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Viewing Monoxide's Tobacco Cellar

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Cellar Summary - 13 open containers, 1 cellared container holding 3.5 oz
Open Containers - 13 containers are open.
Brand Blend Name   Type Storage Oz. Buy Date Tin Date Age Opened Est. Left Days Left
Samuel Gawith 1792 Flake Click for details
Dark-fired leaf hot pressed and cut into a 6 flake before adding a dressing of Tonquin flavor. A full strength, full flavored tobacco.
Va Tupperware 1.8 07/19/10 07/19/10
Rattray Bagpipers Dream Click for details
Aromatic line of Rattray, with broken flakes, loose cut and curlys.
Va, Aro, Cav Mason Jar 3.5 02/24/10 02/24/10
Balkan Sasieni Balkan Sasieni Click for details
Rich Macedonian Orientals and pungent Latakia are blended with a base of golden and red Virginias to produce what has become one of the most popular premium pipe tobaccos in the world. The history of Balkan Sasieni Smoking Mixtures begins almost a hundred years ago and this fine tobacco draws its roots directly from that family of tobaccos.
Or, Lat, Va Tupperware 1.8 03/05/10 03/07/10
Samuel Gawith Bracken Flake Click for details
A careful blend of air-cured Kentucky & fire-cured Virginias make for a medium to strong flake, of a lesser density than 1792. Bracken Flake boasts a unique and intimidating aroma, brought about by the application of a long-used essence.
Bur, Aro, Va Tupperware 1.8 07/19/10 07/19/10
A & C Petersen Escudo Navy Deluxe Click for details
This old classic is a Virginia Perique curley cut tobacco in large coin size. The combination of high grade Virginia and Perique tobaccos provides fine, cool smoking enjoyment. The undisputed King of VaPers, bar none!
Va, Per Tupperware 1.8 03/05/10 03/07/10
Samuel Gawith Full Virginia Flake Click for details
Samuel Gawith Full Virginia Flake is for lovers of pure pressed Virginias. Created in the heart of Lakeland, the hot-pressed blended Virginias take on a delicious and distinctive dark color that creates a pipe smokers dream.
Va Tupperware 1.8 07/19/10 07/19/10
Robert McConnell Glen Piper Click for details
Ready rubbed Virginia plug and Black stoved Virginia with the aroma of sun dried fruit.
Va, Aro Tupperware 1.8 03/05/10 03/07/10
Samuel Gawith Grousemoor Click for details
A 200 year old secret makes Grousemoor a mysterious mixture that conjures up visions of the Cumbrian Fells. A fresh and complex flavor from an old recipe, using combinations of Virginias, leaves the smoker with an almost white ash testifying to the purity.
Va, Aro Tupperware 1.8 07/19/10 07/19/10
W.O. Larsen Limited Edition 2009 Click for details
Edition 2009 - Like every masterpiece this blend is crafted of the finest tobacco leaves from the best districts in the world. This, combined with the heritage of W. O. Larsen, provides an exquisite mixture of bright Virginia from North Carolina, dark brown Burley from Mexico and special fermented Black Cavendish enriched with sweet notes of dark rum and wild berries. The exclusiveness of this W. O. Larsen Edition 2009 is underlined by the copper coloured Virginia grown in the red soil of the African plains.
Va, Aro Mason Jar 3.5 02/24/10 02/24/10
F & K Merde de Cheval Click for details
Va, Lat Tupperware 1.5 03/05/10 03/07/10
Peterson Perfect Plug Click for details
This excellent plug tobacco comprises selected Virginia leaf from Africa and Brazil blended with Burley leaf from Malawi. The tobaccos are lightly cased before drying and pressing and are then heated and stored for two weeks before cutting. The result is a full bodied yet fruity blend, sure to appeal to the experienced pipe smoker.
Va, Aro, Bur Tupperware 1.8 02/24/10 02/24/10
Samuel Gawith Squadron Leader Click for details
A classic English categorized tobacco. Blended dark and bright Virginias, together with Latakia and Turkish leaf results in a perfect, medium bodied product which gives a rich and slow burning smoke.
Lat, Or, Va Tupperware 1.8 07/19/10 07/19/10
Peterson University Flake Click for details
Mahogany, Burley and Kentucky blended tobacco created by Peterson for the thinking man.
Va, Aro, Bur Tin 1.8 05/20/10 05/21/10
Cellared Containers Summary - 1 container is cellared holding 3.5 oz (see details)
Qty Brand Blend Name   Type Tot.Weight Containers Avg.Age Oldest
1 Rattray Bagpipers Dream Click for details Aromatic line of Rattray, with broken flakes, loose cut and curlys. Va, Aro, Cav 3.5 oz 1 8 yr 8 mo 8 yr 8 mo
Cellared Blends Breakdown
Blend Type    
Va,Aro,Cav 1 Va,Aro,Cav 1 100%100%
Cellar Container Aging Breakdown
10 yr+ 0
5 yr+ 1 5yr+ 1 100%100%
4 yr+ 0
3 yr+ 0
2 yr+ 0
18 mo+ 0
1 yr+ 0
6 mo+ 0
< 6 mo 0
Containers Opened/Used History (with OPEN date provided)
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1792 Flake
Bagpipers Dream
Balkan Sasieni
Black Mallory
Bracken Flake
Escudo Navy Del..
Frog Morton
Full Virginia F..
Glen Piper
Hal O the Wynd
Limited Edition..
Marlin Flake
Merde de Cheval
Old Dublin
Original Navy C..
Perfect Plug
Red Virginia Su..
Scottish Cake
Sherlock Holmes
Squadron Leader
Three Nuns Curl..
University Flak..
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