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Viewing Elric's Tobacco Cellar

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Cellar Summary - 8 open containers, 190 cellared containers holding 32 lbs 6.3 oz
Based on past usage, this cellar should last for 120 years and 9 months (~ Jun 2140)
Puffing at the average rate of less than a single bowl a Week! (total approx 0.4 oz Monthly)
Open Containers - 8 containers are open.
Brand Blend Name   Type Storage Oz. Buy Date Tin Date Age Opened Est. Left Days Left
Solani Blend 633 - Virginia Flake Click for details
A classic flake with bright Virginias and Perique. This cool, slow burning blend has a natural sweetness and a wonderful room aroma.
Va, Per Tin 3.5 08/01/19 08/06/19
Kramer's Blend for Cary Grant Click for details
Kramers created this medium-bodied mixture especially for one of their customers, the iconic actor Cary Grant. Using our English Blend as a base, they carefully layer in a small portion of Irish Aromatic for a little more sweetness.
Lat, Aro Mason Jar 1.0 08/04/19 1 mo 09/15/19
Rattray Brown Clunee Click for details
Dark in color, with Flue cured Virginias, but mild to medium in flavor is the best way to describe this blend.
Va Mason Jar 2.0 06/01/13 6 yr 3 mo 09/16/19
Ashton Celebrated Sovereign Click for details
A classic English Mixture made with Syrian Latakia, Turkish Dubec, matured Jet-Black Cavendish, Bright Carolina and Red Virginia. A true connoisseurs tobacco.
Va, Cav, Lat, Or Tin 1.8 06/01/12 7 yr 06/24/19
Lane Limited Crown Achievement Click for details
Tin 1.8 08/01/19 08/29/19
GL Pease Montgomery Click for details
Virginias, Virginias, Virginias! Several grades of wonderful flue-cured leaf, from soft yellow to deep red, are combined with just a touch of dark-fired Kentucky for a little added richness. A special process, recovered from ancient archives, provides the finishing touch to this wonderful blend. Naturally sweet, and possessing subtle complexity, Montgomery presents delightful new dimensions for the lover of sophisticated Virginia blends.
Va Mason Jar 1.5 06/01/13 6 yr 3 mo 09/16/19
Troost Special Cavendish Click for details
Special Cavendish Mixture, imported from Holland.
Cav Mason Jar 2.0 02/01/09 10 yr 7 mo 09/16/19
Lane Limited Wild Hare Click for details
Light and dark Cavendishes combined with Burley make up the base of the Wild Hare blend from Lane Limited, topped with a slight vanilla aroma.
Cav, Bur Tin 1.8 08/01/19 08/23/19
Cellared Containers Summary - 190 containers are cellared holding 32 lbs 6.3 oz (see details)
Qty Brand Blend Name   Type Tot.Weight Containers Avg.Age Oldest
1 Solani 656 - Aged Burley Flake Click for details This blend contains dark brown Burley from Kentucky, light Burley from Brazil, and white Burley from Malawi. Will Rudiger developed a unique toasting process to make the blend slightly sweet. It is a natural blend with no additives or flavors. Bur 1.8 oz 1 3 mo 3 mo
1 McClelland Anniversary Blend Click for details Anniversary is an elegant Matured Virginia ribbon-cut blend, naturally sweet with the clarity of flavor possessed only by the best Virginias. It is seasoned lightly with fine, cool smoking Cyprian Latakia and aged for months. Va, Lat 3.5 oz 1 17 yr 17 yr
1 House of Windsor Argosy Black Click for details Aromatic all black Riff - cut tobaccos with mild Vanilla Flavorings. Soft mellow taste. Aro, Cav 2 oz 1 14 yr 3 mo 14 yr 3 mo
4 GL Pease Ashbury Click for details An alluring assortment of exotic oriental tobaccos is generously blended with bright and red Virginia leaf. Finally, just enough Cyprus Latakia is added to provide an alluring smokiness. Or, Lat, Va 7.5 oz 4 13 yr 7 mo 13 yr 7 mo
3 Cornell & Diehl Autumn Evening Click for details A Red Virginia Cavendish cased with a delicate maple flavor. An exceptionally smooth aromatic. Aro, Cav, Va 5 oz 3 8 yr 11 mo 10 yr 3 mo
1 Cornell & Diehl Bailey Front Porch (115) Click for details Youll want to sit on your own front porch while you savor this blend of Burleys, Cyprian Latakia, Perique and golden Virginia. Bur, Lat, Per, Va 2 oz 1 6 yr 3 mo 6 yr 3 mo
4 GL Pease Barbary Coast Click for details The finest cube-cut Burley, chosen for its deep, nutty flavors, forms a robust foundation for this sophisticated blend. Rich, red Virginia tobaccos are added for their subtle sweetness and complexity, with the unique spice of Perique. Bur, Per, Va 13 oz 4 12 yr 9 mo 14 yr 8 mo
1 Cornell & Diehl Bayou Night (063) Click for details A full strength Perique blend with a generous portion of stoved Red Viginia, Latakia, Turkish and rough cut Burley. A surprisingly cool smoke. Lat, Bur, Or, Per, Va 2 oz 1 6 yr 3 mo 6 yr 3 mo
1 Bengal Slices Bengal Slices Click for details Long cut Virginia & Latakia pressed into perfection. Bengal Slices was, originally, the flake version of Balkan Sobranie. When Gallaher took over the Sobranie mixtures from the Redman family the original blenders finding the composition too complex and costly, they simplified it. After Gallaher stopped making the simplified Bengal Slices, Mssrs James B Russell, Inc., arranged for a composition similar to the Gallaher revision to be made exclusively for them by A & C Petersen, Horsens, Denmark. A & C Petersen has recently been sold to Orlik A/S, of Assens, Denmark, which promptly discontinued the manufacture of Bengal Slices. A replacement, under the James B Russell aegis, has been released, approximating the A&C Petersen blend. Lat, Cav, Va 1.8 oz 1 1 yr 3 mo 1 yr 3 mo
1 Hearth and Home Black House Click for details Like Balkan Sobranie 759, BlackHouse contains a good amount of Latakia, bright, fragrant, Orientals, sweet Virginias and a touch of dark-fired Kentucky. To help simulate the effects of long-term aging, Russ included a bit of Perique and unflavored black Cavendish. --(Submitted by Elric) Lat, Or, Va 1.8 oz 1 1 yr 3 mo 1 yr 3 mo
1 Ashton Black Parrot Click for details Virginia, Carolina & pure Louisiana Perique, this unique square-cut tobacco emcompasses flavor, maturity and mellow smoking. Va, Bur, Per 2 oz 1 10 yr 3 mo 10 yr 3 mo
1 McClelland Black Shag (221b Series) Click for details A pleasant shag cut Black Virginia tobacco, making it very easy to pack a pipe and burn evenly. Va 1.8 oz 1 18 yr 5 mo 18 yr 5 mo
1 Solani Blend 369 - Blue Label Click for details Bright and red Virginias, some Burley and mild black Cavendish in addition to Perique makes this a mild blend with flavor. Va, Bur, Cav, Per 1.8 oz 1 9 yr 3 mo 9 yr 3 mo
4 Solani Blend 660 - Silver Flake Click for details An incredible blend of premium dark red and sweet Virginias from the border belt, light yellow Virginia from South Carolina and dark-fired, spicy Kentucky. Slow burning and because no flavoring has been added, this blend has a real tobacco taste. Bur, Va 14 oz 4 6 yr 4 mo 12 yr 6 mo
1 Cornell & Diehl Blockade Runner Click for details A true Navy Cavendish crumble cake. Hand stoved red and golden Virginias soaked in premium rum for seven days, pressed and sliced. Cav, Va 8 oz 1 1 yr 1 mo 1 yr 1 mo
1 Lane Limited BLWAB Click for details Burley Light without a Bite - a breakthrough in pipe tobaccos. Here`s a Burley blend without Burleys traditional bite and with a fabulous aroma. This unique blend is not for the Cavendish smoker, but the person who likes Burley. Bur 4 oz 1 5 mo 5 mo
2 GL Pease Bohemian Scandal Click for details Fine small leaf oriental tobaccos and rich Virginias weave a tapestry of intrigue, serving as an exotic backdrop to showcase the exquisite Syrian Latakia, Bohemian Scandal is a delicious Balkan blend in a style not produced in decades. It has a delightful wine-like character, with a delicate and fascinating spice. Wonderfully balanced, it is excellent in its youth, yet sturdy enough for long aging. Enjoy it now, and be sure to cellar plenty for future adventures. (discontinued and rare) Lat, Or, Va 1 lbs 2 15 yr 15 yr
6 Wessex Burley Slices Click for details Return of original Richmond recipe, full flavored and nutty. Bur 10.8 oz 6 2 mo 3 mo
1 Imperial Tobacco Group PLC Capstan Mild Click for details Mild Virginia flake. Va 1.8 oz 1 10 yr 1 mo 10 yr 1 mo
10 Ashton Celebrated Sovereign Click for details A classic English Mixture made with Syrian Latakia, Turkish Dubec, matured Jet-Black Cavendish, Bright Carolina and Red Virginia. A true connoisseurs tobacco. Va, Cav, Lat, Or 1 lbs 2 oz 10 7 yr 3 mo 7 yr 3 mo
1 McClelland Christmas Cheer 1998 Click for details Hand blended, premium pressed Virginia flake tobaccos. Natural sweetness and zest. Limited production each year. Va 3.5 oz 1 20 yr 3 mo 20 yr 3 mo
1 McClelland Christmas Cheer 2007 Click for details Hand blended, premium pressed Virginia flake tobaccos. Natural sweetness and zest. Limited production each year. Va 3.5 oz 1 12 yr 1 mo 12 yr 1 mo
1 Cornell & Diehl Crooner (104) Click for details Specially cut cube Burley and deer tongue. An authentic copy from one of Bings friends who blended it with him. Bur, Aro 4 oz 1 1 mo 1 mo
1 MacBaren Cube Click for details For nearly a quarter of a decade, Henrik Halberg, master blender and 4th generation owner of Mac Baren Tobacco, has been selecting the five tobaccos used to craft this outstanding blend. The Blend consists of both pressed tobacco and loose cut varieties that make filling your pipe easy and ensure a cool, slow burn. Enjoy the elements experienced from the finest craftsmanship available in fine pipe tobacco. Puzzle your senses with its deep, sweet and fruity taste. Each time will be better than the last. Mac Baren Cube is THE smoking experience for the true connoisseur. Aro 3.5 oz 1 9 yr 8 mo 9 yr 8 mo
1 Gawith Hoggarth & Co. Dark Flake Click for details Comprised from the same tobaccos as unflavored Dark Flake, this strong, full-bodied flake is augmented with the addition of traditional British flavorings, as well as tonquin, maple, and licorice. A traditionally flavored British Flake. Va, Aro 2 oz 1 15 yr 1 mo 15 yr 1 mo
2 McClelland Dark Star Click for details Dark Star begins as Bright Yellow, sugary top grade Virginia and Carolina leaf. Through careful triple aging, pressing and stoving, it becomes rich, cool and dark. A spicy aroma. Va 7 oz 2 19 yr 19 yr
1 Orlik Dark Strong Kentucky Click for details The Orlik Dark Kentucky is a contrasting blend of Mature Virginia tobaccos, supplemented with dark- fired Kentucky tobacco, which is then pressed and cut into flakes. Full-bodied non-aromatic. Bur, Va 3.5 oz 1 9 yr 3 mo 9 yr 3 mo
1 Peterson De Luxe Mixture Click for details This Black Cavendish aromatic is a selection of matured Virginia tobaccos from Brazil and Africa blended with loose cut mellow Black Cavendish. A tasteful flavor consisting of Vanilla, Walnut & Honey that has been added. Aro, Cav, Va 1.8 oz 1 1 yr 3 mo 1 yr 3 mo
1 Big Lou's Back Room Den of Thieves Click for details Evoking danger and mystery, Black Cavendish, burley, and Turkish tobaccos give this sultry blend a deep, flavorful base that complements the sweetness of perique. Cav, Bur, Or, Per 1.5 oz 1 6 yr 3 mo 6 yr 3 mo
1 Esoterica Tobacciana Dorchester Click for details A special formulation of six light Virginias plus Golden and Dark Virginias with air-cured leaf and a pinch of Louisiana Perique. Easy burning is ensured by the carefully selected cut. The Perique balances the Virginias with a hint of spice for the discerning palate. Va, Per 8 oz 1 9 yr 3 mo 9 yr 3 mo
2 Edgeworth Edgeworth Slices Click for details Edgeworth Sliced was introduced on the American market in 1903. This unique pipe tobacco contains high quality Tennessee and Kentucky white Burley tobaccos, expertly blended for particular smokers who want a personalized flake. Years of aging and unique manufacturing processes ensure a richer flavour, and a longer, cooler smoke. Pressed blend made with pipe Burley and fire-cured tobacco. Bur 7 oz 2 14 yr 3 mo 14 yr 3 mo
1 Dunhill Elizabethan Mixture Click for details A distinctive flavorful blend pressed, darkened tobaccos with Perique added for character. Va, Per 1.8 oz 1 2 yr 3 mo 2 yr 3 mo
9 A & C Petersen Escudo Navy Deluxe Click for details This old classic is a Virginia Perique curley cut tobacco in large coin size. The combination of high grade Virginia and Perique tobaccos provides fine, cool smoking enjoyment. The undisputed King of VaPers, bar none! Va, Per 1 lbs 0.2 oz 9 14 yr 5 mo 16 yr 3 mo
1 House of Windsor Field & Stream Click for details An aromatic blend of choice tobaccos superbly prepared for the utmost in smoking pleasure. Aro, Bur 2 oz 1 9 yr 3 mo 9 yr 3 mo
6 McClelland Frog Morton Click for details The name Frog Morton comes to us from the works of JRR Tolkein. Frogmorton: A village in the Eastfarthing of the Shire. Frog Morton is a unique blend of Virginias and Latakia. Ribbon cut and hand blended, this first blend in the series has many loyal fans. A perfect cross-over blend for those looking to begin enjoying Latakia. The Latakia is married with an aromatic flavoring to arrive at a pleasant mix of smokey and sweet. Providing very little bite, this is a good all-day smoke. Va, Aro, Lat 1 lbs 5 oz 6 1 yr 6 mo 1 yr 6 mo
1 J. F. Germain & Son Germains Plum Cake Click for details The name of this tobacco originates from the early days, when all tobaccos were pressed into cakes before cutting. Four types of Virginia tobaccos are blended with Cavendish and a specially-prepared Black Tobacco. Va, Cav 2 oz 1 20 yr 3 mo 20 yr 3 mo
5 Orlik Golden Sliced (red) Click for details An all time favorite and a classic VA flake. The highest grade Golden Virginias are aged to perfection then pressed and sliced to deliver a naturally sweet flavor. Mellow and cool burning. The blender site claims there is a touch of Perique in this blend, but you really cant taste it. Va 9 oz 5 5 yr 8 mo 14 yr 1 mo
2 Anthony Cranswick Green Castle Click for details Bur, Cav, Va 7 oz 2 2 yr 3 mo 2 yr 3 mo
1 McClelland Grey Havens Click for details A lightly fragrant Burley and Matured Virginia blend. The rich taste of fine natural tobaccos subtly enhanced with a mellow and pleasing fragrance. Experience smooth Burley flavor with a hint of Louisiana Perique. Bur, Per, Va 3.5 oz 1 20 yr 4 mo 20 yr 4 mo
1 Affordable Pipes Guy Navy Blend Click for details 2 oz 1 14 yr 3 mo 14 yr 3 mo
3 GL Pease Haddos Delight Click for details Haddos Delight is a stout blend of several Virginia tobaccos with a generous measure of long-cut Perique. Unflavored Green River black Cavendish and a little air-cured white Burley ribbon provide fullness, body, and a bit of extra strength. Bur, Cav, Per, Va 12 oz 3 13 yr 10 mo 15 yr 4 mo
1 Cornell & Diehl Haunted Bookshop (107) Click for details Predominantly a mixture of Burleys, with a touch of Red Virginia and Perique. Bur, Per, Va 8 oz 1 14 yr 3 mo 14 yr 3 mo
1 House of Windsor Hines Mixture T426 Click for details 4 oz 1 12 yr 4 mo 12 yr 4 mo
1 McClelland Holiday Spirit 2011 Click for details This mild, smooth blend of Burley, Virginia and Cavendish tobaccos is flavored with dark rum, pecan and cocoa. It brings a warm glow to the coldest winter day. The aroma of a favorite holiday confection wafts from the bowl bringing pipe smoking contentment. Special 2011 edition. Aro, Bur, Cav, Va 1.8 oz 1 7 yr 9 mo 7 yr 9 mo
1 Drucquer & Sons Inns of Court Click for details For many decades this unique blend was one of Drucquers most popular, and was even known to have comforted members of Admiral Richard Byrds crew during their second Antarctic expedition. The finely balanced combination of Virginia tobaccos, white and brown Burleys, and just a bit of Latakia and Perique keeps Inns of Court in high regard. A lighter blend with a complex, nutty taste and wonderful, nostalgic aroma that is sure to suit many palates. Fill your bowl and enjoy a taste of history! - Gregory Pease --(Submitted by Elric) Va, Bur, Lat, Per 3.5 oz 1 1 yr 3 mo 1 yr 3 mo
1 Butera Kingfisher Click for details Virginia, Burley & Perique. Double Cut Krumble Kake. Va, Bur, Per 1.8 oz 1 16 yr 4 mo 16 yr 4 mo
1 GL Pease Lombard Click for details Lombard starts with a base of red and bright Virginias. It is then enhanced with American condimental leaf, including an angels share of Perique. A delicate breath of Cyprus Latakia is added for a whisper of smokiness and a slightly deeper flavor. Va, Bur, Lat, Per 2 oz 1 7 yr 3 mo 7 yr 3 mo
6 Reiner Long Golden Flake Click for details A very special blend of golden Virginias, a little white Burley, and a touch of Perique to make things interesting. Pressed into really long flakes, sliced, then rolled in the tin in very long strips. Packaged like a Christmas present, it is a treat indeed! Currently labeled as GOLDEN BLEND or BLEND 71. Bur, Per, Va 1 lbs 5 oz 6 10 yr 1 mo 12 yr 6 mo
1 Peter Stokkebye Luxury Navy Flake Click for details Luxury Navy Flake is made with very mature Old Belt flue-cured Virginias spiced with Louisiana Perique. Only available in bulk, generally. Va, Per 2 oz 1 10 yr 3 mo 10 yr 3 mo
1 Sutliffe Tobacco Company Maple Walnut Click for details Sutliff Maple Walnut takes a favorite old-fashioned ice cream flavor and brings it to your pipe. A blend of mellow Burley with a natural walnut-like taste, and sweet Virginias for the base for this long-time mixture. Its finished with the warm, sugary flavor of maple and a bit of walnut essence. Youll be transported back a few decades when you catch the aroma of Sutliff Maple Walnut, too. Bur, Aro, Va 13 oz 1 2 mo 2 mo
1 Russ Ouellette Match - Hines Mixture Click for details MATCH - Hines Mixture is predominantly black Cavendish with smaller amounts of red and bright Virginia and Burley, but what really sets this blend apart is the unique combination of flavors. The aroma has a deep chocolate note with vanilla, but some say that they detect a certain amount of coconut added in. Its smooth and pleasant with a very nice room note and is easy on the tongue. Cav, Bur, Va 4 oz 1 1 yr 4 mo 1 yr 4 mo
1 GL Pease Mephisto Click for details The devils Weed and the daemon Rum conspire in this dark, long stoved mixture of Red and Golden Virginias, a pinch of fine Turkish leaf, and generous portions of Cyprian Latakia. Finished with just a drop of Dark Jamaican Rum, then steamed and toasted to bring all the flavors together. Doubly wicked and sinfully delicious, Mephisto will surely lead you into temptation! Lat, Or, Va 2 oz 1 16 yr 7 mo 16 yr 7 mo
2 Watch City Cigar Millers River Special Click for details Va 4 oz 2 10 yr 9 mo 10 yr 9 mo
1 Cornell & Diehl Miskatonic Mixture Click for details Amidst the old tomes in a remote corner of the library, you discover an obscure reference to an occult recipe: a pinch of granulated Perique over a bed of Katerini and Virginia, finished with a dash of sweet black Cavendish to cure the Madness. --(Submitted by Elric) Va, Cav, Or, Per 2 oz 1 1 yr 3 mo 1 yr 3 mo
1 MacBaren Navy Flake Click for details A mild flake blended from the finest Burley tobaccos with added ripe Virginias and Cavendish. Navy Flake is light burning, making the lighting of the pipe very easy. Bur, Cav, Va 3.5 oz 1 9 yr 9 yr
2 Dunhill Nightcap Click for details A rich blend for late in the day. It is a slow, lasting smoke. Just prior to packing, expensive Perique tobacco is added to enhance to bouquet. Lat, Or, Per, Va 3.6 oz 2 4 yr 3 mo 4 yr 3 mo
1 Big Lou's Back Room Nirvana Click for details A traditional Balkan with the added interest of cigar leaf. This blend of Turkish tobaccos, red Virginia, a generous portion of Latakia, and a dash of cigar leaf truly lives up to its name Lat, Or, Va 1.5 oz 1 6 yr 3 mo 6 yr 3 mo
2 Cornell & Diehl Old Joe Krantz (126) Click for details Dark and cube cut Burley with Red Virginia ribbon and Perique creates a smooth, all day smoke. Bur, Per, Va 10 oz 2 10 yr 8 mo 15 yr 1 mo
1 Butera Pelican Click for details Combining exact portions of the most rare Cyprian Latakia, Turkish, Orientals and prime grade Virginias give Pelican a sweet and yet zesty taste. Lat, Or, Va 1.8 oz 1 14 yr 4 mo 14 yr 4 mo
1 Esoterica Tobacciana Pembroke Click for details A luxury English blend (Margate) is married with fine French Cognac. This outstanding mixture is a match made in heaven. Rich taste with character to match. A symphony of delicate aromas and elegant flavors. Aro, Lat, Or, Va 2 oz 1 9 yr 3 mo 9 yr 3 mo
2 Samuel Gawith Perfection Click for details A variety of Brown & Bright Virginias with a touch of Latakia & fine Turkish, steamed, then a hint of Vanilla has been added. Va, Aro, Lat, Or 3.3 oz 2 15 yr 11 mo 16 yr 3 mo
1 Cornell & Diehl Pirate Kake (970P) Click for details A smooth, robust blend with LOTS of exceptional Latakia accompanied by Turkish and cavendish cut Burley. This is the blend for the Latakia lover. Lat, Bur, Cav, Or 2 oz 1 6 yr 3 mo 6 yr 3 mo
1 Cornell & Diehl Plantation Evening (416) Click for details A smooth, reasonably light blend of aged Virginias, Latakia, Perique and a little Turkish. An outstanding, middle of the road English blend with a delightful flavor. Va, Lat, Or, Per 2 oz 1 6 yr 3 mo 6 yr 3 mo
3 MacBaren Plumcake Click for details A mixture of fully ripe Virginia tobaccos, sliced, cask mellowed Burley tobaccos, dark spicy Cavendish, and just a touch of Latakia. To give Plumcake an elegant aroma the blend has been flavored with aged Jamaica Rum. Va, Aro, Bur, Cav, Lat 7.5 oz 3 12 yr 12 yr
14 William P. Solomon Presbyterian Mixture Click for details Presbyterian Mixture is a mellow blend of US-Virginia tobaccos and high-quality Macedonian Latakia. --(Submitted by commonsenseman) Va, Lat, Or 1 lbs 8.9 oz 14 9 yr 6 mo 12 yr 3 mo
1 Orlik Racing Green Click for details Orlik Racing Green is a mellow, pleasantly sweet blend of rich Virginias, mellow Burleys and a touch of black Cavendish. Its not heavily flavored and will be great as an all-day type of blend. Racing Green is a sterling example of why Danish aromatics are so popular worldwide. Va, Bur, Cav 1.8 oz 1 1 yr 3 mo 1 yr 3 mo
1 House of Windsor Revelation Click for details This is an unusual tobacco which comes in Ribbon, Cube and a Broken Leaf mixture. It also has a very distinct topping thats is on the fruity side, however, it is not detected when smoking. Colors range from black and dark brown to tan and yellowish. Va, Bur, Lat, Per 2 oz 1 9 yr 3 mo 9 yr 3 mo
1 MacBaren Roll Cake Click for details A deluxe roll cake tobacco blended from spun, ripe Virginia, Cavendish and Burley tobaccos. A unique composition. Va, Bur, Cav 2 oz 1 5 yr 4 mo 5 yr 4 mo
1 James B. Russell Royal Collection: Diplomat Click for details 1.8 oz 1 18 yr 1 mo 18 yr 1 mo
1 Planta Rum and Maple Click for details This mix of Planta is determined by its inimitable scent. The basis for the Rum and Maple Blend No.53 are various Virginia tobaccos and a special flavor of real Caribbean rum. To round off, some Cavendish and aromatic Canadian maple syrup (maple syrup) are added. Thus, this mixture becomes pleasantly mild and not too sweet.  Flue-cured tobaccos, Burley and specially prepared special Cavendish. Top flavor with Canadian Maple syrup, a larger Quantum Rum, precious extracts and spices. Classic cut. Unmistakably aromatic with a nice room note. --(Submitted by Elric) Va, Aro, Cav 3.5 oz 1 21 yr 21 yr
1 GL Pease Samarra Click for details Samarra is a rich and complex mixture, without being heavy. Matured red Virginia provides the basic structure and a delicate sweetness. A generous portion of Cyprian Latakia is added for its smoky richness with exotic, fragrant oriental leaf. Va, Lat, Or 2 oz 1 14 yr 2 mo 14 yr 2 mo
1 Cornell & Diehl Santa's Mistake (2004) Click for details 2 oz 1 15 yr 1 mo 15 yr 1 mo
1 Robert McConnell Scottish Cake Click for details Scottish Cake - A blend from the companys beginnings this coarse-cut Broken Flake is a great favorite for young and old. Dark brown in its color, the seasoned pieces may directly be tampered into the pipe or even lightly broken to suit a smaller bowl. Produced from a mixture of Eastern Carolina, Kentucky and Middle Belt, that are pressed for a week and coarse cut. It has to rest for some days until it has hardened. Then it is packaged. A very popular tobacco and very slow in its burning. Va, Bur 3.5 oz 1 19 yr 7 mo 19 yr 7 mo
2 MacBaren Scottish Mixture Click for details A mild and lightly aromatic Scottish Blend, manufactured from ready rubbed, matured Virginia tobaccos and golden brown Burley grades, Cavendish and loose, ripe Virginia. Mixture is one of the most popular pipe tobaccos in the world. Va, Bur, Cav 3.8 oz 2 9 yr 10 mo 10 yr 3 mo
2 GL Pease Sextant Click for details Sextant from G. L. Pease is a classic mixture harmoniously married to a Navy flake. Ripe Virginia tobaccos are first blended with Cypriot Latakia, fine Orientals, and a touch of dark-fired Kentucky leaf, then infused with a hint of dark rum before being gently pressed, matured, and sliced. The flavour is rich, bold and satisfying; the aroma an enchanting interweaving of traditions. Va, Lat 4 oz 2 7 yr 4 mo 7 yr 4 mo
1 Peterson Sherlock Holmes Click for details An old 19th century blend of Orange & Red smoking leaf, Brazilian & Mysore Indian tobacco. Made in Ireland. Va, Or 1.8 oz 1 4 yr 3 mo 4 yr 3 mo
1 GL Pease Southlinch Click for details 2 oz 1 17 yr 2 mo 17 yr 2 mo
5 Samuel Gawith Squadron Leader Click for details A classic English categorized tobacco. Blended dark and bright Virginias, together with Latakia and Turkish leaf results in a perfect, medium bodied product which gives a rich and slow burning smoke. Lat, Or, Va 9 oz 5
5 Samuel Gawith Squadron Leader Special Edition 2019 Click for details Named in honor of the Royal Air Force pilots who flew Gloster Gladiator biplanes in early days of the second World War, Samuel Gawiths Squadron Leader is a quintessential, all-day English blend of Latakia, Turkish, and Virginia tobaccos. Its original recipe, however, dates back to 1925, prior to WWII, and incorporated Perique. --(Submitted by Elric) Lat, Or, Per, Va 9 oz 5 1 mo 1 mo
2 McClelland St. James Woods Click for details A highly sophisticated broken Flake of matured Red and Black stoved Virginias pressed with the finest Louisiana Perique. This beautiful, mottled tobacco has an especially deep, rich character. Va, Per 7 oz 2 18 yr 18 yr
1 Bjarne St. Olaf Click for details ?Viking St. Olaf is a rich and robust blend of smoky Latakia enhanced by fragrant Orientals and sweetened by select Virginias. The package is completed by the addition of sweet and spicy Louisiana Perique for more body. When you want to settle in for a relaxing smoke in your Viking pipe, give Viking St, Olaf a try. Lat, Or, Per, Va 1.8 oz 1 1 yr 3 mo 1 yr 3 mo
1 Cornell & Diehl Star of the East (066) Click for details For years Star of the East has been one of C&Ds best selling English blends. One half Latakia with a generous portion of Turkish and sweetened with stoved Red Virginia. Lat, Or, Va 2 oz 1 6 yr 3 mo 6 yr 3 mo
2 Sutliffe Tobacco Company Sunrise Smoke Click for details Most of us are creatures of habit. We have a morning routine which we follow with an almost religious observance. Many of us start the day with a cup of fresh coffee and an appreciation of the sunrise. It is a time to reflect upon our lives, as well as, a time to plan the rest of the day. Whatever your lifestyle, this lavish mixture of Pressed Virginia Ribbon, Pressed Black Ribbon, and Black Cavendish is sure to awaken the taste buds. This invigorating blend is the perfect start to a good day. Va, Cav 3 oz 2 2 yr 3 mo 2 yr 3 mo
1 Big Lou's Back Room Superstition Click for details This combination of red and lemon Virginias, burley, Black Cavendish, and a generous portion of perique creates a full-flavored smoke with just the right amount of sweetness. Va, Bur, Per 1.5 oz 1 6 yr 3 mo 6 yr 3 mo
3 Dan Tobacco Sweet Vanilla Honeydew Click for details A mild ready rubbed blend of selected bright and sweet Virginia leaf delicately scented with smooth vanilla. Aro, Va 11.6 oz 3 11 yr 11 mo 14 yr 3 mo
1 Sutliffe Tobacco Company Tabac Noir Click for details Exotic best describes this unique Black Cavendish, for Sutliffs Tabac Noir is dark, flavorful, and strikingly unusual. While there are countless all Black blends on the market, this complex blend ranks as perhaps the finest. The meticulous formulation of nine flavors gives credence to the argument. Va, Aro 2 oz 1 5 yr 3 mo 5 yr 3 mo
1 Cornell & Diehl Three Friars (972) Click for details A combination of Virginia ribbon, Brown Virginia Burley and Perique. Bur, Per, Va 8 oz 1 14 yr 2 mo 14 yr 2 mo
1 Imperial Tobacco Group PLC Three Nuns Original Click for details A blend of dark fired and sun cured tobaccos mixed with the finest Brazilian Lights to produce the unique flavour and mellow smoking characteristics for which Three Nuns is famous. Va, Bur 1.8 oz 1 10 yr 3 mo 10 yr 3 mo
4 Dan Tobacco Tordenskjold: Virginia Slices Click for details A medium bodied tobacco blend comprised of Virginia varieties and a whisper of Perique (not really noticeable). Hard pressed and cut into delicate slices. Va 7.2 oz 4 10 yr 3 mo 11 yr 3 mo
1 Big Lou's Back Room Two Harbors Click for details A perfect balance of a classic English and American tobaccos gives this blend its wonderful flavor. Not too strong and not too mild, this blend is sure to become a favorite. Va, Bur, Lat 1 oz 1 6 yr 3 mo 6 yr 3 mo
1 GL Pease Union Square Click for details A blended, sliced cake of high-grade flue cured leaf, from beautiful, sweet brights to deep, earthy reds, without the added sugars and flavourings common to many Virginia flakes. Its rich on the palate, evolving in layers with the clean, natural sweetness of pure tobaccos. It offers a pleasant room note, and a delightful finish. For those seeking the pure Virginia experience, try Union Square. Va 2 oz 1 7 yr 3 mo 7 yr 3 mo
1 MacBaren Virginia No.1 Click for details A ready rubbed tobacco, manufactured from a selection of choice, ripe Virginia tobaccos, which gives Virginia No. 1 a mild, sweet smoke. Va 3.5 oz 1 16 yr 2 mo 16 yr 2 mo
1 McClelland Virginia Woods Click for details Formulated for a smooth, rich flavor with an incomparable woodsy aroma. Blended from matured Red Cake, Stoved Black Virginia, wide-cut Bright Virginia and other premium tobaccos. Va 3.5 oz 1 18 yr 18 yr
1 Hearth and Home WhiteKnight Click for details WhiteKnight utilizes the same types of tobaccos that went into B.S.O.S.M. - bright Virginias, magnificent Orientals, especially the Queen of Tobaccos, Yenidje, and rich, smoky Latakia. Theres an incense-like aroma to WhiteKnight that immediately recalls my old favorite, and theres a crispness to the flavor thats unlike most Latakia blends. It also has a short, clean finish that makes it a good choice to pair up with your favorite beverage. - Russ --(Submitted by Elric) Va, Lat, Or 1.8 oz 1 1 yr 3 mo 1 yr 3 mo
3 Solani X Sweet Mystery Click for details This is a blend of coarse cut sweet Red Virginia, bright broad cut Virginia, broken Virginia flake and sweet black Cavendish. Two toppings are used, Black Currants treated with Bacardi and Coco Cream, resulting in a wonderful tin and room aroma. Aro, Cav, Va 8.8 oz 3 14 yr 3 mo 14 yr 3 mo
3 Cornell & Diehl Yale Mixture (531) Click for details If this were a wine it would be full bodied, rich but not sweet (like Cabernet Sauvignon). An all natural Virginia based blend with Latakia. (Close to the original Cravens Mixture.) Va, Lat 1 lbs 8 oz 3 14 yr 4 mo 14 yr 7 mo
1 Cornell & Diehl Yale Mixture (531S) Click for details If this were a wine it would be full bodied, perfectly matured Cabernet Sauvignon. A Virginia based blend with a gentle touch of Latakia which many find to be both a fine introduction to the world of English blends as well as a great mix for those who prefer a less dominant Latakia. Same as 531 but with THE crop of Syrian Latakia --(Submitted by Elric) Va, Lat 8 oz 1 15 yr 3 mo 15 yr 3 mo
Cellared Blends Breakdown
Blend Type    
Va 20 Va 20 11%11%
Va,Lat,Or 16 Va,Lat,Or 16 8%8%
Bur,Per,Va 15 Bur,Per,Va 15 8%8%
Va,Per 14 Va,Per 14 7%7%
Lat,Or,Va 12 Lat,Or,Va 12 6%6%
Bur 10 Bur 10 5%5%
Va,Cav,Lat,Or 10 Va,Cav,Lat,Or 10 5%5%
Lat,Or,Per,Va 8 Lat,Or,Per,Va 8 4%4%
Aro,Cav,Va 7 Aro,Cav,Va 7 4%4%
Va,Lat 7 Va,Lat 7 4%4%
Va,Aro,Lat 6 Va,Aro,Lat 6 3%3%
Bur,Va 5 Bur,Va 5 3%3%
(unclassified) 5 (unclassified) 5 3%3%
Or,Lat,Va 4 Or,Lat,Va 4 2%2%
Va,Bur,Cav 4 Va,Bur,Cav 4 2%2%
Aro,Va 3 Aro,Va 3 2%2%
Bur,Cav,Per,Va 3 Bur,Cav,Per,Va 3 2%2%
Bur,Cav,Va 3 Bur,Cav,Va 3 2%2%
Va,Aro,Bur,Cav,Lat 3 Va,Aro,Bur,Cav,Lat 3 2%2%
Va,Bur,Lat,Per 3 Va,Bur,Lat,Per 3 2%2%
Va,Bur,Per 3 Va,Bur,Per 3 2%2%
Va,Cav 3 Va,Cav 3 2%2%
Va,Aro 2 Va,Aro 2 1%1%
Va,Aro,Lat,Or 2 Va,Aro,Lat,Or 2 1%1%
Va,Bur 2 Va,Bur 2 1%1%
Aro 1 Aro 1 1%1%
Aro,Bur 1 Aro,Bur 1 1%1%
Aro,Bur,Cav,Va 1 Aro,Bur,Cav,Va 1 1%1%
Aro,Cav 1 Aro,Cav 1 1%1%
Aro,Lat,Or,Va 1 Aro,Lat,Or,Va 1 1%1%
Bur,Aro 1 Bur,Aro 1 1%1%
Bur,Aro,Va 1 Bur,Aro,Va 1 1%1%
Bur,Lat,Per,Va 1 Bur,Lat,Per,Va 1 1%1%
Cav,Bur,Or,Per 1 Cav,Bur,Or,Per 1 1%1%
Cav,Bur,Va 1 Cav,Bur,Va 1 1%1%
Cav,Va 1 Cav,Va 1 1%1%
Lat,Bur,Cav,Or 1 Lat,Bur,Cav,Or 1 1%1%
Lat,Bur,Or,Per,Va 1 Lat,Bur,Or,Per,Va 1 1%1%
Lat,Cav,Va 1 Lat,Cav,Va 1 1%1%
Va,Aro,Cav 1 Va,Aro,Cav 1 1%1%
Va,Bur,Cav,Per 1 Va,Bur,Cav,Per 1 1%1%
Va,Bur,Lat 1 Va,Bur,Lat 1 1%1%
Va,Cav,Or,Per 1 Va,Cav,Or,Per 1 1%1%
Va,Lat,Or,Per 1 Va,Lat,Or,Per 1 1%1%
Va,Or 1 Va,Or 1 1%1%
Cellar Container Aging Breakdown
10 yr+ 94 10yr+ 94 49%49%
5 yr+ 43 5yr+ 43 23%23%
4 yr+ 3 4yr+ 3 2%2%
3 yr+ 0
2 yr+ 5 2yr+ 5 3%3%
18 mo+ 6 18mo+ 6 3%3%
1 yr+ 10 1yr+ 10 5%5%
6 mo+ 0
< 6 mo 29 < 6mo 29 15%15%
Containers Opened/Used History (with OPEN date provided)
  2014 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019
  J F M A M J J A S O N D J F M A M J J A S O N D J F M A M J J A S O N D J F M A M J J A S O N D J F M A M J J A S O N D J F M A M J J A S O N D
Blend 633 - Vir.. Blend 633 - Virginia Flake Wt:3.5oz Opened:08/06/2019 Finished:open Days used: -
Blend for Cary .. Blend for Cary Grant Wt:1.0oz Opened:09/15/2019 Finished:open Days used: - Age was:1 mo
Brown Clunee Brown Clunee Wt:2.0oz Opened:09/16/2019 Finished:open Days used: - Age was:6 yr 3 mo
Celebrated Sove.. Celebrated Sovereign Wt:1.8oz Opened:06/24/2019 Finished:open Days used: - Age was:7 yr
Crown Achieveme.. Crown Achievement Wt:1.8oz Opened:08/29/2019 Finished:open Days used: -
Edgeworth Slice.. Edgeworth Slices Wt:3.0oz Opened:06/01/2018 Finished:09/10/2019 Days used: 465 Age was:12 yr 2 mo
Holiday Spirit .. Holiday Spirit 2008 Wt:1.0oz Opened:11/08/2017 Finished:08/22/2019 Days used: 652 Age was:8 yr 5 mo
Maple Walnut Maple Walnut Wt:1.0oz Opened:06/19/2019 Finished:08/04/2019 Days used: 46 Age was:2 mo
Montgomery Montgomery Wt:1.5oz Opened:09/16/2019 Finished:open Days used: - Age was:6 yr 3 mo
Rum & Maple Rum & Maple Wt:1.0oz Opened:06/19/2019 Finished:07/11/2019 Days used: 22 Age was:2 mo
Special Cavendi.. Special Cavendish Wt:2.0oz Opened:09/16/2019 Finished:open Days used: - Age was:10 yr 7 mo
Tribute Tribute Wt:2.0oz Opened:08/31/2019 Finished:08/31/2019 Days used: 0 Age was:14 yr 2 mo
Wild Hare Wild Hare Wt:1.8oz Opened:08/23/2019 Finished:open Days used: -
  J F M A M J J A S O N D J F M A M J J A S O N D J F M A M J J A S O N D J F M A M J J A S O N D J F M A M J J A S O N D J F M A M J J A S O N D
  2014 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019

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