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Viewing Hans Bollen's Tobacco Cellar

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Cellar Summary - 4 open containers, 167 cellared containers holding 23 lbs 10 oz
Based on past usage, this cellar should last for 4 years and 8 months (~ Apr 2025)
Puffing at the average rate of 0.2 oz, approx 2 bowls Daily (total approx 6.8 oz Monthly)
Open Containers - 4 containers are open.
Brand Blend Name   Type Storage Oz. Buy Date Tin Date Age Opened Est. Left Days Left
HU Tobacco Brullende Leeuw Click for details
The exquisite balance of this exotic mixture stands for the unity between the Dutch and Flemish Pipe Smokers Forum members. That together many pipes may be smoked! The blend is beautifully balanced with light and red Virginias, latakia, Oriental tobaccos, some black cavendish and a pinch of perique.
Lat, Cav, Or, Per, Va Tin 3.5 06/19/18 2 yr 2 mo 08/10/20
Peterson Gold Blend Click for details
A subtle, delicate, mellow tobacco. A composition of jet Black Cavendish, bright and dark Virginias and fragrant Burley. An extremely pleasant note of Hickory nut, vanilla and a touch of cinnamon is added.
Aro, Cav, Va Tin 1.7 09/15/14 5 yr 11 mo 08/04/20
Scandinavian Tobacco Group Kentucky Bird Click for details
A pipe tobacco with natural flowers. Mild Virginia and sun cured Kentucky tobaccos, blended with natural flowers, create a new dimension for pipe smokers. A unique Concept symbolized by the beauty of the Cardinal - the official bird of Kentucky.
Va, Bur Tin 3.5 09/15/14 5 yr 9 mo 06/28/20
Tabac Manil Réserve du Patron (Pure Semois) Click for details
Semois leaf is a rich, pure leaf burley tobacco that is grown and processed in Belgium in the Ardennes Valley (Val Ardennais) - think Battle of the Bulge. Highly reminiscent of smoking a cigar, but in a pipe, it is a fascinating tobacco that has been highly regarded in Europe for well over 100 years. From start to finish, the flavor becomes more and more pronounced, giving a reliable and enjoyable smoke. There are no casings or flavorings added to this tobacco. This is the medium-cut version (coupe moyenne). --(Submitted by Hans Bollen)
Bur, Va Pouch 3.5 12/12/15 4 yr 7 mo 07/01/20
Cellared Containers Summary - 167 containers are cellared holding 23 lbs 10 oz (see details)
Qty Brand Blend Name   Type Tot.Weight Containers Avg.Age Oldest
1 Samuel Gawith 1792 Flake Click for details Dark-fired leaf hot pressed and cut into a 6 flake before adding a dressing of Tonquin flavor. A full strength, full flavored tobacco. Va 1.8 oz 1 4 yr 8 mo 4 yr 8 mo
1 Erik Stokkebye 4th Generation 1855 Click for details 1855 is a ready-rubbed blend of exceptional golden, mature Virginia tobaccos that demonstrates the natural sweet Virginia taste and its pleasant aroma. Va 1.8 oz 1 2 yr 2 mo 2 yr 2 mo
1 Dunhill Aperitif Click for details A complex blend of Virginias, Cavendish, Latakia and Oriental Leaf. The name Aperitif suggests this well balanced medium mixture should be enjoyed prior to dinner. Va, Cav, Lat, Or 1.8 oz 1 3 yr 8 mo 3 yr 8 mo
1 Samuel Gawith Balkan Flake Click for details A beautifully formed dark flake of pressed Virginias and a generous helping of Latakia. Relax and enjoy this medium strength tobacco with its smokey flavor and cool, smooth characteristics. Lat, Va 1.8 oz 1 1 yr 6 mo 1 yr 6 mo
1 Cornell & Diehl Bayou Morning Flake Click for details Bayou Morning Flake is a much different tobacco from original bayou Morning. This is a very dark brown crumbly flake. It is very mellow and smooth with just the right amount of Perique. Va, Per 2 oz 1 2 yr 5 mo 2 yr 5 mo
1 Samuel Gawith Best Brown Flake Click for details Hand stripped Flue-cured Zimbabwe leaf steamed and pressed to medium brown. Cool, sweet and mild. Va 1.7 oz 1 5 yr 11 mo 5 yr 11 mo
1 Dan Tobacco Bill Baileys Best Blend Click for details This cool burning, medium bodied smoke has various Virginia grades, Oriental leaf both Cyprian and Syrian Latakia, unflavored black cavendish and Perique tobaccos that provide the penultimate in smoking tobaccos. Lat, Cav, Or, Per, Va 3.5 oz 1 2 yr 8 mo 2 yr 8 mo
1 Cornell & Diehl Blue Ridge Click for details A bedrock of stoved red Virginias combines with a hearty helping of black Cavendish, Turkish leaf, and Louisiana Perique for a smoking experience every bit as rich and complex as old Shenandoah. Va, Or, Per 2 oz 1 2 yr 3 mo 2 yr 3 mo
1 Samuel Gawith Bothy Flake Click for details A traditional blend of pressed Virginias with a hint of latakia and a dash of Highland malt whiskey make Bothy Flake a medium strength, aromatic and easy smoking tobacco.
A Kearvaig Pipe Club Tobacco. Va, Lat 1.8 oz 1 1 yr 11 mo 1 yr 11 mo
1 MacBaren Burley London Blend Click for details A very distinct tobacco. Made from white Burley, well matured in wooden casks. A real smoking pleasure. Bur 3.5 oz 1 5 yr 11 mo 5 yr 11 mo
11 Imperial Tobacco Group PLC Capstan Medium Navy Cut Click for details A medium to mild blend of carefully selected Virginia tobaccos with a natural aroma enhanced by a subtle flavour. Va 1 lbs 3.7 oz 11 2 yr 3 yr 2 mo
5 Imperial Tobacco Group PLC Capstan Mild Click for details Mild Virginia flake. Va 9 oz 5 1 yr 11 mo 1 yr 11 mo
2 Cornell & Diehl Carolina Red Flake Small Batch 2018 Click for details A blend of the finest North Carolina grown red Virginias from 2015, Carolina Red Flake is Cornell & Diehls tribute to the Old Belt. Taken straight from Carolina soil, these top-tiered Virginias are all grown, thrashed, blended, and then lovingly pressed and carefully sliced right here in the heart of old tobacco country. Va 4 oz 2 1 yr 10 mo 1 yr 10 mo
1 Peter Heinrichs Chateau Henri no. 30 Click for details Va, Lat 3.5 oz 1 3 yr 2 mo 3 yr 2 mo
1 GL Pease Chelsea Morning Click for details Sweet red and bright Virginias, fragrant orientals, a bit of rich Cyprus Latakia, and just a pinch of perique. The leaf is blended in layers, briefly pressed, then sliced and tumbled into ribbons. Lively and engaging, with a subtle fruitiness, and an elegant, creamy texture, its a great bowl to accompany the morning cup. Va, Lat, Or, Per 2 oz 1 2 yr 6 mo 2 yr 6 mo
1 Cornell & Diehl Chenets Cake Click for details Named in honor of Pierre Chenet, the farmer credited with discovering the process that turns Burley into Perique in 1824, this combination of Virginia and Perique, pressed into an old-fashioned crumble cake, is a Perique powerhouse for those who simply can’t get enough of this “truffle of tobaccos”. Estimated peak: 10-15 years. But its fantastic right now! Va, Bur, Per 8 oz 1 2 yr 9 mo 2 yr 9 mo
2 Samuel Gawith Commonwealth Mixture Click for details For the dedicated smoker who demands a fuller flavor to their tobacco. Commonwealth, another Samuel Gawith Bi-Centenarian, is a full-strength blend of 50% heavily steamed Virginia and 50% Cyprus Latakia. Lat, Va 3.6 oz 2 3 yr 5 mo 4 yr 10 mo
1 Lane Limited Crown Achievement Click for details 2 oz 1 2 yr 4 mo 2 yr 4 mo
1 Peterson De Luxe Navy Rolls Click for details De Luxe Navy Rolls are made in Denmark using hand-stripped Virginia tobaccos from Brazil and Africa, married with perique from Louisiana. This recipe produces an aromatic smoke with natural tobacco flavors and lovely sweet notes. Va, Per 1.7 oz 1 10 mo 10 mo
1 HU Tobacco Directors Cut Click for details Directors Cut… If you are talking about traditional tobacco blending, twisted tobacco has to be mentioned. In former times, tobacco was spun into an endless roll and then cut in order to increase durability. Nowadays this special production process only plays a significant role with regard to taste. The traditional Virginia/Perique Curly Cut forms its basis, being in prime condition as a rope, before cut into curlies. The very expressive and sweet Virginia grades in connection with a strong Perique core of the Curly Cuts make an interesting blend, together with the Burley grades and the sugary Virginia Loose Cut. Underlining the robust and elemental character of this Directors Cut, a whiff of fire-cured Virginia renders the final touch to this blend. The result is a slightly sweet and spicy blend, surprising with tremendous varieties in taste. The Directors Cut is attractive for those who are looking for the very special taste adventure. …strong, spicy, multi-layered Va, Bur, Per 3.5 oz 1 2 yr 2 mo 2 yr 2 mo
6 Dunhill Early Morning Pipe Click for details Sweet Oriental carefully blended with Bright and Red Virginias, pressed and lightly stoved. Great as the `first pipe` arousing the palate for the further pleasures of the day. Or, Va 10.2 oz 6 2 yr 4 mo 2 yr 4 mo
1 Sutliffe Tobacco Company Elizabethan Match Click for details Zesty Virginias and Perique go into this ribbon-cut Elizabethan Match from Sutliff, making for a charming nod to the legendary Murrays Mixture. Va, Per 4 oz 1 2 yr 1 mo 2 yr 1 mo
2 Dunhill Elizabethan Mixture Click for details A distinctive flavorful blend pressed, darkened tobaccos with Perique added for character. Va, Per 3.4 oz 2 2 yr 6 mo 2 yr 8 mo
3 Erinmore Erinmore Flake Click for details A superb blend of premium Virginia leaf topped with a secret recipe and aged under pressure to marry the flavors. The aged cake is then sliced thin and packaged. Can be rubbed to suit any taste. Medium in strength with a refreshing aroma. A cool clean burning all-day smoke. Va, Aro 5.4 oz 3 1 yr 11 mo 1 yr 11 mo
1 Scandinavian Tobacco Group Escudo Navy Deluxe (new label) Click for details This old classic is a Virginia Perique curley cut tobacco in large coin size. The combination of high grade Virginia and Perique tobaccos provides fine, cool smoking enjoyment. The undisputed King of VaPers, bar none! New label on tin, same product. Va, Per 1.8 oz 1 2 yr 1 mo 2 yr 1 mo
1 HU Tobacco Fayyum Click for details Fayyum presents itself as a near black blend comprising fire-cured Virginia and smoky Kentucky leaf, a generous measure of Cypriot latakia, and joined by black cavendish. Fayyum is rich and exquisitely balanced, likewise revealing distinct flavours. A true highlight for the connoisseur of a full-bodied natural English mixture! Lat, Cav, Va 3.5 oz 1 2 yr 2 mo 2 yr 2 mo
2 Cornell & Diehl Five OClock Shadow Click for details Five OClock Shadow is a pressed cake of red Virginias, dark-fired Kentucky, and Perique with just the right amount of kick to get to your next destination. Va, Bur, Per 4 oz 2 2 yr 2 yr 1 mo
4 Samuel Gawith Flatlander Flake Click for details Va, Or, Per 7.2 oz 4 3 yr 8 mo 3 yr 8 mo
2 McClelland Frog Morton Click for details The name Frog Morton comes to us from the works of JRR Tolkein. Frogmorton: A village in the Eastfarthing of the Shire. Frog Morton is a unique blend of Virginias and Latakia. Ribbon cut and hand blended, this first blend in the series has many loyal fans. A perfect cross-over blend for those looking to begin enjoying Latakia. The Latakia is married with an aromatic flavoring to arrive at a pleasant mix of smokey and sweet. Providing very little bite, this is a good all-day smoke. Va, Aro, Lat 7 oz 2 11 yr 9 mo 12 yr 4 mo
4 Samuel Gawith Full Virginia Flake Click for details Samuel Gawith Full Virginia Flake is for lovers of pure pressed Virginias. Created in the heart of Lakeland, the hot-pressed blended Virginias take on a delicious and distinctive dark color that creates a pipe smokers dream. Va 7.2 oz 4 1 yr 11 mo 1 yr 11 mo
1 Cornell & Diehl Gates of Light: Shaare Orah Click for details Named for a book of Jewish mystisicm, Gates of Light combines special cubed Burley with mellow stoved red Virginias, setting the stage for a delicate interplay between exotic Turkish leaf and spicy Perique. Va, Bur, Or, Per 2 oz 1 3 yr 3 yr
1 Borkum Riff Gold Cherry & Vanilla Click for details Va, Aro, Cav 1.7 oz 1 5 yr 11 mo 5 yr 11 mo
3 Samuel Gawith Golden Glow Click for details Blended, flue-cured Golden Virginias, pressed and matured. Cut to form a broken flake which offers a natural sweetness. Technically identical to the Bulk Medium Virgina Flake. Va 5.4 oz 3 1 yr 11 mo 1 yr 11 mo
1 Samuel Gawith Grousemoor Click for details A 200 year old secret makes Grousemoor a mysterious mixture that conjures up visions of the Cumbrian Fells. A fresh and complex flavor from an old recipe, using combinations of Virginias, leaves the smoker with an almost white ash testifying to the purity. Va, Aro 1.8 oz 1 4 yr 10 mo 4 yr 10 mo
1 MacBaren HH Acadian Perique Click for details This blend includes Virginias, Burleys, Original Cavendish, Dark Fired Kentucky, Orientals and, of course, a fair amount of Acadian Perique. The HH Acadian Perique has no top flavor at all which means that you will only enjoy the tobacco taste. When smoked, you will experience no tongue bite and this blend will smoke to the bottom, leaving only grey ashes. It is a rich, flavorful and very satisfying smoke. Or, Per, Va 3.5 oz 1 3 yr 2 mo 3 yr 2 mo
1 MacBaren HH Latakia Flake Click for details This is a hot pressed flake tobacco, meaning that during the pressing steam is added to mature the tobacco further and to ensure a mellow smoking experience. A blend of bright Virginias, spicy Orient, a bit of burley, and a fair amount of Cyprus Latakia is the foundation of HH Latakia Flake. Va, Bur, Lat, Or 1.7 oz 1 2 yr 4 mo 2 yr 4 mo
1 MacBaren HH Old Dark Fired Click for details A bold flake of dark-fired burleys in a well balanced unity with Flue-cured Virginias. This flake is Hot Pressed, meaning that during the pressing, heat is added by steam to the tobaccos which causes the tobacco to intensify the marrying process giving us a bolder tobacco. The robust, earthly flavour of the dark-fired burleys shines through in the taste, and you will experience a deeply satisfying smoke indeed. Bur, Va 1.7 oz 1 7 mo 7 mo
6 MacBaren HH Vintage Syrian Click for details A little under half of the volume, is a smooth and yet powerful Latakia from Syria. This tobacco gives the blend the overall smoky taste. To add a spicy note to the blend, Turkish Oriental has been added. Lat, Or, Va 10.3 oz 6 2 yr 3 mo 2 yr 4 mo
1 Stanwell Indigo mixture Click for details Aro, Va 3.5 oz 1 6 yr 2 mo 6 yr 2 mo
1 GL Pease JackKnife Plug Click for details Dark-fired Kentucky Leaf and ripe red Virginia tobaccos, with their deep, earthy flavors, are layered on a central core of golden flue-cured for a hint of bright sweetness, then pressed and matured in cakes, and finally cut into 2oz blocks. Slice it thick and rub it out for a ribbon cut, thin for a shag or chop it into cubes. The choice is yours. Va, Bur 2 oz 1 2 yr 1 mo 2 yr 1 mo
1 HU Tobacco Janneman Flake Click for details Pressed brown and red fire cured Virginia, full and soft of taste, are cut into long flakes and together with a pinch of perique, to round off the whole, they provide a fitting tribute to the pater noster of the Dutch/Belgian Pipe Smokers Forum: Janneman. Va, Per 3.5 oz 1 2 yr 2 mo 2 yr 2 mo
1 Cornell & Diehl Joie de Vivre Click for details Joie de Vivre, that magnificent ability to see the joy in everything, and the very embodiment of the festive spirit of New Orleans is the inspiration for this singular, eminently cellar worthy blend. A foundation of fragrant Latakia and sweet red Virginia is joined by equal amounts of Perique and Katerini Turkish to enhance complexity, and then its finished by a dash of unsweetened black Cavendish for extra smoothness. Va, Cav, Lat, Or, Per 2 oz 1 2 yr 2 yr
1 Gawith Hoggarth & Co. Kendal Flake Click for details A stronger tobacco with light side proportions of 68% Virginia and a dark side of nearly 1/3, including 16% dark-cured Indian leaf, provide a medium strength smoke. The dominant flavor is one of scented almond and this complex top note is achieved by the combination of over 10 different flavors. Va 1.7 oz 1 5 yr 11 mo 5 yr 11 mo
1 MacBaren Latakia Blend Click for details Whole Virginia leaves which are specially selected are used as wrapper for all Mac baren spun tobaccos. The inlay for this very special blend is a mix of Virginia, original Mac Baren Cavendish, and just a touch of Syrian Latakia leaves. In combination these tobaccos give Latakia Blend its fresh and satisfying smoke. Like all Mac Baren spun tobaccos only a little top flavor has been added. These tobaccos are the closest you get to the natural tobacco taste. Va, Cav, Lat 3.5 oz 1 3 yr 2 mo 3 yr 2 mo
1 Borkum Riff Limited Edition 22 Mixture Fruit and Vanilla Click for details A heady mixture, this limited-edition tobacco blend contains a formula of 65% Brazilian and African burley and Virginia, 27% African black cavendish, and 8% Argentinian red Virginia, topped with exotic tropical fruit and vanilla flavors Cav, Bur, Va 3.5 oz 1 6 yr 7 mo 6 yr 7 mo
1 Peter Stokkebye Luxury Bullseye Flake Click for details A blend of ripe Virginia tobacco spiced with pure Louisiana Perique. The distinctive aroma of Perique combined with the natural sweetness of Virginia tobaccos provides a wonderful characteristic taste with a center of mellow, fermented Black Cavendish. Only available in bulk, generally. Va, Cav, Per 4 oz 1 2 yr 1 mo 2 yr 1 mo
3 Peter Stokkebye Luxury Navy Flake Click for details Luxury Navy Flake is made with very mature Old Belt flue-cured Virginias spiced with Louisiana Perique. Only available in bulk, generally. Va, Per 11.5 oz 3 10 mo 1 yr 3 mo
1 Peter Stokkebye Luxury Twist Flake Click for details First class Virginias and a touch of Cavendish make up these delightful slices. Sweet and spicy top flavor, medium strength. Only available in bulk, generally. Va 4 oz 1 1 yr 4 mo 1 yr 4 mo
1 W.O. Larsen Mellow Mixture Click for details The perfect all-day smoking mixture. Well aged Virginias and Cavendish are skillfully prepared in this cool, refreshing blend. Va, Cav 3.5 oz 1 4 yr 2 mo 4 yr 2 mo
2 Fink Mischung No. 1 Click for details Va 7 oz 2 1 yr 7 mo 1 yr 8 mo
2 Dunhill My Mixture 965 Click for details For the connoisseurs of full-bodied tobacco. Choicest small Latakia impart a rich nutty flavor and coolness. Macedonia Bright is added for sweetness. The Brown Cavendish completes the blend that all confirmed pipe smokers love. Lat, Cav, Or 3.6 oz 2 1 yr 10 mo 2 yr 2 mo
1 GL Pease Navigator Click for details For centuries, men of the sea have known the pleaures of fine Virginia tobaccos, pressed and aged with a drop of rum. The addition of rich dark-fired Kentucky leaf brings a new dimension to the flavour and aroma of this timeless combination. Chart your course for a new world of enjoyment, light a bowl, and set sail with Navigator. Va, Bur 2 oz 1 2 yr 5 mo 2 yr 5 mo
2 MacBaren Navy Flake Click for details A mild flake blended from the finest Burley tobaccos with added ripe Virginias and Cavendish. Navy Flake is light burning, making the lighting of the pipe very easy. Bur, Cav, Va 5.2 oz 2 3 yr 2 mo 3 yr 2 mo
4 Samuel Gawith Navy Flake Click for details A traditional offering of Virginias, pressed with a small amount of Latakia for complexity and flavored with a dash of Rum. Medium to full in strength. Va, Lat 7.2 oz 4 3 yr 2 mo 4 yr 5 mo
2 Theodorus Niemeyer Neptune Click for details 8.5 oz 2 3 yr 2 mo 3 yr 2 mo
8 Dunhill Nightcap Click for details A rich blend for late in the day. It is a slow, lasting smoke. Just prior to packing, expensive Perique tobacco is added to enhance to bouquet. Lat, Or, Per, Va 13.8 oz 8 3 yr 1 mo 6 yr 10 mo
1 House of Smoke No. 9 Click for details Va, Aro, Cav 3.5 oz 1 3 yr 2 mo 3 yr 2 mo
1 Peterson Nutty Cut Click for details A mixture of golden, red and dark Virginia tobaccos blended with burley and black cavendish. Enhanced with flavourings of Macadamia nuts, coconut and rum. Va, Bur, Cav 1.7 oz 1 3 yr 2 mo 3 yr 2 mo
3 Peterson Old Dublin Click for details This mixture is based on the cool, smoky aroma of Cyprian Latakia with Golden Virginia, aromatic Black Cavendish & sweet Greek Oriental Basma grades. Made in Ireland. Lat, Cav, Or, Va 5.1 oz 3 2 yr 2 mo 2 yr 2 mo
1 Esoterica Tobacciana Pembroke Click for details A luxury English blend (Margate) is married with fine French Cognac. This outstanding mixture is a match made in heaven. Rich taste with character to match. A symphony of delicate aromas and elegant flavors. Aro, Lat, Or, Va 2 oz 1 1 yr 8 mo 1 yr 8 mo
1 Fink Pipe Tobacco no. 2 Click for details Lat, Va 3.5 oz 1 2 yr 4 mo 2 yr 4 mo
1 MacBaren Plumcake Click for details A mixture of fully ripe Virginia tobaccos, sliced, cask mellowed Burley tobaccos, dark spicy Cavendish, and just a touch of Latakia. To give Plumcake an elegant aroma the blend has been flavored with aged Jamaica Rum. Va, Aro, Bur, Cav, Lat 3.5 oz 1 3 yr 2 mo 3 yr 2 mo
1 Planta Presbyterian Mixture Click for details Extraordinarily soft blend of finest US Virginia grades and a number of selected Latakia leaf tips. Ideal mixture also for beginners with English tobaccos Va, Lat, Or 1.8 oz 1 2 yr 2 yr
1 Sutliffe Tobacco Company Private Stock Blend No. 5 Click for details A robust English blend with character. Plenty of Latakia, Pressed Virginia and Burley provide the base. Lat, Bur, Va 1.5 oz 1 2 yr 2 yr
1 Cornell & Diehl Rajahs Court Click for details Red and bright aged Virginias provide an excellent, gently sweet, base for this medium to full English blend. Turkish Oriental leaf and Latakia add layers of earthy smokiness and a mild pepperiness to the overall composition. Va, Lat, Or 2 oz 1 3 yr 2 mo 3 yr 2 mo
2 Dunhill Royal Yacht Click for details Truly a luxurious tobacco. Virginias are carefully conditioned to insure sweetness. They are added to rich, heavier and cooler Virginias. A unique flavor is added to the final blend to enhance the subtle and piquant aroma. Va, Aro 3.6 oz 2 4 yr 9 mo 4 yr 9 mo
1 Samuel Gawith Sams Flake Click for details Sams Flake is a combination of Flue-cured Virginias and Turkish leaf which after blending is pressed in the hot oven, cut and then treated to a light flavoring which adds another flavor dimension to the tobacco. Va, Or 1.8 oz 1 1 yr 11 mo 1 yr 11 mo
1 Cornell & Diehl Sansepolcro Click for details Aromatically spicy with earthy, clove-like undertones, these florets are all grown in the Sansepolcro region of Italy, which boasts a history and tradition of tobacco cultivation to the 17th century. Combined with mellow citrus and bread-like notes of the reds, it makes for a wonderful melange of flavors and aromas — at once both familiar and exotic. Va 2 oz 1 1 yr 4 mo 1 yr 4 mo
7 MacBaren Scottish Mixture Click for details A mild and lightly aromatic Scottish Blend, manufactured from ready rubbed, matured Virginia tobaccos and golden brown Burley grades, Cavendish and loose, ripe Virginia. Mixture is one of the most popular pipe tobaccos in the world. Va, Bur, Cav 1 lbs 8.5 oz 7 2 yr 2 mo 3 yr 2 mo
1 Cornell & Diehl Seersucker Click for details A spicy blend of cigar leaf and other choice tobaccos, Cornell & Diehl created this Cellar Series blend in hopes that it will line your cellar much as its namesake fabric once did the streets of New Orleans. Va, Bur, Cav, Lat, Or 2 oz 1 3 yr 1 mo 3 yr 1 mo
3 Samuel Gawith Skiff Mixture Mild Click for details Another Samuel Gawith original, Skiff is for the pipe smoker who appreciates the fuller flavor of an oriental blend. Blending a variety of different styles of flue-cured tobaccos gives Skiff its characteristic yellow and brown features. Or, Va 5.4 oz 3 1 yr 11 mo 1 yr 11 mo
1 Troost Slices Click for details Troost Slices are imported from Holland. A Continental flake employing the use of lighter bodied flue-cured Virginias and aromatic burly leaf. A small element of Tanzanian fired leaf is added to round off the smooth, subtle aroma. Processed to produce a firm flake, this blend is mild yet cool with the continental taste and aroma associated with Dutch style blends. Bur, Va 1.7 oz 1 3 yr 2 mo 3 yr 2 mo
1 Cornell & Diehl Speakeasy Navy Blend Click for details From the roar of jazz music to the revel of old and new friends alike, New Orleans speakeasies are not subtle establishments to say the least.

With colorful cocktails lining the bar and wisps of smoke dancing the dim light, these retro bars embody that daring spirit of one of the citys most iconic eras — something Cornell & Diehl sought to capture in their bold, Cellar Series take on the traditional Navy flake: Speakeasy Navy Blend.

Estimated peak: 10-15 years. Va, Or, Per 2 oz 1 2 yr 2 mo 2 yr 2 mo
6 Peterson Special Reserve 2018 Click for details For the first time Peterson presents a Luxury-Roll-Cut-Flake-Tobacco as a limited edition, which is pressed and cut from hand by experts. Virginia and Kentucky tobaccos combined make for a natural mixture that lovers of pure pipe pleasure will appreciate. Va, Bur 1 lbs 1.6 oz 6 2 yr 1 mo 2 yr 2 mo
4 Samuel Gawith Squadron Leader Click for details A classic English categorized tobacco. Blended dark and bright Virginias, together with Latakia and Turkish leaf results in a perfect, medium bodied product which gives a rich and slow burning smoke. Lat, Or, Va 7.2 oz 4 2 yr 8 mo 4 yr 10 mo
8 Dunhill Standard Mixture Medium Click for details Latakia, Orientals, East Carolina and Georgian, all lightly toasted. A slightly heavier companion to DUNHILLs Standard Mixture Mild. Traditional English. Lat, Or, Va 13.6 oz 8 2 yr 4 mo 2 yr 4 mo
1 Sutliffe Tobacco Company Sutliff 1849 Click for details A mellow, all-day Va-Per blend, Sutliffs 1849 (a nod to the founding date of the original Sutliff tobacco shop) provides tang, citrus, sweetness and spice via a blend of choice red Virginia, bright flue-cured Virginia, and two different Periques. Va, Per 1.5 oz 1 2 yr 2 yr
1 GL Pease Telegraph Hill Click for details A sturdy foundation of Virginia tobaccos, each chosen for its particular character, enhanced with fine flakes of Perique for a refined smoking experience. Telegraph Hill is rich and flavorful, with a satisfying, lingering finish. Va, Per 2 oz 1 1 yr 9 mo 1 yr 9 mo
2 GL Pease Triple Play Click for details Ripe red and bright flue-cured tobaccos are joined by piquant Acadian Perique and a balanced measure of smoky dark-fired kentucky. The leaf is pressed and matured in cakes before being cut into 2oz bars, resulting in a bold blend for Virginia and Perique fans. This all-American plug is a winning play, no matter how you slice it. Per, Bur, Va 4 oz 2 1 yr 9 mo 2 yr
1 MacBaren Uncle Louie's Caribean Rum Click for details 3.5 oz 1 3 yr 2 mo 3 yr 2 mo
1 Robert McConnell Virginia 5 Year Matured Click for details A blend of matured Virginia tobacco.

Notes: Dunhill Three Year Matured clone. Va, Or 1.8 oz 1 1 yr 8 mo 1 yr 8 mo
1 Amphora Virginia Blend (yellow) Click for details Amphoras Virginia Blend is a mixture of straight Virginias hailing from Brazil, USA, and Zambia. Made using a heat pressed method to better marry the flavors together, Virginia Blend is well-balanced and mellow, offered in a convenient broken flake cut. Boasting a subtle, natural sweetness alongside the inherent Virginia flavors, its a blend that Virginia aficionados are sure to love. Va 1.8 oz 1 2 yr 2 mo 2 yr 2 mo
1 MacBaren Virginia Flake Click for details Manufactured from choice, fully ripe and matured Virginia tobaccos - mainly American. An elegant flavor with a full and pleasant mild taste has been added. Va 1.7 oz 1 2 yr 4 mo 2 yr 4 mo
1 Samuel Gawith Westmorland Mixture Click for details Westmorland Mixture is a well-balanced combination of Bright Virginias, Cyprian Latakia, and Cavendishes. It is lightly sweetened and wonderfully round and supple. Va, Cav, Lat 1.7 oz 1 5 yr 11 mo 5 yr 11 mo
1 Poul Winslow Winslow no. 1 Click for details The No1 is an exotic blend of Black Cavendish, Burley and long cut s of Virginiafrom 3 continenets
The tobacco is carefully blended in order to preserve the characteristics of each individual tobacco type.
The tobacco has been cased with fine aroma of Vanilla,Prune and Coconut and a dash of original Jamaica Rum.
It has the taste of a true modern master blend. Cav, Bur, Va 3.5 oz 1 4 yr 2 mo 4 yr 2 mo
Cellared Blends Breakdown
Blend Type    
Va 35 Va 35 21%21%
Lat,Or,Va 18 Lat,Or,Va 18 11%11%
Va,Per 12 Va,Per 12 7%7%
Or,Va 9 Or,Va 9 5%5%
Lat,Or,Per,Va 8 Lat,Or,Per,Va 8 5%5%
Va,Bur 8 Va,Bur 8 5%5%
Va,Bur,Cav 8 Va,Bur,Cav 8 5%5%
Va,Aro 6 Va,Aro 6 4%4%
Va,Lat 6 Va,Lat 6 4%4%
Va,Or,Per 6 Va,Or,Per 6 4%4%
Lat,Va 4 Lat,Va 4 2%2%
Va,Bur,Per 4 Va,Bur,Per 4 2%2%
(unclassified) 4 (unclassified) 4 2%2%
Lat,Cav,Or,Va 3 Lat,Cav,Or,Va 3 2%2%
Bur,Cav,Va 2 Bur,Cav,Va 2 1%1%
Bur,Va 2 Bur,Va 2 1%1%
Cav,Bur,Va 2 Cav,Bur,Va 2 1%1%
Lat,Cav,Or 2 Lat,Cav,Or 2 1%1%
Per,Bur,Va 2 Per,Bur,Va 2 1%1%
Va,Aro,Cav 2 Va,Aro,Cav 2 1%1%
Va,Aro,Lat 2 Va,Aro,Lat 2 1%1%
Va,Cav,Lat 2 Va,Cav,Lat 2 1%1%
Va,Lat,Or 2 Va,Lat,Or 2 1%1%
Va,Or 2 Va,Or 2 1%1%
Aro,Lat,Or,Va 1 Aro,Lat,Or,Va 1 1%1%
Aro,Va 1 Aro,Va 1 1%1%
Bur 1 Bur 1 1%1%
Lat,Bur,Va 1 Lat,Bur,Va 1 1%1%
Lat,Cav,Or,Per,Va 1 Lat,Cav,Or,Per,Va 1 1%1%
Lat,Cav,Va 1 Lat,Cav,Va 1 1%1%
Or,Per,Va 1 Or,Per,Va 1 1%1%
Va,Aro,Bur,Cav,Lat 1 Va,Aro,Bur,Cav,Lat 1 1%1%
Va,Bur,Cav,Lat,Or 1 Va,Bur,Cav,Lat,Or 1 1%1%
Va,Bur,Lat,Or 1 Va,Bur,Lat,Or 1 1%1%
Va,Bur,Or,Per 1 Va,Bur,Or,Per 1 1%1%
Va,Cav 1 Va,Cav 1 1%1%
Va,Cav,Lat,Or 1 Va,Cav,Lat,Or 1 1%1%
Va,Cav,Lat,Or,Per 1 Va,Cav,Lat,Or,Per 1 1%1%
Va,Cav,Per 1 Va,Cav,Per 1 1%1%
Va,Lat,Or,Per 1 Va,Lat,Or,Per 1 1%1%
Cellar Container Aging Breakdown
10 yr+ 2 10yr+ 2 1%1%
5 yr+ 8 5yr+ 8 5%5%
4 yr+ 11 4yr+ 11 7%7%
3 yr+ 25 3yr+ 25 15%15%
2 yr+ 62 2yr+ 62 37%37%
18 mo+ 47 18mo+ 47 28%28%
1 yr+ 6 1yr+ 6 4%4%
6 mo+ 5 6mo+ 5 3%3%
< 6 mo 1 < 6mo 1 1%1%
Cellar Usage Projection (based on target dates) show full calendar
  2020 2021 2022 2023 2024 2025
  J F M A M J J A S O N D J F M A M J J A S O N D J F M A M J J A S O N D J F M A M J J A S O N D J F M A M J J A S O N D J F M A M J J A S O N D
1792 Flake 1792 Flake Wt:1.8oz Target:February2025 Age:9 yr 2 mo
4th Generation .. 4th Generation 1855 Wt:1.8oz Target:September2023 Age:5 yr 3 mo
Bayou Morning F..
Best Brown Flak.. Best Brown Flake Wt:1.7oz Target:July2025 Age:10 yr 10 mo
Blue Ridge Blue Ridge Wt:2.0oz Target:May2023 Age:5 yr
Bothy Flake
Capstan Medium .. Capstan Medium Navy Cut Wt:1.8oz Target:June2021 Age:2 yr 9 mo Capstan Medium Navy Cut Wt:1.8oz Target:December2021 Age:3 yr 3 mo Capstan Medium Navy Cut Wt:1.8oz Target:June2022 Age:3 yr 9 mo Capstan Medium Navy Cut Wt:1.7oz Target:February2023 Age:5 yr 8 mo Capstan Medium Navy Cut Wt:1.8oz Target:June2023 Age:4 yr 9 mo Capstan Medium Navy Cut Wt:1.8oz Target:June2024 Age:5 yr 9 mo Capstan Medium Navy Cut Wt:1.8oz Target:April2025 Age:6 yr 7 mo
Capstan Mild Capstan Mild Wt:1.8oz Target:March2021 Age:2 yr 6 mo Capstan Mild Wt:1.8oz Target:March2022 Age:3 yr 6 mo Capstan Mild Wt:1.8oz Target:December2022 Age:4 yr 3 mo Capstan Mild Wt:1.8oz Target:March2024 Age:5 yr 6 mo
Carolina Red Fl.. Carolina Red Flake Small Batch 2018 Wt:2.0oz Target:November2023 Age:5 yr 1 mo
Directors Cut Directors Cut Wt:3.5oz Target:August2023 Age:5 yr 2 mo
Elizabethan Mat.. Elizabethan Match Wt:4.0oz Target:January2022 Age:3 yr 6 mo
Elizabethan Mix.. Elizabethan Mixture Wt:1.7oz Target:November2022 Age:4 yr 11 mo Elizabethan Mixture Wt:1.7oz Target:November2024 Age:6 yr 7 mo
Erinmore Flake Erinmore Flake Wt:1.8oz Target:January2021 Age:2 yr 4 mo Erinmore Flake Wt:1.8oz Target:May2024 Age:5 yr 8 mo Erinmore Flake Wt:1.8oz Target:December2024 Age:6 yr 3 mo
Escudo Navy Del.. Escudo Navy Deluxe (new label) Wt:1.8oz Target:January2023 Age:4 yr 6 mo
Five OClock Sha.. Five OClock Shadow Wt:2.0oz Target:June2025 Age:6 yr 9 mo
Flatlander Flak.. Flatlander Flake Wt:1.8oz Target:August2021 Age:4 yr 8 mo Flatlander Flake Wt:1.8oz Target:April2022 Age:5 yr 4 mo Flatlander Flake Wt:1.8oz Target:January2024 Age:7 yr 1 mo Flatlander Flake Wt:1.8oz Target:January2025 Age:8 yr 1 mo
Full Virginia F.. Full Virginia Flake Wt:1.8oz Target:February2021 Age:2 yr 5 mo Full Virginia Flake Wt:1.8oz Target:November2021 Age:3 yr 2 mo Full Virginia Flake Wt:1.8oz Target:February2022 Age:3 yr 5 mo Full Virginia Flake Wt:1.8oz Target:February2024 Age:5 yr 5 mo
Golden Glow Golden Glow Wt:1.8oz Target:March2023 Age:4 yr 6 mo Golden Glow Wt:1.8oz Target:April2024 Age:5 yr 7 mo Golden Glow Wt:1.8oz Target:March2025 Age:6 yr 6 mo
HH Acadian Peri.. HH Acadian Perique Wt:3.5oz Target:September2021 Age:4 yr 3 mo
HH Old Dark Fir.. HH Old Dark Fired Wt:1.7oz Target:October2021 Age:1 yr 9 mo
JackKnife Plug JackKnife Plug Wt:2.0oz Target:October2023 Age:5 yr 3 mo
Janneman Flake Janneman Flake Wt:3.5oz Target:July2023 Age:5 yr 1 mo
Joie de Vivre
Kendal Flake Kendal Flake Wt:1.7oz Target:October2025 Age:11 yr 1 mo
Luxury Bullseye.. Luxury Bullseye Flake Wt:4.0oz Target:September2025 Age:7 yr 2 mo
Mischung No. 1 Mischung No. 1 Wt:3.5oz Target:April2021 Age:2 yr 4 mo
Navigator Navigator Wt:2.0oz Target:July2021 Age:3 yr 4 mo
Navy Flake Navy Flake Wt:3.5oz Target:May2021 Age:3 yr 11 mo Navy Flake Wt:1.7oz Target:August2022 Age:5 yr 2 mo Navy Flake Wt:1.8oz Target:April2023 Age:4 yr 7 mo
Royal Yacht Royal Yacht Wt:1.8oz Target:July2024 Age:8 yr 8 mo
Sansepolcro Sansepolcro Wt:2.0oz Target:December2025 Age:6 yr 8 mo
Scottish Mixtur.. Scottish Mixture Wt:3.5oz Target:July2022 Age:2 yr 10 mo Scottish Mixture Wt:3.5oz Target:October2024 Age:4 yr 4 mo
Speakeasy Navy .. Speakeasy Navy Blend Wt:2.0oz Target:May2025 Age:6 yr 11 mo
Special Reserve.. Special Reserve 2018 Wt:3.5oz Target:December2023 Age:5 yr 3 mo Special Reserve 2018 Wt:3.5oz Target:September2024 Age:6 yr 3 mo Special Reserve 2018 Wt:3.5oz Target:August2025 Age:7 yr 1 mo
Sutliff 1849 Sutliff 1849 Wt:1.5oz Target:May2022 Age:3 yr 9 mo
Telegraph Hill Telegraph Hill Wt:2.0oz Target:October2022 Age:3 yr 11 mo
Triple Play Triple Play Wt:2.0oz Target:November2025 Age:6 yr 8 mo
Virginia Blend .. Virginia Blend (yellow) Wt:1.8oz Target:September2022 Age:4 yr 3 mo
Total/Month 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 0 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1
  J F M A M J J A S O N D J F M A M J J A S O N D J F M A M J J A S O N D J F M A M J J A S O N D J F M A M J J A S O N D J F M A M J J A S O N D
  2020 2021 2022 2023 2024 2025
Total/Year - 12cts ( 1lb 10.8oz ) 12cts ( 1lb 9.2oz ) 12cts ( 1lb 11.2oz ) 11cts ( 1lb 7.1oz ) 12cts ( 1lb 10.1oz )
Containers Opened/Used History (with OPEN date provided)
  2015 2016 2017 2018 2019 2020
  J F M A M J J A S O N D J F M A M J J A S O N D J F M A M J J A S O N D J F M A M J J A S O N D J F M A M J J A S O N D J F M A M J J A S O N D
12 12 Wt:3.5oz Opened:11/18/2018 Finished:02/25/2019 Days used: 98 Age was:7 mo
656 - Aged Burl.. 656 - Aged Burley Flake Wt:1.7oz Opened:07/04/2020 Finished:07/22/2020 Days used: 17 Age was:3 yr 1 mo
Accountants Mix.. Accountants Mixture Wt:3.5oz Opened:01/06/2020 Finished:04/04/2020 Days used: 88 Age was:1 yr 7 mo
Amphora Full Ar.. Amphora Full Aromatic (Red) Wt:0.7oz Opened:06/23/2018 Finished:06/30/2018 Days used: 7
Amphora Regular.. Amphora Regular (Brown) Wt:1.8oz Opened:09/05/2018 Finished:09/14/2018 Days used: 9 Age was:3 mo
Aromatic Cavend.. Aromatic Cavendish Wt:3.5oz Opened:09/03/2019 Finished:10/27/2019 Days used: 53 Age was:2 yr 3 mo Aromatic Cavendish Wt:3.5oz Opened:02/07/2020 Finished:04/04/2020 Days used: 56 Age was:2 yr 8 mo
Babys Bottom Babys Bottom Wt:1.8oz Opened:10/17/2018 Finished:11/18/2018 Days used: 31 Age was:1 yr 4 mo
Bill Baileys Ba.. Bill Baileys Balkan Blend Wt:1.7oz Opened:09/29/2019 Finished:11/10/2019 Days used: 41 Age was:1 yr 5 mo Bill Baileys Balkan Blend Wt:1.8oz Opened:07/14/2020 Finished:08/10/2020 Days used: 27 Age was:2 yr 3 mo
Bluegrass Bluegrass Wt:2.0oz Opened:11/17/2018 Finished:12/24/2018 Days used: 37 Age was:8 mo
Boneyard Boneyard Wt:2.0oz Opened:07/11/2018 Finished:10/07/2018 Days used: 88
Brown Flake Brown Flake Wt:1.8oz Opened:09/15/2018 Finished:11/18/2018 Days used: 63
Brullende Leeuw Brullende Leeuw Wt:3.5oz Opened:08/10/2020 Finished:open Days used: - Age was:2 yr 2 mo
Burley London B.. Burley London Blend Wt:3.5oz Opened:08/11/2019 Finished:11/15/2019 Days used: 95 Age was:2 yr 2 mo
Capstan Medium .. Capstan Medium Navy Cut Wt:1.8oz Opened:09/08/2018 Finished:09/19/2018 Days used: 10
Capstan Mild Capstan Mild Wt:1.8oz Opened:12/20/2018 Finished:12/31/2018 Days used: 10 Age was:3 mo Capstan Mild Wt:1.8oz Opened:01/09/2020 Finished:02/01/2020 Days used: 22 Age was:1 yr 4 mo
Cask No.4 Cask No.4 Wt:1.0oz Opened:06/27/2018 Finished:07/03/2018 Days used: 6 Cask No.4 Wt:2.0oz Opened:12/27/2018 Finished:01/11/2019 Days used: 15 Age was:1 mo
Chenets Cake Chenets Cake Wt:2.0oz Opened:06/23/2018 Finished:08/01/2018 Days used: 39 Age was:1 mo
Chocolate Flake Chocolate Flake Wt:1.8oz Opened:09/18/2018 Finished:10/30/2018 Days used: 41
Coopvaert Coopvaert Wt:1.4oz Opened:06/18/2019 Finished:07/26/2019 Days used: 37 Age was:3 mo
Crown Achieveme.. Crown Achievement Wt:2.0oz Opened:04/13/2019 Finished:06/19/2019 Days used: 67 Age was:1 yr
Danish Black Va.. Danish Black Vanilla Wt:0.1oz Opened:06/23/2018 Finished:06/25/2018 Days used: 2
Double Down Double Down Wt:2.0oz Opened:07/11/2018 Finished:10/14/2018 Days used: 95
Early Morning P.. Early Morning Pipe Wt:1.8oz Opened:07/06/2018 Finished:08/22/2018 Days used: 46 Age was:3 mo
Elizabethan Mat.. Elizabethan Match Wt:4.0oz Opened:01/19/2019 Finished:08/27/2019 Days used: 220
Erinmore Flake Erinmore Flake Wt:1.8oz Opened:03/08/2019 Finished:03/23/2019 Days used: 14 Age was:6 mo
Founders Choice Founders Choice Wt:3.0oz Opened:02/18/2019 Finished:04/04/2020 Days used: 411
Gold Blend Gold Blend Wt:1.7oz Opened:08/04/2020 Finished:open Days used: - Age was:5 yr 11 mo
Grousemoor Grousemoor Wt:1.8oz Opened:06/26/2018 Finished:08/24/2018 Days used: 58 Age was:3 yr 9 mo
Hansa Krüll Hansa Krüll Wt:3.5oz Opened:05/13/2019 Finished:04/04/2020 Days used: 326 Age was:9 mo Hansa Krüll Wt:1.8oz Opened:09/29/2019 Finished:10/07/2019 Days used: 7 Age was:7 mo Hansa Krüll Wt:1.7oz Opened:04/04/2020 Finished:04/04/2020 Days used: 0 Age was:2 yr 3 mo
Herenbaai Herenbaai Wt:4.2oz Opened:04/11/2019 Finished:09/04/2019 Days used: 145 Age was:4 mo
Irish Oak Irish Oak Wt:0.2oz Opened:06/23/2018 Finished:06/26/2018 Days used: 3
Kentucky Bird Kentucky Bird Wt:3.5oz Opened:06/28/2020 Finished:open Days used: - Age was:5 yr 9 mo
Lancers Slices Lancers Slices Wt:1.0oz Opened:02/03/2019 Finished:04/06/2019 Days used: 62 Lancers Slices Wt:17.5oz Opened:07/07/2019 Finished:04/04/2020 Days used: 271 Age was:5 mo
Luxury Bullseye.. Luxury Bullseye Flake Wt:4.0oz Opened:06/23/2018 Finished:12/02/2018 Days used: 162 Age was:1 mo
Luxury Navy Fla.. Luxury Navy Flake Wt:2.0oz Opened:08/10/2018 Finished:08/26/2018 Days used: 16 Age was:1 mo
Luxury Twist Fl.. Luxury Twist Flake Wt:2.0oz Opened:12/16/2018 Finished:01/18/2019 Days used: 33 Age was:4 mo Luxury Twist Flake Wt:4.0oz Opened:04/12/2019 Finished:08/15/2019 Days used: 125
Match Dunhills .. Match Dunhills My Mixture 965 Wt:2.0oz Opened:01/19/2019 Finished:04/12/2019 Days used: 83
Matured Red Vir.. Matured Red Virginia 515 RC-1 Wt:2.0oz Opened:01/19/2019 Finished:02/23/2019 Days used: 35
Medal of Valor Medal of Valor Wt:2.0oz Opened:11/10/2019 Finished:12/10/2019 Days used: 30 Age was:1 yr 7 mo Medal of Valor Wt:2.0oz Opened:06/06/2020 Finished:07/14/2020 Days used: 38 Age was:2 yr 2 mo
Neptune Neptune Wt:3.5oz Opened:06/23/2018 Finished:10/26/2018 Days used: 124 Age was:1 yr
Oak Alley Oak Alley Wt:2.0oz Opened:11/17/2018 Finished:01/08/2019 Days used: 52 Age was:5 mo
Old Dublin Old Dublin Wt:1.0oz Opened:06/23/2018 Finished:07/06/2018 Days used: 13 Old Dublin Wt:3.5oz Opened:12/10/2019 Finished:02/16/2020 Days used: 67 Age was:1 yr 8 mo
Pirate Kake (97.. Pirate Kake (970P) Wt:1.0oz Opened:02/03/2019 Finished:07/13/2019 Days used: 160 Pirate Kake (970P) Wt:2.0oz Opened:07/14/2019 Finished:10/04/2019 Days used: 82 Age was:1 yr 4 mo
Presbyterian Mi.. Presbyterian Mixture Wt:1.8oz Opened:09/08/2018 Finished:10/16/2018 Days used: 37 Age was:2 mo
Pur Semois La B.. Pur Semois La Brumeuse Wt:1.0oz Opened:02/03/2019 Finished:03/20/2019 Days used: 45 Pur Semois La Brumeuse Wt:8.8oz Opened:09/04/2019 Finished:04/04/2020 Days used: 212 Age was:3 yr 8 mo
Réserve du Patr.. Réserve du Patron (Pure Semois) Wt:3.5oz Opened:07/01/2020 Finished:open Days used: - Age was:4 yr 7 mo
Schippers Tabak Schippers Tabak Wt:1.7oz Opened:05/16/2019 Finished:06/29/2019 Days used: 43
Skipper Special.. Skipper Special Navy Cut Mellow Mixture Wt:1.0oz Opened:06/23/2018 Finished:07/07/2018 Days used: 14
Special Cavendi.. Special Cavendish Wt:3.5oz Opened:03/24/2019 Finished:05/06/2019 Days used: 42 Age was:1 yr 9 mo Special Cavendish Wt:3.5oz Opened:11/15/2019 Finished:01/06/2020 Days used: 51 Age was:2 yr 5 mo
Special Reserve.. Special Reserve 2018 Wt:3.5oz Opened:11/22/2018 Finished:03/03/2019 Days used: 100 Age was:2 mo
Star of the Eas.. Star of the East (066) Wt:1.0oz Opened:06/23/2018 Finished:06/24/2018 Days used: 1 Age was:2 mo
Sunday Blend Sunday Blend Wt:1.8oz Opened:06/27/2018 Finished:02/07/2019 Days used: 225 Age was:1 yr
Troost Original.. Troost Original Cavendish Wt:1.7oz Opened:08/31/2019 Finished:09/16/2019 Days used: 15 Age was:5 mo
University Flak.. University Flake Wt:1.7oz Opened:07/22/2020 Finished:08/04/2020 Days used: 12 Age was:3 yr 1 mo
Vanilla Cream (.. Vanilla Cream (Loose Cut) Wt:3.5oz Opened:09/16/2018 Finished:12/26/2018 Days used: 100 Age was:1 yr 3 mo
Virginia Slices.. Virginia Slices #507-C Wt:4.0oz Opened:11/16/2019 Finished:01/20/2020 Days used: 65 Age was:10 mo
Voortrekker Voortrekker Wt:1.7oz Opened:07/07/2018 Finished:08/03/2018 Days used: 26 Age was:7 mo
  J F M A M J J A S O N D J F M A M J J A S O N D J F M A M J J A S O N D J F M A M J J A S O N D J F M A M J J A S O N D J F M A M J J A S O N D
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