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Cellar Summary - 21 open containers, 53 cellared containers holding 8 lbs 12.2 oz
Open Containers - 21 containers are open.
Brand Blend Name   Type Storage Oz. Buy Date Tin Date Age Opened Est. Left Days Left
Murray Sons & Co Ltd 1921 Cunningham Click for details
Murrays 1921 Cunningham is a true Navy Flake tobacco. Sweet, bright, flue-cured tobaccos are melded with a light splash of zesty perique and a hint of rum before being firmly pressed into cakes and sliced. If youre a Virginia fan, this is an ideal blend to cellar, as it will improve greatly with age, but is rich enough to enjoy today.
Va, Per Mason Jar 0.8 12/01/18 11/01/16 2 yr 11 mo 10/04/19
Straus Auld Park Click for details
Cav, Bur, Va Mason Jar 3.8 10/04/19 10/04/18
4 Noggins BakerStreet USA Click for details
NEW!! Created by Matt Robillard, and born from conversations with Matt Hoffar, this superb mixture is delicate in Latakia, with a mix of Orientals, Virginias, and a touch of Burley. The result is a thoughtful blend with a whisper of sweetness.
Va, Bur, Lat, Or Mason Jar 1.1 12/01/18 10 mo 10/04/19
Straus Balkan Supreme Click for details
Va, Lat, Or Mason Jar 3.8 10/04/19 10/04/19
Cornell & Diehl Black Frigate Click for details
Latakia and Turkish are added to Navy cavendish, pressed and sliced. A royal Navy blend, not for the faint of heart.
Cav, Lat, Or Mason Jar 2.0 11/23/18 11/25/18 11/25/18
Samuel Gawith Black XX Rope Click for details
Same twisted shapes but MUCH Darker tobaccos than the Brown No.4. One of Gawiths all-time best selling ropes.
Va Mason Jar 8.9 04/04/19 04/05/19 04/05/19
Uhles Blend 300 Click for details
A graham cracker drizzled with honey, this is the perfect blend for a Burley lover looking for a smidge of sweetness. Ingredients: Cube-cut and ribbon Burley with black Cavendish
Bur, Cav Mason Jar 0.8 11/01/17 1 yr 11 mo 10/04/19
Bennington Tobacconist Blend No. 15 Click for details
light, medium-bodied English mixture containing a high percentage of Turkish Yenidge, flue-cured golden Virginia and Cyprus latakia. Guaranteed to be free and pure of artificial flavoring.
Va, Lat, Or Mason Jar 2.0 10/04/19 10/04/19
Cornell & Diehl Byzantium (062) Click for details
A full strength blend with Latakia, Perique and Turkish.
Lat, Or, Per, Va Mason Jar 7.5 12/26/18 12/26/18 12/26/18
Miscellaneous Cajun Half-and-Half Click for details
Mason Jar 1.8 02/01/19 8 mo 10/04/19
Cornell & Diehl Crooner (104) Click for details
Specially cut cube Burley and deer tongue. An authentic copy from one of Bings friends who blended it with him.
Bur, Aro Mason Jar 4.0 10/13/18 10/13/18 10/13/18
Lane Limited Crown Achievement Click for details
Mason Jar 2.0 10/01/18 10/01/18 10/01/18
Cornell & Diehl Haunted Bookshop (107) Click for details
Predominantly a mixture of Burleys, with a touch of Red Virginia and Perique.
Bur, Per, Va Mason Jar 2.0 10/13/18 10/13/18 10/13/18
Miscellaneous Light Burley Click for details
From a local tobacconist
Bur, Va Mason Jar 1.0 09/01/18 1 yr 1 mo 10/04/19
GL Pease Maltese Falcon Click for details
Stylish, dark and alluring. Generous quantities of Cyprian Latakia are blended with matured red Virginias, exotic orientals, and just a little bright flue-cured leaf to offer a deep, full-bodied yet silky smoke with an intriguing sweetness.
Va, Lat, Or Mason Jar 1.6 12/01/18 11/01/16 2 yr 11 mo 10/04/19
Sutliffe Tobacco Company Matured Red Virginia 515 RC-1 Click for details
Regular red Virginias have a flavor that can best be described as toasty sweet. Processing and maturing red Virginia can bring some surprising results. People used to buy McClelland 5100 Red Cake by the pound because of its zesty flavor. For those who miss that terrific flavor, you should try Sutliff Matured Red Virginia 515 RC-1. This isnt an exact match for 5100, but it has a depth of flavor and a tang that you wouldnt normally find in a regular red Virginia, and its priced very nice.
Va Mason Jar 0.5 12/01/18 10 mo 10/04/19
Cornell & Diehl Morleys Best (101) Click for details
This is a combination of three Burleys (rough cut, white & cubed), Virginia flake and Cyprian Latakia.
Bur, Lat, Va Mason Jar 4.0 10/13/18 10/13/18 10/13/18
Peretti Number 8 Click for details
Initially blended and pressed for a club, No. 8 Slice is a stout Virginia and perique flake with added burley. Spicy and complex with full flavor and a cool, even burn.
Va, Bur, Per Mason Jar 1.0 12/01/18 10 mo 10/04/19
The Country Squire Old Toby Click for details
The choicest blend of Tobold Hornblower himself! Straight from Middle Earth, Old Toby brings together the finest Virginia and Burley leaves with a generous sugar casing and a dash of Louisiana Perique. A treat for your senses and your companions!
Bur, Per, Va Mason Jar 3.0 10/04/18 10/04/18
Cornell & Diehl Orient Express (968A) Click for details
Mason Jar 1.8 02/21/19 12/10/18 9 mo 09/20/19
The Country Squire Rivendell Click for details
One of our Middle Earth Series tobaccos, dedicated to the works of Tolkien. Rivendell is woodsy and earthy. Mildly sweet with a hint of walnut.
Cav, Bur, Va Mason Jar 2.3 10/04/18 10/04/18
Cellared Containers Summary - 53 containers are cellared holding 8 lbs 12.2 oz (see details)
Qty Brand Blend Name   Type Tot.Weight Containers Avg.Age Oldest
1 Esoterica Tobacciana And So To Bed Click for details This mixture is absolutely ideal for the evening, ergo...we borrowed the name from the diaries of Samuel Pepys, Esquire. Finest grade Virginia and Maryland type tobaccos are carefully aged and blended with Greek Oriental leaf and top grade Cyprian Latakia. The blend is then specially procesed and additionally matured to produce a mellow, full-strength smoke with rich flavor and unique aroma. Va, Lat, Or 8 oz 1 1 mo 1 mo
1 Brigadier Black Antietam Click for details Toasted black Cavendish and golden Virginias have been selected as the foundation for a smooth pleasant cherry note. Cav, Va 8 oz 1
1 Dunhill Babys Bottom Click for details A smooth medium strength mixture which consists mainly of Red Virginia, but also has bronze and lemon Virginia, some flake and a good helping of Latakia. Available only at the Dunhill store. Va, Lat 1.8 oz 1 3 yr 10 mo 3 yr 10 mo
1 Peterson Balkan Delight Click for details Petersons Balkan Delight is a smooth and gentle latakia blend. Although its called Balkan Delight, there are no Oriental tobaccos present, at least they are not mentioned. This does not mean theres no spice to this blend as the perique gives a mild peppery quality to the flavour. The latakias smoky woody taste is immediately present but is not overpowering and allows the sweetness of the Virginia through. The perique takes the stage with the latakia and combine to give a tranquil peppery bitterness and smoky flair that is wonderful to the palate.

The ribbon cut is almost effortless to pack into the bowl. It is shaded gold brown to chestnut with dark tobacco ribbons interspersed. Lighting is easy and keeping the tobacco alight is no problem. The aroma from the tin is of smoky pine and oak with sweetness and a mild pepper-acetic zest. Va, Lat, Per 1.8 oz 1 8 mo 8 mo
1 Cornell & Diehl Bayou Morning Flake Click for details Bayou Morning Flake is a much different tobacco from original bayou Morning. This is a very dark brown crumbly flake. It is very mellow and smooth with just the right amount of Perique. Va, Per 2 oz 1 1 yr 2 mo 1 yr 2 mo
1 Cornell & Diehl Black Duck Click for details Richly earthy and woodsy, this blend of unsweetened brown and black Cavendish (specially cured Kentucky Burley), Latakia and Turkish Oriental leaf is a hearty full-bodied blend. Not an elegant smoke, it is nonetheless charming and rather complex. Cav, Bur, Lat, Or 2 oz 1 10 mo 10 mo
2 Cornell & Diehl Bow-Legged Bear Click for details Full English blend with Virginias, Turkish, Latakia, Burley & Perique. Stoved, pressed, and sliced as crumble cake. Va, Bur, Lat, Or, Per 4 oz 2 8 mo 8 mo
1 Cornell & Diehl Carolina Red Flake, Small Batch 2019 Click for details blend of the finest North Carolina grown red Virginias from 2015, Carolina Red Flake is Cornell & Diehls tribute to the Old Belt. Taken straight from Carolina soil, these top-tiered Virginias are all grown, thrashed, blended, and then lovingly pressed and carefully sliced right here in the heart of old tobacco country.

Combining a hay-like grassiness with subtly sweet, tangy notes, its a minimalist blend with a complex flavor: rich, deep, and earthy with hints of dried fruits and citrus. Were proud of our heritage — and were particularly proud of this damn near perfect red Virginia flake. Va 2 oz 1 1 mo 1 mo
2 GL Pease Charing Cross Click for details Charing Cross is a traditional Balkan style blend of fine Virginia leaf, richly seasoned with smoky Cyprian Latakia, and spiced with the exquisite and exotic tobaccos of the orient. This is the one for Latakia lovers. Lat, Or, Va 4 oz 2 10 mo 10 mo
2 Cornell & Diehl Da Vinci Click for details The base of light Virginias and Burley is overwhelmed by the smoky pungent aroma of Cyprian Latakia. This is the perfect blend for the true lover of Latakia; but be forewarned, this blend is not for everyone. Lat, Bur, Va 4 oz 2 10 mo 10 mo
2 Dunhill Early Morning Pipe Click for details Sweet Oriental carefully blended with Bright and Red Virginias, pressed and lightly stoved. Great as the `first pipe` arousing the palate for the further pleasures of the day. Or, Va 3.6 oz 2 4 yr 9 mo 7 yr 8 mo
2 GL Pease Embarcadero Click for details Rich, ripe red Virginias are combined with top-grade Izmir leaf, pressed and aged in cakes, then sliced into flakes and tinned. The result is a wonderfully fragrant, natural blend with subdued sweetness. Va, Or 4 oz 2 9 mo 9 mo
2 Cornell & Diehl Evening Rise Click for details A Burley based blend of Latakia, Turkish & a little Virginia. Pleases the palate while repelling the mosquitoes. Bur, Lat, Or, Va 4 oz 2 10 mo 10 mo
1 Cornell & Diehl Exclusive (967) Click for details A heavy Perique based blendwith red Virginia and mild Cavendish that comes close to the famous Escudo. Per, Cav, Va 2 oz 1 7 mo 7 mo
1 McClelland Frog Morton on the Town Click for details A rather mellow smoke, Frog Morton on the Town draws deep rich flavor from its base of golden and red Virginias and a pleasant smoky, earthy undertone from the Latakia. A light flavoring from Basma gives the blend a unique, almost vanilla like flavor. Va, Aro, Lat 1.8 oz 1 8 yr 8 mo 8 yr 8 mo
2 GL Pease Gaslight Click for details Deep, rich and full flavored, Gaslight burns very slowly, delivering a lingering, satisfying smoke for the true connoisseur of latakia based blends. The red Virginias present a background of natural sweetness, whilst fine Orientals provide just the right amount of spice. I like it best sliced thinly, rubbed out and packed loosely in smaller bowls for a satisfying, surprisingly long-lasting smoke. Easily sliced, easily rubbed out and easily packed. Lat, Or, Va 4 oz 2 9 mo 9 mo
1 Brigadier Black Gettysburg Click for details Gettysburg pipe tobacco is a delightful mixture of Burleys and Virginias with a smooth, subtle peach undertone. With an almost oily sheen to each ribbon this tobacco could command a price 3 times what P&C offers it at. Bur, Va 8 oz 1 1 yr 1 yr
1 Davidoff Green Mixture Click for details Va, Bur, Cav 1.8 oz 1 1 mo 1 mo
1 Cornell & Diehl Hebraica Series: Or L’yom (Daylight) Click for details Lighter in the contribution of orientals and Perique, this blend gets it character from the elegant red Virginias and smooth, round burley that are melded with toasted Cavendish. A bowl starting the day sets a fine course for what follows. Va, Bur, Cav, Or, Per 2 oz 1 2 yr 2 mo 2 yr 2 mo
2 Peterson Irish Oak Click for details A rich blend of Cavendish, Zimbabwean, Orange, Thailand Burley & Black Perique, matured in Oak Sherry Barrels. Made in Ireland. Cav, Bur, Per, Va 3.6 oz 2 10 mo 10 mo
1 Cornell & Diehl Jolly Old St. Nicholas Click for details A largesse of St. Nicks personal smoking mixture, this blend features golden Virginias, black cavendish, and a hint of perique, imbued with a generous touch of orange liqueur and hints of ginger, hearkening back to an old legend of Kris Kringle Cav, Per, Va 2 oz 1 1 yr 1 yr
1 Cornell & Diehl Kajun Kake Click for details This marvelous blend starts out as beautiful deep red Virginia which is then processed into Red Virginia Cavendish. Perique is them added before pressing the blend into an old fashioned crumble cake. Va, Cav, Per 8 oz 1 7 mo 7 mo
1 John Cotton Number 3 Click for details John Cottons Number Three is a great addition to their English blend lineup. Like most of their other latakia based blends, there are wonderful Virginias and Orientals joining smoky Cyprian latakia, but what sets Number Three apart is the addition of just enough perique to add depth, spice and sweetness Lat, Or, Per, Va 1.8 oz 1 2 mo 2 mo
2 Peterson Old Dublin Click for details This mixture is based on the cool, smoky aroma of Cyprian Latakia with Golden Virginia, aromatic Black Cavendish & sweet Greek Oriental Basma grades. Made in Ireland. Lat, Cav, Or, Va 3.6 oz 2 3 mo 3 mo
1 Cornell & Diehl Orient Express (968A) Click for details 2 oz 1 10 mo 10 mo
3 Peterson Perfect Plug Click for details This excellent plug tobacco comprises selected Virginia leaf from Africa and Brazil blended with Burley leaf from Malawi. The tobaccos are lightly cased before drying and pressing and are then heated and stored for two weeks before cutting. The result is a full bodied yet fruity blend, sure to appeal to the experienced pipe smoker. Va, Aro, Bur 5.4 oz 3 1 yr 1 yr
1 Seattle Pipe Club Plum Pudding Click for details Say Hello to Plum Pudding. Ahhh, what an exquisite tobacco! This Seattle Pipe Club Blend was created by our own blending guru, Joe Lankford. Plum Pudding is simply a legend in our Club. Many members say it is their perfect tobacco. Delicious, smoky, spicy and positively addictive. Now our Club treasure is available to the world in limited quantities. We hope you enjoy it as much as we do. Lat, Or, Per, Va 2 oz 1 2 yr 4 mo 2 yr 4 mo
2 Norman Rockwell Portrait Click for details Introducing a collection of new pipe tobacco from the great Norman Rockwell. The first in the series is Portrait which is a tin that you will want to keep even when you have finished the tobacco. The tin features one of the iconic paintings that Norman Rockwell is known for. The tin is filled with a rich, traditional, American burley blend with notes of cocoa that has a mellow sweetness. We have no doubt that you will not only love the tobacco but the collectability of the tin itself. Bur, Va 3 oz 2 6 mo 6 mo
1 Dunhill Ready Rubbed Click for details Mature, flue-cured leaf from USA, Brazil and Africa is blended with sun-cured and smoky fired tobaccos from Indonesia and India. This is pressed into Cavendish and topped with a subtle flavor. Cav, Aro, Va 1.8 oz 1 2 yr 7 mo 2 yr 7 mo
1 Rattray Red Lion Click for details Red Lion is a traditional ungique English mixture. The typical smoky aroma comes from the fantastic latakia which is combined with selected golden Virginia, aromatic black cavendish and sweet Greek Oriental basma grades. A pipe tobacco to remember! Va, Cav, Lat, Or 3.5 oz 1 9 mo 9 mo
2 Dan Tobacco Salty Dogs Click for details Selected sweet Virginias with a small pinch of perique, classically enhanced with Caribbean rum, are matured over a long time in the press. The result is a dark brown, full and pleasant pipe tobacco in traditional style offering you a comfortably cool and smooth smoking experience. Unlike ordinary flakes, it was not cut into slices, but packaged as a solid piece of real plug tobacco. Enjoy it in pipes with smaller bowls. (translated from Dan Tobaccos website) Va, Per 3.6 oz 2 3 mo 3 mo
1 Cornell & Diehl Sams Blend Click for details An exceptionally smooth blend of Cyprian Latakia, Perique and unsweetened black Cavendish. An all-day smoke. Lat, Cav, Per 2 oz 1 6 mo 6 mo
2 Cornell & Diehl Sansepolcro (Small Batch) Click for details Merging the Old World with the New, Sansepolcro is a very special entry into the Small Batch project — carefully blended from unique, Italian dark-fired florets and some of the finest red Virginias from North Carolina.

Aromatically spicy with earthy, clove-like undertones, these florets are all grown in the Sansepolcro region of Italy, which boasts a history and tradition of tobacco cultivation to the 17th century. Combined with mellow citrus and bread-like notes of the reds, it makes for a wonderful melange of flavors and aromas — at once both familiar and exotic. Va 4 oz 2 6 mo 6 mo
1 Brigadier Black Shermans March Click for details Brigadier Shermans March is a truly traditional American blend. This homage to blends long past includes mellow, nutty Burleys combined with sweet Virginias and finished with the tang of rum and the warm flavor of maple. For an easy-smoking blend with a great aroma, this is a no-brainer. Get yourself some Brigadier Black Shermans March for a real old-fashioned experience. Va, Bur 8 oz 1 1 mo 1 mo
1 John Cotton Smyrna Click for details John Cottons Smyrna is a Turkish forward blend with plenty of rich latakia. Virginias add a touch of sweetness to a robust, smoky and earthy experience. Or, Lat, Va 1.8 oz 1 2 mo 2 mo
1 Samuel Gawith Squadron Leader Click for details A classic English categorized tobacco. Blended dark and bright Virginias, together with Latakia and Turkish leaf results in a perfect, medium bodied product which gives a rich and slow burning smoke. Lat, Or, Va 1.8 oz 1 6 mo 6 mo
1 Esoterica Tobacciana Stonehaven Click for details A marriage of air-cured leaf and Burley with selected dark Virginia. Hard pressed and aged to produce brown flakes with dark undertones. Usually available only in large 8oz sealed bags. Bur, Va 8 oz 1 1 mo 1 mo
1 Cornell & Diehl Strathspey Click for details Classic Scottish blend. Heavy with Latakia & deep Orientals, subtly sweet with light & dark pressed Cavendish and a touch of Scotch. Lat, Aro, Cav, Or 2 oz 1 7 mo 7 mo
1 Rattray Westminster Abbey Click for details Westminster Abbey is an elegant blend of Virginia, burley, and hand-rubbed Virginia flake with a bit of black cavendish, topped with delicious cream caramel flavor. Va, Bur, Cav 3.5 oz 1 9 mo 9 mo
Cellared Blends Breakdown
Blend Type    
Lat,Or,Va 5 Lat,Or,Va 5 9%9%
Bur,Va 4 Bur,Va 4 8%8%
Va 3 Va 3 6%6%
Va,Aro,Bur 3 Va,Aro,Bur 3 6%6%
Va,Per 3 Va,Per 3 6%6%
Bur,Lat,Or,Va 2 Bur,Lat,Or,Va 2 4%4%
Cav,Bur,Per,Va 2 Cav,Bur,Per,Va 2 4%4%
Lat,Bur,Va 2 Lat,Bur,Va 2 4%4%
Lat,Cav,Or,Va 2 Lat,Cav,Or,Va 2 4%4%
Lat,Or,Per,Va 2 Lat,Or,Per,Va 2 4%4%
Or,Va 2 Or,Va 2 4%4%
Va,Bur,Cav 2 Va,Bur,Cav 2 4%4%
Va,Bur,Lat,Or,Per 2 Va,Bur,Lat,Or,Per 2 4%4%
Va,Or 2 Va,Or 2 4%4%
Cav,Aro,Va 1 Cav,Aro,Va 1 2%2%
Cav,Bur,Lat,Or 1 Cav,Bur,Lat,Or 1 2%2%
Cav,Per,Va 1 Cav,Per,Va 1 2%2%
Cav,Va 1 Cav,Va 1 2%2%
Lat,Aro,Cav,Or 1 Lat,Aro,Cav,Or 1 2%2%
Lat,Cav,Per 1 Lat,Cav,Per 1 2%2%
Or,Lat,Va 1 Or,Lat,Va 1 2%2%
Per,Cav,Va 1 Per,Cav,Va 1 2%2%
Va,Aro,Lat 1 Va,Aro,Lat 1 2%2%
Va,Bur 1 Va,Bur 1 2%2%
Va,Bur,Cav,Or,Per 1 Va,Bur,Cav,Or,Per 1 2%2%
Va,Cav,Lat,Or 1 Va,Cav,Lat,Or 1 2%2%
Va,Cav,Per 1 Va,Cav,Per 1 2%2%
Va,Lat 1 Va,Lat 1 2%2%
Va,Lat,Or 1 Va,Lat,Or 1 2%2%
Va,Lat,Per 1 Va,Lat,Per 1 2%2%
(unclassified) 1 (unclassified) 1 2%2%
Cellar Container Aging Breakdown
10 yr+ 0
5 yr+ 2 5yr+ 2 4%4%
4 yr+ 0
3 yr+ 1 3yr+ 1 2%2%
2 yr+ 3 2yr+ 3 6%6%
18 mo+ 1 18mo+ 1 2%2%
1 yr+ 6 1yr+ 6 11%11%
6 mo+ 28 6mo+ 28 53%53%
< 6 mo 12 < 6mo 12 23%23%
Containers Opened/Used History (with OPEN date provided)
  2014 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019
  J F M A M J J A S O N D J F M A M J J A S O N D J F M A M J J A S O N D J F M A M J J A S O N D J F M A M J J A S O N D J F M A M J J A S O N D
1921 Cunningham 1921 Cunningham Wt:0.8oz Opened:10/04/2019 Finished:open Days used: - Age was:2 yr 11 mo
Auld Park Auld Park Wt:3.8oz Opened:10/04/2018 Finished:open Days used: -
BakerStreet USA BakerStreet USA Wt:1.1oz Opened:10/04/2019 Finished:open Days used: - Age was:10 mo
Balkan Supreme Balkan Supreme Wt:3.8oz Opened:10/04/2019 Finished:open Days used: -
Black Frigate Black Frigate Wt:2.0oz Opened:11/25/2018 Finished:open Days used: -
Black XX Rope Black XX Rope Wt:8.9oz Opened:04/05/2019 Finished:open Days used: -
Blend 300 Blend 300 Wt:0.8oz Opened:10/04/2019 Finished:open Days used: - Age was:1 yr 11 mo
Blend No. 15 Blend No. 15 Wt:2.0oz Opened:10/04/2019 Finished:open Days used: -
Byzantium (062) Byzantium (062) Wt:7.5oz Opened:12/26/2018 Finished:open Days used: -
Cajun Half-and-.. Cajun Half-and-Half Wt:1.8oz Opened:10/04/2019 Finished:open Days used: - Age was:8 mo
Crooner (104) Crooner (104) Wt:4.0oz Opened:10/13/2018 Finished:open Days used: -
Crown Achieveme.. Crown Achievement Wt:2.0oz Opened:10/01/2018 Finished:open Days used: -
Haunted Booksho.. Haunted Bookshop (107) Wt:2.0oz Opened:10/13/2018 Finished:open Days used: -
Light Burley Light Burley Wt:1.0oz Opened:10/04/2019 Finished:open Days used: - Age was:1 yr 1 mo
Maltese Falcon Maltese Falcon Wt:1.6oz Opened:10/04/2019 Finished:open Days used: - Age was:2 yr 11 mo
Matured Red Vir.. Matured Red Virginia 515 RC-1 Wt:0.5oz Opened:10/04/2019 Finished:open Days used: - Age was:10 mo
Morleys Best (1.. Morleys Best (101) Wt:4.0oz Opened:10/13/2018 Finished:open Days used: -
Number 8 Number 8 Wt:1.0oz Opened:10/04/2019 Finished:open Days used: - Age was:10 mo
Old Toby Old Toby Wt:3.0oz Opened:10/04/2018 Finished:open Days used: -
Orient Express .. Orient Express (968A) Wt:1.8oz Opened:09/20/2019 Finished:open Days used: - Age was:9 mo
Rivendell Rivendell Wt:2.3oz Opened:10/04/2018 Finished:open Days used: -
  J F M A M J J A S O N D J F M A M J J A S O N D J F M A M J J A S O N D J F M A M J J A S O N D J F M A M J J A S O N D J F M A M J J A S O N D
  2014 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019

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