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Tobacco Cellar . com is dedicated to the collection (and related consumption) of premium pipe smoking tobacco.

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What is a pipe tobacco cellar? Similar to a Wine Cellar, a Tobacco Cellar is a collection of premium pipe tobacco that is gathered by discerning pipe smokers. Also similar to wine, pipe tobacco improves with age, making the tracking of a tobacco collection an important task. TobaccoCellar.com provides an online database to keep track of your valuable collection, and even show it off to your pipe smoking friends if you so choose.

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(Useless?) Statistics

Total 1678 Members with over 9,162 lbs (4.6 tons) of baccy!

Members with the largest cellars:
peckinpahhombre has 4133 containers with 623 lbs 12.5 oz
themroc has 1232 containers with 159 lbs 5.7 oz
DirtyHarry has 525 containers with 156 lbs 14.6 oz
netfm has 191 containers with 150 lbs 12.9 oz
Zentharim has 535 containers with 138 lbs 9.5 oz
CWL has 674 containers with 134 lbs 11 oz
lutztb has 449 containers with 104 lbs 2.1 oz
Kanaia has 414 containers with 96 lbs 7.5 oz
aquaholic has 745 containers with 95 lbs 8.1 oz
ultramag has 656 containers with 90 lbs 6.1 oz

Most puffing members last 30 days:
gotsmoke finished 11 containers
nismo270r finished 9 containers
SlimPickens finished 8 containers
aquaholic finished 8 containers
ddmholst finished 7 containers
DrT999 finished 7 containers
Oakley Alan finished 7 containers
Balisong finished 5 containers
Joegalvanized finished 5 containers
KaiserDawg finished 4 containers

Top members suffering from TAD (tobacco acquisition disorder):
MarkC added 28 containers
themroc added 13 containers
jth added 11 containers
Balisong added 10 containers
SlimPickens added 10 containers
Kanaia added 7 containers
Malus Rex added 6 containers
tmacpherson added 5 containers
troutface added 5 containers
Dig added 5 containers

New members in last 7 days:
Dukdalf has 24 containers with 2 lbs 10.9 oz
Stuntman Jim has 3 containers with 14.8 oz
expat has 3 containers with 5.8 oz

Most cellared blends (by container):
Samuel Gawith-Full Virginia Flake with 2002 containers
A & C Petersen-Escudo Navy Deluxe with 1022 containers
Esoterica Tobacciana-Penzance with 899 containers
Dunhill-Royal Yacht with 727 containers
Samuel Gawith-St. James Flake with 686 containers
Dunhill-Nightcap with 680 containers
Samuel Gawith-Squadron Leader with 674 containers
Samuel Gawith-Best Brown Flake with 636 containers
Orlik-Golden Sliced (red) with 593 containers
Dunhill-Flake (new label) with 580 containers
Dunhill-Early Morning Pipe with 566 containers
Esoterica Tobacciana-Stonehaven with 565 containers
Dunhill-My Mixture 965 with 559 containers
GL Pease-Union Square with 443 containers
Scandinavian Tobacco Group-Escudo Navy Deluxe (new label) with 439 containers
Russ Ouellette-Anniversary Kake with 438 containers
Dunhill-London Mixture with 392 containers
Balkan Sasieni-Balkan Sasieni with 376 containers
Dan Tobacco-Hamborger Veermaster with 375 containers
Rattray-Hal O the Wynd with 367 containers

Most cellared blends (by weight):
Samuel Gawith-Full Virginia Flake with 348 lbs 14.9 oz
Esoterica Tobacciana-Penzance with 212 lbs 2.1 oz
Esoterica Tobacciana-Stonehaven with 163 lbs 7.5 oz
marquee serries-black house with 128 lbs
Dunhill-My Mixture 965 with 123 lbs 5 oz
A & C Petersen-Escudo Navy Deluxe with 121 lbs 1.8 oz
Peter Stokkebye-Luxury Bullseye Flake with 117 lbs 1.1 oz
Russ Ouellette-Anniversary Kake with 113 lbs 10.4 oz
Samuel Gawith-Squadron Leader with 109 lbs 5.2 oz
Samuel Gawith-St. James Flake with 107 lbs 6.2 oz
Samuel Gawith-Best Brown Flake with 104 lbs 2.1 oz
Dunhill-Royal Yacht with 87 lbs 13 oz
Dunhill-Nightcap with 84 lbs 9.4 oz
Orlik-Golden Sliced (red) with 83 lbs 9.3 oz
MacBaren-HH Old Dark Fired with 81 lbs 3 oz
Rattray-Hal O the Wynd with 77 lbs 15.6 oz
Peter Stokkebye-Luxury Navy Flake with 74 lbs 4 oz
Dunhill-Early Morning Pipe with 69 lbs 7.3 oz
McClelland-Christmas Cheer 2006 with 67 lbs 3.1 oz
GL Pease-Union Square with 66 lbs 9.1 oz

Box O Gawith Happiness is ... a box 'o Gawith!

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