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Viewing kurgan's Tobacco Cellar

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Cellar Summary - 0 open containers, 20 cellared containers holding 8 lbs
Open Containers - 0 containers are open.
Brand Blend Name   Type Storage Oz. Buy Date Tin Date Age Opened Est. Left Days Left
Cellared Containers Summary - 20 containers are cellared holding 8 lbs (see details)
Qty Brand Blend Name   Type Tot.Weight Containers Avg.Age Oldest
2 Russ Ouellette Butternut Burley Click for details Butternut Burley is faintly reminiscent of Lanes 1Q or RLP-6 aromatic offerings, yet in a class all its own. Upon first lighting up, your initial surprise will be the complete lack of tongue bite; this holds true consistently throughout the bowl. Bur, Aro 2 lbs 2 9 yr 4 mo 9 yr 7 mo
2 John Middleton Inc Carter Hall Click for details Slow burning, no bite. Cross cut Burleys with a sprinkling of Virginia flake. A pleasing, sweet taste and aroma. Bur, Va 1 lbs 12 oz 2 8 yr 7 mo 8 yr 9 mo
2 Benjamin Hartwell Evening Stroll Click for details Mild & Flavorful. Benjamin Hartwells friend, Jim Murdoch, was a real dandy, always dressed in the most fashionable styles of his day. He preferred his pipe tobaccos mild and with a hint of sweetness to please the women as he walked by. Va, Aro 4 oz 2 8 yr 4 mo 8 yr 4 mo
2 MacBaren HH Mature Virginia Click for details Once you light up with HH Mature Virginia the sweet Virginia tobaccos will greet you and slowly the dark fired Virginia will enter the taste. Over time experience how the complex naturally sweet and slightly smoky taste grows in power. Va 8 oz 2 7 yr 7 mo 7 yr 7 mo
2 Cornell & Diehl Manhattan Afternoon Click for details Naturally sweet Golden Virginia leaf with a drop of honey sliced into flakes. Va, Aro 4 oz 2 7 yr 7 mo 7 yr 7 mo
2 GL Pease Piccadilly Click for details Picadilly is a provocative blend of several Virginia tobaccos, delicately spiced with Latakia, and finished with Louisiana Perique. The alluring flavor is revealed in layers throughout the smoke. Its lighter and sweeter than the others, but still rich. Va, Lat, Per 4 oz 2 7 yr 7 mo 7 yr 7 mo
2 John Middleton Inc Prince Albert Click for details The traditional Prince Albert in the red package. There is nothing else like it. Crimp-cut, nutty Burley, a mild smoking mixture. Bur, Va 1 lbs 2 7 yr 7 mo 7 yr 7 mo
2 GL Pease Telegraph Hill Click for details A sturdy foundation of Virginia tobaccos, each chosen for its particular character, enhanced with fine flakes of Perique for a refined smoking experience. Telegraph Hill is rich and flavorful, with a satisfying, lingering finish. Va, Per 4 oz 2 7 yr 7 mo 7 yr 7 mo
2 GL Pease Union Square Click for details A blended, sliced cake of high-grade flue cured leaf, from beautiful, sweet brights to deep, earthy reds, without the added sugars and flavourings common to many Virginia flakes. Its rich on the palate, evolving in layers with the clean, natural sweetness of pure tobaccos. It offers a pleasant room note, and a delightful finish. For those seeking the pure Virginia experience, try Union Square. Va 4 oz 2 7 yr 7 mo 7 yr 7 mo
2 John Middleton Inc Walnut Click for details The original 19th century premium English Blend of the worlds seven finest tobaccos. Lat, Or, Va 1 lbs 8 oz 2 8 yr 5 mo 8 yr 5 mo
Cellared Blends Breakdown
Blend Type    
Bur,Va 4 Bur,Va 4 20%20%
Va 4 Va 4 20%20%
Va,Aro 4 Va,Aro 4 20%20%
Bur,Aro 2 Bur,Aro 2 10%10%
Lat,Or,Va 2 Lat,Or,Va 2 10%10%
Va,Lat,Per 2 Va,Lat,Per 2 10%10%
Va,Per 2 Va,Per 2 10%10%
Cellar Container Aging Breakdown
10 yr+ 0
5 yr+ 20 5yr+ 20 100%100%
4 yr+ 0
3 yr+ 0
2 yr+ 0
18 mo+ 0
1 yr+ 0
6 mo+ 0
< 6 mo 0

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