. Va 1.8 oz 1 6 yr 3 mo 6 yr 3 mo
5 Robert McConnell Scottish Cake Click for details Scottish Cake - A blend from the companys beginnings this coarse-cut Broken Flake is a great favorite for young and old. Dark brown in its color, the seasoned pieces may directly be tampered into the pipe or even lightly broken to suit a smaller bowl. Produced from a mixture of Eastern Carolina, Kentucky and Middle Belt, that are pressed for a week and coarse cut. It has to rest for some days until it has hardened. Then it is packaged. A very popular tobacco and very slow in its burning. Va, Bur 9 oz 5 5 yr 8 mo 10 yr 6 mo
6 Robert McConnell Scottish Flake Click for details Scottish Flake - a base mixture from Red Mottled Virginia and Carolina Leaf, balanced by small amounts of Turkish, and medium-strong Kentucky, to reach this fully balanced effect. All is mixed, seasoned for some days, to be fully integrated. Then this mixture is divided into 10 pound pieces and cold pressed for several weeks. While is process is under way, harmony is reached in a natural way and a slowly burning Flake is created. Va, Bur, Or 10.8 oz 6 4 yr 6 mo 4 yr 6 mo
1 John Aylesbury Sir Johns Broken Virginia Click for details Only fully ripe Virginia tobaccos of the best provenances. Subtle spicy, fresh aroma with a fine sweetness and a pleasant redolence. Just real tobacco enjoyment with character. Aro, Va 1.8 oz 1 5 yr 7 mo 5 yr 7 mo
8 John Aylesbury Sir Johns Flake Virginia Click for details A pure Virginia specialty. Elegant and mellow smoke. A Danish-type blend. With an unobtrusive aroma and a fine sweetness on the tongue. Va 14.4 oz 8 4 yr 2 mo 5 yr 7 mo
2 Rattray Sir William Click for details This blend is a ready rubbed Loose Cut. The main components are various selected Virginia, which are responsible for the smooth taste. Fired Kentucky, cured Indian and aromatic Thailand Burley are then added and topped by a light whiskey flavor. Va, Aro, Bur 7 oz 2 5 yr 1 mo 5 yr 1 mo
1 Ashton Smooth Sailing Click for details Pleasantly palatable and wonderfully smooth, this aromatic mixture is slightly nutty, boasting flavors of maple, coconut and dark chocolate. Aro 1.8 oz 1 13 yr 13 yr
8 Fribourg & Treyer Special Brown Flake Click for details A medium brown Virginia flake with a top note of Navy rum. Va, Aro 14.4 oz 8 4 yr 5 mo 4 yr 5 mo
1 Robert McConnell Special London Mixture Click for details A blend of Brights and Orange Virginia leaf hides a rich flavor that comes out in the smoking. Very pleasant, without bite, the tobacco is distinctive and mellow, and brings back the flavor of a real blend. Va 1.8 oz 1 5 yr 8 mo 5 yr 8 mo
4 Samuel Gawith St. James Flake Click for details Genuine Perique is added to an already delicious and flavorsome blend of fine bright Virginias to give St. James the light peppery characteristic enjoyed by so many pipe smokers. Va, Per 7.2 oz 4 6 yr 6 mo 8 yr
1 Samuel Gawith St. James Plug Click for details A sumptuous blend of Virginias and perique, this plug incorporates a generous proportion of St. James Parish, LA perique. Va, Per 7.5 oz 1 6 yr 6 mo 6 yr 6 mo
6 MacBaren Stockton Click for details A spun tobacco, cut in small birds eyes. A very special, mild and cool tobacco, manufactured from ripe and choice Virginia tobaccos, to which a touch of Cavendish has been added to bring about a specially rich aroma. Va, Cav 1 lbs 5 oz 6 4 yr 4 mo 4 yr 4 mo
1 Jess Chonowitsch T12 Click for details 1.8 oz 1 6 yr 2 mo 6 yr 2 mo
5 Dunhill Three Year Matured Click for details A medium blend consisting of Red Virginia and Oriental Leaf, lightly flavoured with mixed fruit essence. Va, Aro, Or 9 oz 5 8 yr 1 mo 8 yr 7 mo
1 GL Pease Tribute Click for details Tribute is a special blend of red, lemon and stoved red Virginias, perique and toasted cavendish tobaccos. The blend was created by Gregory L. Pease. Production and distribution by Craig and Patty Tarler, Cornell & Diehl, Inc.. Re-released 2011 as C&D First Responders. Va, Cav, Per 2 oz 1 10 yr 10 mo 10 yr 10 mo
5 MacBaren Vanilla Cream Flake Click for details Manufactured from selected matured Virginia and Black Cavendish tobaccos, and an added exceptional vanilla flavor. This true flake gives an outstanding blend with a pleasant, sweet and aromatic taste experience. Aro, Cav, Va 9 oz 5 4 yr 1 mo 4 yr 1 mo
1 Fribourg & Treyer Vanners Mixture Click for details Red and gold Virginia blended with a touch of Black Cavendish. Va, Cav 1.8 oz 1 5 yr 1 mo 5 yr 1 mo
3 Rattray Wallace Flake Click for details We would describe Wallace Flake as the Holy Grail among the flakes. Try these extraordinary creation, and you will know why we stick out our neck that far. Virginia tobaccos, whose color ranges from golden to chocolate brown, were combined with sun-dried India and finally refined with a very fine plum aroma. Va, Aro, Bur 5.4 oz 3 4 yr 5 mo 4 yr 6 mo
1 Ashton Winding Road Click for details A mellow mixture designed to bridge the gap between aromatic and English style blends. Comprised of golden and dark brown Virginia with a sprinkling of Black Cavendish, this excellent blend bears a natural fragrance accompanied by subtle notes of caramel and apricot. Va, Aro, Cav 1.8 oz 1 5 yr 8 mo 5 yr 8 mo
2 Esoterica Tobacciana Woodbridge Click for details Six light Virginias; four Virginias pressed and rubbed plus Golden and dark Virginias hot-pressed. Twelve different Virginia tobaccos laced with liquorice and natural fruit extracts and matured complete this unique recipe. Aro, Va 1 lbs 2 6 yr 4 mo 8 yr 4 mo
1 Dunhill Ye Olde Signe Click for details 1.8 oz 1 7 yr 1 mo 7 yr 1 mo
Cellared Blends Breakdown
Blend Type    
Va 110 Va 110 29%29%
Va,Per 84 Va,Per 84 22%22%
Aro,Bur,Cav,Va 25 Aro,Bur,Cav,Va 25 7%7%
Va,Aro 25 Va,Aro 25 7%7%
Va,Bur,Per 23 Va,Bur,Per 23 6%6%
Va,Bur 20 Va,Bur 20 5%5%
Aro,Va 15 Aro,Va 15 4%4%
Aro,Cav,Va 8 Aro,Cav,Va 8 2%2%
Bur,Va 8 Bur,Va 8 2%2%
Va,Cav,Per 8 Va,Cav,Per 8 2%2%
Va,Or 8 Va,Or 8 2%2%
Va,Cav 7 Va,Cav 7 2%2%
Va,Aro,Bur 6 Va,Aro,Bur 6 2%2%
Va,Bur,Or 6 Va,Bur,Or 6 2%2%
Va,Aro,Or 5 Va,Aro,Or 5 1%1%
Bur,Cav,Va 3 Bur,Cav,Va 3 1%1%
Aro,Bur,Per,Va 2 Aro,Bur,Per,Va 2 1%1%
Bur,Cav,Per,Va 2 Bur,Cav,Per,Va 2 1%1%
Cav,Aro,Bur,Va 2 Cav,Aro,Bur,Va 2 1%1%
Va,Aro,Cav 2 Va,Aro,Cav 2 1%1%
Va,Bur,Cav 2 Va,Bur,Cav 2 1%1%
(unclassified) 2 (unclassified) 2 1%1%
Aro 1 Aro 1 1%1%
Bur,Aro,Cav 1 Bur,Aro,Cav 1 1%1%
Cav,Aro,Bur 1 Cav,Aro,Bur 1 1%1%
Cav,Aro,Va 1 Cav,Aro,Va 1 1%1%
Cav,Bur,Va 1 Cav,Bur,Va 1 1%1%
Va,Aro,Bur,Cav 1 Va,Aro,Bur,Cav 1 1%1%
Va,Aro,Per 1 Va,Aro,Per 1 1%1%
Va,Or,Per 1 Va,Or,Per 1 1%1%
Cellar Container Aging Breakdown
10 yr+ 20 10yr+ 20 5%5%
5 yr+ 172 5yr+ 172 45%45%
4 yr+ 166 4yr+ 166 44%44%
3 yr+ 23 3yr+ 23 6%6%
2 yr+ 0
18 mo+ 0
1 yr+ 0
6 mo+ 0
< 6 mo 0
Containers Opened/Used History (with OPEN date provided)
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1792 Flake 1792 Flake Wt:1.8oz Opened:09/26/2020 Finished:09/26/2020 Days used: 0 Age was:1 yr 11 mo
Acadian Gold Acadian Gold Wt:1.8oz Opened:09/11/2020 Finished:09/23/2020 Days used: 11 Age was:1 yr 11 mo Acadian Gold Wt:1.8oz Opened:12/03/2020 Finished:open Days used: - Age was:2 yr 2 mo
  J F M A M J J A S O N D J F M A M J J A S O N D J F M A M J J A S O N D J F M A M J J A S O N D J F M A M J J A S O N D J F M A M J J A S O N D
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