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Cellar Summary - 17 open containers, 4 cellared containers holding 4.9 oz
Open Containers - 17 containers are open.
Brand Blend Name   Type Storage Oz. Buy Date Tin Date Age Opened Est. Left Days Left
Two Friends Bed & Breakfast Click for details
Red and bright yellow Virginias are combined with fine oriental leaf, toasted Cavendish, and just a bit of rich Latakia. Bed & Breakfast is wonderful for a morning or all-day smoke. Its delicate flavors and subtle nuances delight the senses. The room aroma is smoky without being overbearing.
Or, Cav, Lat, Va Mason Jar 2.0 04/14/14 04/14/14
Hearth and Home Berry Nice Click for details
Top quality Green River Toasted Black Cavendish is steamed with the essence of wild berries, black currant and blackberries. The aroma is outstanding and will draw compliments from everyone. The cool smoke allows a subtly sweet berry flavor to come through and is not wet or goopy.
Aro, Cav Mason Jar 1.0 03/18/14 9 mo 12/03/14
McClelland Blue Mountain Click for details
Rich with the finest Mountain Latakia, a classic full Balkan pipe tobacco mixture, smooth and deeply fragrant. The inspiration for this elegant mixture was a 21-year-old tin of the legendary #759.  This blend was one of three in the Throwdown at the 2011 Chicago pipe show and walked away with the Peoples Choice Award!
Lat, Or, Va Tin 1.8 08/25/14 08/25/14
Dunhill Early Morning Pipe Click for details
Sweet Oriental carefully blended with Bright and Red Virginias, pressed and lightly stoved. Great as the `first pipe` arousing the palate for the further pleasures of the day.
Or, Va Tin 1.8 03/27/15 03/27/15
Erinmore Erinmore Flake Click for details
A superb blend of premium Virginia leaf topped with a secret recipe and aged under pressure to marry the flavors. The aged cake is then sliced thin and packaged. Can be rubbed to suit any taste. Medium in strength with a refreshing aroma. A cool clean burning all-day smoke.
Va, Aro Mason Jar 1.8 12/05/13 12/05/13
McClelland Frog Mortons Cellar Click for details
A mellow, fragrant Latakia blend aged with stave cubes cut from barrels used to mature and flavor Frog Mortons own special whiskeys.
Lat, Aro, Va Tin 1.8 04/19/14 1 mo 05/13/14
Orlik Golden Sliced (red) Click for details
An all time favorite and a classic VA flake. The highest grade Golden Virginias are aged to perfection then pressed and sliced to deliver a naturally sweet flavor. Mellow and cool burning. The blender site claims there is a touch of Perique in this blend, but you really cant taste it.
Va Mason Jar 1.8 12/05/13 12/05/13
Missouri Meerschaum Company Great Dane Click for details
The Missouri Meerschaum Great Dane pipes are their take on Danish designs, so when we wanted to make a tobacco with the same name, we thought that a Danish-inspired aromatic would be the best choice. This blend consists of a good portion of gently-steamed black Cavendish, select Virginias and some white Burley, which have been topped with a smooth and rich combination of a deep, dark cherry, without the sharpness of the typical maraschino flavor, and warm notes of vanilla and caramel, for an easy-smoking blend with a lightly-sweet flavor and an amazing aroma.
Aro, Bur, Cav, Va Mason Jar 1.5 06/07/14 1 mo 07/22/14
Deadwood Tobacco Joes Evening Campfire Click for details
Aromatic burly with some Black Cavendish and a dash of Latakia. Specially blended by a favorite customer.
Aro, Bur, Cav, Lat Ziplock 1.0 07/15/14 07/20/14
Drew Estate Meat Pie Click for details
We made a blend and called it Meat Pie! Daring to be just a little different, imagine we just re-wrote some classic turn-of-the century novel. A Pungent, Smoky, Medium bodied smoke that is the epitome of the word classic.
Lat, Or, Va Tin 1.8 03/20/15 03/20/15
Missouri Meerschaum Company Missouri Pride Click for details
Missouri Pride is the kind of blend that most pipe enthusiasts would associate with the Missouri Meerschaum corn cob experience. This is a blend of superb quality Burleys with some Virginias added, and minimal top flavoring. The blend is made up of broken flake, with some ribbon-cut Burley, for a nice, even burn, and the flake processing adds a deeper flavor to the tobacco. For a smooth blend with real tobacco flavor you can enjoy all day long, try a pouch of Missouri Pride.
Va Mason Jar 1.5 06/07/14 06/07/14
Dunhill My Mixture 965 Click for details
For the connoisseurs of full-bodied tobacco. Choicest small Latakia impart a rich nutty flavor and coolness. Macedonia Bright is added for sweetness. The Brown Cavendish completes the blend that all confirmed pipe smokers love.
Lat, Cav, Or Mason Jar 2.0 08/25/14 08/25/14
Dunhill Nightcap Click for details
A rich blend for late in the day. It is a slow, lasting smoke. Just prior to packing, expensive Perique tobacco is added to enhance to bouquet.
Lat, Or, Per, Va Mason Jar 1.8 12/05/13 7 mo 07/23/14
1776 Old Dominion Click for details
(Light Aromatic) The first and still the finest, all black smoking blend. Unsurpassed mildness makes this a blend for cigarette smokers changing to a pipe. Lightly aromatic, charcoal toasted, and 100% Virginia leaf.
Aro, Va Mason Jar 1.0 06/07/14 06/07/14 1 mo 07/23/14
Deadwood Tobacco Sweet Jane Click for details
mellow blend with hints of coffee & chocolate. Designed after the Sweet Jane Cigar
Aro, Va Ziplock 1.0 07/15/14 07/15/14
Peter Stokkebye Sweet Vanilla Click for details
Elegant Vanilla with the natural sweetness of Toasted Cavendish for a smooth and rich smoke. Ripe Virginias are added to Toasted Cavendish to create a more complex, mild smoking blend.
Aro, Cav, Va Ziplock 0.1 12/05/13 12/05/13
Peterson University Flake Click for details
Mahogany, Burley and Kentucky blended tobacco created by Peterson for the thinking man.
Va, Aro, Bur Mason Jar 1.8 12/05/13 12/05/13
Cellared Containers Summary - 4 containers are cellared holding 4.9 oz (see details)
Qty Brand Blend Name   Type Tot.Weight Containers Avg.Age Oldest
1 Missouri Meerschaum Company American Patriot Click for details American Patriot is a highly unusual type of blend to find in a pouch. This is a Latakia-based blend, enhanced by quality Virginia leaf, and the exotic influence of Turkish Smyrna, with just a touch of Burley for excellent burning characteristics. A light top note of Kentucky Bourbon makes for a nice addition to the aroma, but is undetectable in the flavor. For a superb value in an English-style blend, light up a bowl of American Patriot. Lat, Bur, Cav, Or, Va 1.5 oz 1 4 yr 4 mo 4 yr 4 mo
1 Samuel Gawith Chocolate Flake Click for details Chocolate Flake is a luxury blend of Virginias, Burley and long-leaf Latakia. To complete the luxury, a rich, dark chocolate has been added after cutting. Aro, Bur, Lat, Va 0.1 oz 1 4 yr 4 yr
1 Missouri Meerschaum Company Country Gentleman Click for details Country Gentleman represents a unique departure among pouch tobaccos. This blend features a mixture of premium bright and red Virginias, which is enriched with Perique, and a small amount of dark-fired Kentucky for body. This is a tobacco that would be at home in a tin with a higher price tag, but to befit bearing the Missouri Meerschaum name, it comes to you at an everyday bargain price. Enjoy the naturally sweet, and tangy character of Country Gentleman. Va, Per 1.5 oz 1 4 yr 4 mo 4 yr 4 mo
1 Peterson Sunset Breeze Click for details This excellent mixture is a blend of first choice Virginia, Burley, and Black Cavendish. A promise for a unique smoking experience which is crowned by a wonderful Amaretto aroma that also gives enjoyment to the smokers surroundings. Aro, Bur, Cav, Va 1.8 oz 1 4 yr 7 mo 4 yr 7 mo
Cellared Blends Breakdown
Blend Type    
Aro,Bur,Cav,Va 1 Aro,Bur,Cav,Va 1 25%25%
Aro,Bur,Lat,Va 1 Aro,Bur,Lat,Va 1 25%25%
Lat,Bur,Cav,Or,Va 1 Lat,Bur,Cav,Or,Va 1 25%25%
Va,Per 1 Va,Per 1 25%25%
Cellar Container Aging Breakdown
10 yr+ 0
5 yr+ 0
4 yr+ 4 4yr+ 4 100%100%
3 yr+ 0
2 yr+ 0
18 mo+ 0
1 yr+ 0
6 mo+ 0
< 6 mo 0
Containers Opened/Used History (with OPEN date provided)
  2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018
  J F M A M J J A S O N D J F M A M J J A S O N D J F M A M J J A S O N D J F M A M J J A S O N D J F M A M J J A S O N D J F M A M J J A S O N D
American Patrio.. American Patriot Wt:1.0oz Opened:07/23/2014 Finished:12/03/2014 Days used: 133 Age was:1 mo
Bed & Breakfast Bed & Breakfast Wt:2.0oz Opened:04/14/2014 Finished:open Days used: -
Berry Nice Berry Nice Wt:1.0oz Opened:12/03/2014 Finished:open Days used: - Age was:9 mo
Black Forest Black Forest Wt:1.0oz Opened:12/05/2013 Finished:03/27/2015 Days used: 477
Blue Mountain Blue Mountain Wt:1.8oz Opened:08/25/2014 Finished:open Days used: -
Christmas Blend Christmas Blend Wt:1.0oz Opened:12/05/2013 Finished:08/25/2014 Days used: 263
Diplomat Diplomat Wt:1.0oz Opened:05/14/2014 Finished:06/05/2014 Days used: 22 Age was:5 mo
Early Morning P.. Early Morning Pipe Wt:1.8oz Opened:12/05/2013 Finished:05/13/2014 Days used: 158 Early Morning Pipe Wt:1.8oz Opened:03/27/2015 Finished:open Days used: -
Erinmore Flake Erinmore Flake Wt:1.8oz Opened:12/05/2013 Finished:open Days used: -
Evening Stroll Evening Stroll Wt:1.0oz Opened:05/14/2014 Finished:05/16/2014 Days used: 2 Age was:5 mo
Frog Mortons Ce.. Frog Mortons Cellar Wt:1.8oz Opened:05/13/2014 Finished:open Days used: - Age was:1 mo
Golden Sliced (.. Golden Sliced (red) Wt:1.8oz Opened:12/05/2013 Finished:open Days used: -
Great Dane Great Dane Wt:1.5oz Opened:07/22/2014 Finished:open Days used: - Age was:1 mo
Irrisitable Cho.. Irrisitable Chocolate Wt:1.0oz Opened:05/14/2014 Finished:08/25/2014 Days used: 103 Age was:5 mo
Joes Evening Ca.. Joes Evening Campfire Wt:1.0oz Opened:07/20/2014 Finished:open Days used: -
Larrys Blend Larrys Blend Wt:1.0oz Opened:03/18/2014 Finished:12/03/2014 Days used: 260
Meat Pie Meat Pie Wt:1.8oz Opened:03/20/2015 Finished:open Days used: -
Midnight Midnight Wt:1.0oz Opened:05/14/2014 Finished:07/20/2014 Days used: 67 Age was:5 mo
Mississippi Riv.. Mississippi River Wt:2.0oz Opened:04/20/2014 Finished:10/30/2014 Days used: 193 Age was:1 mo
Missouri Pride Missouri Pride Wt:1.5oz Opened:06/07/2014 Finished:open Days used: -
My Finest Kind My Finest Kind Wt:1.0oz Opened:05/14/2014 Finished:06/03/2014 Days used: 20 Age was:5 mo
My Mixture 965 My Mixture 965 Wt:2.0oz Opened:08/25/2014 Finished:open Days used: -
Nightcap Nightcap Wt:1.8oz Opened:07/23/2014 Finished:open Days used: - Age was:7 mo
Nosferatu Nosferatu Wt:1.0oz Opened:04/14/2014 Finished:05/13/2014 Days used: 29
Old Dominion Old Dominion Wt:1.0oz Opened:07/23/2014 Finished:open Days used: - Age was:1 mo
Plum Pudding Plum Pudding Wt:1.0oz Opened:08/25/2014 Finished:12/03/2014 Days used: 100
Sportsman Sportsman Wt:1.0oz Opened:04/14/2014 Finished:04/14/2014 Days used: 0
Squadron Leader Squadron Leader Wt:1.8oz Opened:12/05/2013 Finished:07/20/2014 Days used: 226
Superior Navy F.. Superior Navy Flake Wt:1.0oz Opened:04/01/2014 Finished:06/05/2014 Days used: 65
Sweet Jane Sweet Jane Wt:1.0oz Opened:07/15/2014 Finished:open Days used: -
Sweet Vanilla Sweet Vanilla Wt:0.1oz Opened:12/05/2013 Finished:open Days used: -
University Flak.. University Flake Wt:1.8oz Opened:12/05/2013 Finished:open Days used: -
Virginia Woods Virginia Woods Wt:1.0oz Opened:03/15/2014 Finished:05/13/2014 Days used: 59
  J F M A M J J A S O N D J F M A M J J A S O N D J F M A M J J A S O N D J F M A M J J A S O N D J F M A M J J A S O N D J F M A M J J A S O N D
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